Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

The clock has reached 12a.m. The Christmas of year 2008 has reached. Just now, during the Christmas eve, I was waiting the coming of Christmas. I have planed who I want to wish and so on. But, I don’t know why, after the moment reached, I lost all my excitement, my feeling turned another way around.

Actually, I was feeling quite great this few days. I think these few days were my greatest moments I ever had in this holiday. Prior to that, I was really down. I was almost inconsolable. I couldn’t express how down was I. And, in these few days, especially yesterday, I finally cheered myself up, to a very great mood.

Unfortunately, I don’t know why, after I saw the time reached 12 o’clock, I started to feel down again. Not only down, it’s very down.

I am not really sure why is it so. It may be caused of something.

Or, maybe it is because I want to back to my university? I hope it is because of this.

It’s going to be another new year soon, I hope that I would have a new start. I hope the miserable year like this year won’t repeat again.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The day the earth stood still

LuPorTi back here again.

It’s has been a long time I never update my blog. I have some problems, and have no feeling to update my blog.

Anyway, I am here again.

I went to watch movie with my brother and my neighbour 2 days ago. We were watching The Day The Earth Stood Still. Well, I like that movie. It’s about environment. An alien wants to destroy the human because we destroy the earth.

Humans will change during depression. This is really true.

I am an eco-friendly person I guess. I wish there are more people will think as me. Actually, I am quite sad about why we humans love to destroy the environment just because for our own benefit. I hope this will change, or our earth will terribly destroyed and come to an end.

Sunday, 30 November 2008





Meet up a friend

2 days ago, I made a dream about investment. I learned new thing in my dream. That was cool. But yesterday night, I made a dream that I failed in my exam. How could I dream such things.

Well, yesterday, I went out with a friend of mine. I felt very appreciate when he said that he remember one thing I told him 2 years ago. I told him that, ‘knowing the right friend is important.’

Last time, I would say my level is beyond him. But now, he is much greater than me. I felt proud of having him as a friend.

He shared a lot of things with me yesterday. I went to the career fair and Queensbay Mall. We talked quite a lot of things. Yesterday, there were actually badminton matches. I didn’t watch it in order to meet him. I was wondering when would I able to meet him if I didn’t meet him yesterday. Well, the sacrifice of badminton matches worth it. I learned new things as well.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Untitled again

What happened to me? I am not sure too, not feeling of doing anything always.

Last time, when I online, there are a lot of things for me to search. But now, when I am searching things, I feel really boring. Always, I online, and offline, and then online again, and offline again.

I don’t know why.

Well, the last month of year 2008. I wish I would able to make my change started on December so that I would be in the track I want in next year.

Thursday, 27 November 2008







Tuesday, 25 November 2008


My last paper of my exam was Applied Economy. I took English class. But, guess what happened in exam? It’s all in Malay. That’s unfair you know! Applied Economy was the paper I concerned the most. But, now, I can’t do well, because it’s in Malay. I felt a little bit disappointed. But, what to do, my battle goes on. I will work hard in next semester. As I said earlier, if I am still wasting my time, I would choose to quit from studies.

Well, I have back to Penang. I was known by my friend that the new Gurney Plaza, I am not sure what’s the name, has opened. I wish to go some days.

I told my friend that I won’t waste much time from now onwards.

Today, I waste some time, nevermind, it’s just the beginning, I will try to change even more.

New Blog

I have created a new blog about mathematics.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Goodbye Sem 3!!

Hi, everyone, LuPorti is back again!

I have finished semester 3, and I have back to Penang!

I will update my blog tomorrow.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Back to UUM AGAIN (for exam)

Well, thanks for my friends who are willing to spend your time to read about my support. You know what, I really appreciate of reading my blog. Thankyou!

Now, I am going back to my university again, I won’t be able to update my blog until 24 November 2008. I will update it once I reached Penang again.

I am going to start my war of exam. I don’t expect, and I will make sure my result won’t be very bad too.

Well, good luck to me, and all the best to you. See you after 16 days!

Friday, 7 November 2008

The Great or The Last

I woke up at 8 o’clock today. For some people, it might be early, but for me, this is the latest that I woke up in this week. I don’t really feel like waking up. Why? I will be going back my university tomorrow. I want to online until I enough today.

I will be there for 17 days. 17 days is not much, but 17 days being there for me is a lot. It’s like 17 weeks. After that, I will be having 1 month holiday. Yeah! I am able to back to my life. I have a lot of things to do in this coming holiday. I wish I will able to complete it.

Do you have any friend whose examination is coming in 2 days but yet still never study it since months ago? Have you? Yes, I am the one. Examination is coming but I have forgotten when was my last time studied it. I don’t have any motivation to study. Whoever close with me will know that, nobody can force me to study, if I can’t find the motivation, I would just don’t study and enter the examination hall. I did it before, my friends know it.

I have given up this semester again. Yes, I have given up.

At the beginning of this semester, I have tried a lot of things to motivate me. I tried a lot of things, and actually it succeeded. I started study before the semester started. But, after few weeks, my motivation has gone, the environmental effect. I really don’t like the study environment.

Next semester, yes, next semester, I will try to shape my motivation again. In this coming holiday, or maybe starting from now, I will figure out the environmental effect and think of how not to let it to make my motivation to be lost again.

LuPorTi is back next semester!

If I fail to motivate myself in next semester, and I am feeling that I am wasting my time again, I will quit from the university. Yes, I mean, quit my study.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


Later, I am going to buy ticket for going back to my university. I really don’t like to back there. Although it’s not far from my hometown, I am really don’t like there At there, I don’t really have friend that I think is able to step in the same line with me. I really hope there is.

Don’t want to talk about going back there, it makes me moody.

I woke up early yesterday to witness the moment Barrack Obama to become the new president of United State of America. The moment he won, I feel quite happy. I think he is really a great man. I was talking about Obama a lot on internet yesterday. Well, it’s glad I was still in Penang, or else, I don’t think I am able to talk about Obama. My friends in university either not interested or they will be busy study for exam. EXAM… EXAM… EXAM….

Saying about examination, I haven’t start prepare ANY yet. Seriously, I haven’t start. I will be having Marketing paper as my first paper on this Sunday. Guess what, I never really study Marketing after my first mid-semester exam, it was, few months ago. Luckily, it is multiple choice questions.

During this week, I received a lot of tips about exam, and as usual, I delete all without seeing. Sometimes, when I surf in forum, as now the examination is coming, no matter is university’s, PMR, SPM, STPM or any school examination, people are talking about tips and spotted question. I sometimes feel really sad about it.

Why the world is like this? Why academic is so result-oriented? We suppose to be getting knowledge!

And one very funny thing, after the exam, a lot of the students will be throwing out all the things out of their brain. Knowledge should be learned, to be kept in brain and to be utilized in the future. But what I have seen now is such different, it is being taught, being known, being memorized and being forgotten.

Why is the world like this? WHY?

Monday, 3 November 2008

3rd Novermber 2008

First of all of today, I would like to wish our Iceman, Kean Nam, a happy birthday. I truthfully wish you dream may come true.

Time is really fast. There are 3 months and 3 days more to reach my 21st birthday. I wish to have something special for my 21st birthday. Well, actually I hope the market will recover by that time, so that I have money to at least do something for my birthday, but it seemed hardly to be happened.

Yes, time goes really fast, after 5 days more, I have to go back to UUM again, and probably won’t be back until 24th of November. I might miss my laptop and my internet very much. I stated thinking, what will be my next semester plan? Will I bring my laptop there? I am not sure yet, everything is still in consideration.

At the beginning of the semester, I planned to study hard and strike for a good result, but I fail to do it I think. 6 more days to reach my date of my first paper, Marketing. But I haven’t study any, seriously. I don’t have the motivation to study, maybe because I don’t have a people who I feel is able to fighting with me in the same path in academic. I am able to stay in investment till now, and I am interested in it maybe is because there are people fighting with me. Fighting without partner is very lonely. Nevermind, I will keep trying to find my teammate in academic.

Here is a quote to end this post:

Life is like a river. You will never touch the same water twice. Once it passed, it passed forever.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Iceman's Birthday Party

Yesterday, my friend Kean Nam was celebrating his birthday at Little Cottage. Previously, he planned to celebrate it with Lih Chang together at Autocity. If it was at Autocity, I think maybe I wouldn’t able to go. Luckily, he changed to Little Cottage and separate with Lih Chang. Lih Chang will be holding his birthday party on 6th November 2008.

It’s good to see Kean Nam again. It was a long time I had never seen him. And, I meet few friends what I hadn’t seen for years too, especially my primary schoolmates. However, I didn’t talk with them much I think. I talked the most with Eng Jeng, haha, we talked about share. Investing is my life now. haha. Well, Eng Jeng impressed me in one thing. He actually came back one day before the party, and went back to KL the second day morning. This is called friend, he came purposely just for Kean Nam. Will I do so? Yes, but only for good friends I think.

Well, it was a nice party, I wish to have one. Will I have it? I don’t know.

Zi Hur was our cameraman yesterday. He helped us to take the photo. When he, Eng Jeng and I wanted to take photo together, Eng Jeng recalled that we were the F3 of AWS in the past.

Time went very fast, you know, time always in the high speed while we are enjoying something, we were 3 hours there but it seemed to be only half hour.

Well, the last, I would like to wish Kean Nam happy birthday again, wish your dream comes true!

Friday, 31 October 2008

My Promises

There are too many things happened around me in these years. I have been thinking for a long time. Today! Right now! Right here! I am going to make 10 promises to myself!

1. I have to appreciate every second I have, I have to utilize it wisely. I don’t want to waste any unnecessary time.
2. I am going to put effort to help my friends and family. If I am able to help, I won’t say ‘no’.
3. I have to concern about my health. I will put it in high place. I won’t choose the foods, I will let my health to choose.
4. I want to stay humble. No matter what happened, I must not be showing off.
5. I will try to be an eco-friendly person. I will try to save the environment, so that I can save the world.
6. When the environment changes or any environment doesn’t suitable to me, I won’t to blame the environment, I will try to adapt to it.
7. When anything goes incorrect, I will admit my mistake, and find the reasons and solutions. I must not seek for excuses.
8. Say ‘no’ to give up. I will stay strong and fight until the end.
9. I am going to be a positive thinker, whatever happened, it has happened, but life goes on.
10. I will always remember the 9 things above that I have promised to myself today..

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


Last week, I registered for my next semester timetable. Everything has been settled very well. But 2 days ago, I was helping my friends to registered for theirs. It seemed very unfortunate. They didn’t get what they really want and ended up having a messy timetable. I actually would able to help them. Just, I wasn’t in fully prepared. What a stupid thing.

Recently, the market was down. I wish to purchase more shares. But, I have no more cash. You know? Cash is king, especially in this situation. There is one company which its share price is very attractive. I really hope I am able to buy it. If I successfully buy it, I think that would be my greatest purchase ever.

Friday, 24 October 2008

Tagged! Check out and see whether you are being tagged!

Tagged by: Soony

1. What is the relationship of you with him/her?
- Friend, we were once being very great friend.

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her.-
i ) Kind
ii) Well knowledge
iii) Rich?? haha
iv) Friendly
v) Responsible

3. The most memorable thing he/she had done for you?
- I am not sure which one i the most memorable

4. The most memorable thing he/she have said to you?
- !

5. If he/she become your lover, you will...
- oh my god! That's impossible! I ain't gay!

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will...
- disappointed

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on...
- Please look at question number 5

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is...
- Badminton maybe?

9. The most desirable thing to do for him/her is?
- playing badminton haha

10. The overall impression of him/her is...
- Nice friend to be

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
- Why don't i leave the question to them

12. The character of you for yourself is?
- Smart.... hahahaha!!!

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- Lazy

14. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Warren Buffett. He is so great in investment.

15. For the people who care about and likes you, say something about them..
- Thanakyou, i appreciate it!

10 people to tag
i) Henry (i know you won't update your blog already, tag for fun)
ii) Shing Ying
iii) Whooi Meen
iv) Chin Wei
v) Hui Yee
vi) Ee Win
vii) Hwei Kuan
viii) Wei Chun
viiii) Michelle
x) Strawberry

Who is number 2*Friend* having a relationship with?
- Friend, good friend?

Is number 3*Whooi Meen* a male or a female?
- Female ..

If number 7*Hwei Kuan* and 10*Strawberry* were together would it be a good thing?
- They are both girls ok...

How about number 5*Hui Yee* and 8*Wei Chun* ?
- I don't think that will happen

What is number 1*Henry* studying about?
- Engineering

Is number 4*Chin Wei* single?
- I think so

Say something about 6*Ee Win*?
- A person who has a lot of friends

Say something about 9*Michelle*?
- A naughty girl ..

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

My friends in UUM

Who are they?

They are my gang in UUM. Let me describe what I think about them.

First of all, let me list out their names.

Back row (from left): Lai Mei, Wei Sein, Chin Wei, Chen Lin
Front row (from left): Me, Soon Guei, Wei Luen

Lai Mei:
I knew her last year. Am I right? Yes, I am. She was my first Sarawak friend in UUM. Well, I knew her last year but I didn’t know her that time. Knew her but didn’t know her? What’s the stupid thing I am saying! What I mean is, Chin Wei had introduced her when I was in semester 1, but, just knew who she was, that’s all. Honestly, I didn’t remember her name that time. I wasn’t planned to remember either. You know, when I entered UUM, I actually quite work hard. I tried to have something from UUM. After my orientation was finished, I went to shake hand and know plenty of people. Therefore, it’s too much name, I couldn’t remember. I could only remember when I officially knew her in last semester.
What can I say about her? She is quite humourous sometimes. Sometimes, her act is quite cute and it’s sense of humour. She seemed to be taking her academic seriously. As I know, she is rich. But, I don’t how rich is her, just knowing that she is richer than me.
She can play piano. She praised my long finger. Haha, I wish to learn piano actually, but, I have no piano, how could I learn, right?
She always asks me about English for her English class. You know what, I actually think that my English isn’t good.

Wei Sein:
A person who defeated me. In what she has defeated me? Going back Penang. She goes back Penang quite often. I went back Penang quite often last semester, but there is no competition this semester, she won me a lot. ‘Wei Sein, may I ask you? Is Penang nice?’
Sometimes, this girl is quite blurring. ‘Wei Sein, have you got the answer of whether Chin Wei and I were studying in same school?” Sometimes, this brings her to be quite humourous.
She keeps saying about fruit plantation, keep saying she is planting fruit in her house. You know what, she has been saying for months, and I am not sure that’s truth or she is just joking. Sometimes, she seems to be joking, but sometimes, it seems like that’s truth. What can I say for this? A blur person is a person who is good in making others to get blur.

Chin Wei:
Among this these people, she is the closest person to me. It maybe because she is the person I know for the longest time among the 6 people. I knew the existence of Chin Wei in my account class during Lower 6. But, it seemed like she know my existence only in Upper 6. I think, if I am weak in account, maybe we aren’t friend. Haha
Well, she is good in academic, first class student.
She is helpful, she helped me a lot. I have no laptop and thumb drive in UUM. So, I need to have someone to help me print things, and she helped me.
She is one of the people who is eco-friendly. She has her own dinning tools, and she is willing to help the environment. This is what I feel happy, someone is one the same path with me. Again, I would like to promote my slogan, ‘if you save the environment, you can save the world.’
She is on the same path with me in environment stuff, but she is in inverse direction in academic, the way I am studying is very differ with hers.
Maybe she is the closest friend within the gang, she was always got the ‘cold arrow’ from me. I am not sure whether I am using the right word, ‘cold arrow’? But I think butterflies will know.

Chen Lin:
She is the person who asks me questions the most in academic. And, sometimes, she really asked the great questions. I think people around me might know that my studying method is quite a big difference from a lot of people. Among 6 of them, I think her way is the most similar with mine (but it’s still big different).
However, she has a completely difference thinking with me. I would like to emphasize the word completely. Completely means totally. What thing has such big difference? It’s ‘at home theory’. She says that it’s hard to study at home. I am going to object this! There is no where better than studying in home! Haha.

Soon Guei:
He is another people from Sarawak. Others always say him about his skin colour. I think he is the most pity people among us, he always got bullied. He is quite a kind guy, that’s the reason he always got bullied. Well, he is the most un-eco-friendly person among us. He says, ‘person who buys tissue is considered as un-eco-friendly, but not the person who uses.’ I strongly disagree with that.
He represented his school in debate competition. Is he good in that? I am not sure, wish to have a chance to debate with him.
I always asked him to help me to take attendance and take exam slip or anything. Thanks to him.
Unfortunately, next semester, I will have only three classes same with him. And I think that there will be more and more classes that I will be different from him thereafter.

To be continue….

Monday, 20 October 2008

A Happy Moment

I am very happy now.

Guess what happened?

My friend has just informed me that i got the highest in my financial accounting mid-semester examination. I thought i did it badly. I would be very happy if I able to get 60% cause i seriously didn't understand well. But I ended up getting 86, the highest. I am really very happy now!

I can feel the moment has come!

The moment I obtain one of the greatest power of human being, MOTIVATION!

The War of Add/Drop

Tonight is going to be one important moment.

UUM third semester students are going to stay online since 11 o’clock at night to waiting for the registration of the course for next semester.

First of all, I wish I am able to get the classes I want to. I haven’t come up with my final plan yet.

I take this seriously. This is going to determine my life in next semester.

Well, for visitors who always come to my blog, I guess you all know what is BG (Butterfly Gang). I learnt a new word last night, clique. Is BG a clique? Not really. It’s hard for me to explain why.

I have made a statement that BG is going to ended by fifth semester in the beginning of this semester. And, it seemed to have possibility. Actually, I concern this semester much more than previous. It’s very important to me, so do BG. I have to think very detail. There is 50% chance that I will be staying in BG, and 50% change that I am going to quit. Therefore, the decision of arranging my timetable is very important.

There is one quote that I learnt and I remembered it every moment:

“One decision can change your life forever.”

Sunday, 19 October 2008


What’re the most expensive thing in the world?

Gold? Property?

Neither. The most expensive thing should be time.

Time burns money. After one minutes passed, it passes forever, it would never come back again, everything is going to be history.

Plenty of people are saying that the time isn’t enough, and I am one of them too. How great is it if there are 25 hours in a day, one hour more than now. Is it really great? It will solve the problem that we don’t have enough time?

I personally think, if I have 1 hour extra, it will make me waste one hour more.

Actually, 24 hours aren’t little. If we fail to finish the things we want, is it really because the time given isn’t enough? Or, we don’t use the time wisely? Or, we have the problem of efficiency?

Yesterday, I was thinking something. I was wasting too much time.

I planned to study my taxation yesterday, but ended up studying only few pages. I failed to motivate myself to study. I am not really sure why, maybe cause by both my internal factors and environment effect (honestly, I don’t like my study culture now). The question arose from my heart. How could I get as motivated as my form 6? I couldn’t stop to learn new thing and study? I have to find out the reasons and fix myself.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Back To Penang

I have come back to Penang 3 days ago. Guess what have happened after I came back? I fall sick again. I went back Penang in last month and I fall sick, now, it happened again. Well, nothing to blame, whatever happens happened, and life goes on. I have known gotten better, I wish to recover by next week.

One of my cactuses seemed to be going to die, but I will never let it happens, I will take more care of it.

Remember in the past post that I mentioned the tortoise? It fall down to lower floor 2 days ago. It seemed to be pity. My grandma brought it up, and we gave it things to eat. It seemed to be very hungry. My grandmother told me that someone is going to set it free. Why should them? Why don’t let it be here? I will miss the tortoise, although I have seen it for few times only.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Friends I never forget.....

I have been in UUM more than one and quarter year. The more I am staying here, the more I feel I hate here. I tried to like the life in UUM but I failed to. Now, I have realized one important reason, friendship.

I always feel that there are something missing and I didn’t really know, but I found it now. before I entered UUM, I had 2 groups of great friends. After I entered UUM, we are getting less contact and we rarely contact now.

Henry and Soony, they left me a great memory in my life. We three started by working together for AWS (Amateur Wireless Society) and ended up with great friends. I was studying form 6 in MBS. I didn’t attend any co-curriculum activities held in MBS on Saturday. Saturday was my day for AWS. I can’t forget my life in AWS when working together with Henry and Soony.

Beside doing AWS stud, we always had time together. We hang out together, playing futsal, playing Playstation 2 in Soony’s house and much more. We had ever gone to Malacca together. That is the trip that I enjoyed the most in my life although we didn’t play really very much because I fall sick.

Another group of friends are my god sister and her friends. They are 4 years younger than me. I went out with them some times. I felt quite shy to talk with them, therefore, I talked quite little. Sometimes, I was thinking, ‘am I a burden of their hand out?’ anyway, I felt happy hanging out with them, it’s full of laugh.

One thing I will never ever forget about them is the day that they had a farewell for me. My tear is almost dropping our. I felt really touched. I really don’t know how to thank them. I was late to there actually on that day, I felt really sorry to them.

I really have a great time with that two groups of friends. I wish to say to them,


Friday, 3 October 2008



The holiday is going to ends.....

Tomorrow I am going back to UUM again. This might be my last one I am able to write or maybe the second last. I sill continue update my blog again after I come back to Penang again.

Time goes really fast. I couldn’t finish my things that I planned to do here in this holiday. It became my obstacle for me when I fall sick last week.

2 days ago, I went out to meet my friend Zi Hur. He came back from UK. It has been 2 or 3 years since our last meet. It’s glad to see him again. He has no much change in physically. At the beginning of our meeting, I felt quite funny. I didn’t know what to talk to him. The conversation isn’t really natural, kind of weird. We went to Queensbay Mall and having dinner together at the stall opposite Penang Chinese Girl High school. It’s a nice day.

At that night, my cup fall down and it was broken a little bit. I planned to capture the photo, but it was thrown by my grandmother before I was able to do so.

Well, although I fall sick and I failed to finish the thing I want, it’s still a nice holiday for me.

Thursday, 2 October 2008




Wednesday, 1 October 2008

My anger

I don’t know why, after I woke up today, I am feeling very down and angry. I am here to say sorry first if this blog make any of you feel angry of what am I saying.

I am trying to be different. I don’t want just be an ordinary student. I would say I am now different in two ways. Nowadays, most students in university is concern about the result or the certificate (I said most, isn’t all), agree? You have to agree.

In my university, there are a lot of accounting students, and yet, most of them don’t know why they choose to study accounting. They study accounting, because people told them that study accounting has a bright future.

Economy student, let me ask you, when is the world worst economy crisis? How long it last for? Do you know what crisis the world facing now? Do you know which country has the highest and lowest inflation rate? Do you know a single flower, Tulips, ever cause a big crisis? Do you know? I guess most don’t know, so, you are a Economy student who is study for the economy knowledge or the certificate?

I am different in this, I am studying for knowledge. My friends who close to me will know this. I don’t concern about result, I am concerning about the knowledge. Even, sometime, when I don’t agree with what the book says, and the question is appear in the examination, I will rather choose to leave it blank, or placing the answer that I think is correct.
Secondly, I started my investment in March last year. I don’t want continue my life in just studying. I want to involve in the real world. I want the real experience. And, my closed friends know that the percentage of getting a job is not very high. Compare a hawker which earn RM1,000 a month with a manager which earn RM5,000 a month, I would choose to be the hawker, seriously.

Here, what make me feeling down is, why could some people look think they are the only different ones and see anybody else are the same. I dislike people seeing me as a person that studies in university and going to get certificate to get a high salary job.

I recalled of a thing happened in 2 months ago.

My roommate joined a club last semester. It’s a club of entrepreneur. The club is having recruitment 2 months ago. My roommate did share with me the reasons why he joined. He didn’t aggressively asking me to join, because I think he knows that I have my own thinking and leave up the space for me to making decision.

However, here comes one person I hate. I wrote ‘hate’. When I write dislike, means I don’t really like it. But when I wrote hate, mean I really hate it. Due to the recruitment, my roommate’s friends had to come our room to stay for some times. That person, was trying to recruit me. And he saw me as an ordinary student, and saying that I had to understand the world now. ‘All’ the students are just study for the certificate. And, there is so much unemployment. If I join the club, I will learn a lot of things, which help my future. Up till here, it’s still fine. He was right that I would learn plenty of things in the club.

Followed by that, he talked about the world economic. He told me that he and his friends have making research on it and said that unemployment is going to be more and more. I said I know, but he said ‘you just knew a bit, there are much worse things that you won’t feel as your life in university.’

He acted like a economy expert and kept talking to me for more than 10 minutes about real world economic.

I really angry that moment and want to tell him,

‘Hey, stupid. Do you know who are you talking to? I am involving in real world investment. I can identify who understand the real world economy with those who don’t, okay? Don’t try to act as an economic expert in front of me! You said the world is facing a financial crisis due to the petrol price. Even you don’t know what’s happening, don’t need to show to me so obviously that you don’t know! The crisis now is Sub-prime crisis, caused by Sub-prime loan. You know what is that? Please, what you are saying are insulting me, you are insulting all the economists! You know nothing bout real world economy, it’s fine, nobody can know everything. But, don’t trying to teach a person who knows about real world economy! I strongly believe my real world economic knowledge is at least 100 times higher than you! And, I am still considered myself as a stupid person in real world economy, but you can say that you understand very well what is happening now?’

If isn’t because he was my roommate friend, and my roommate brought him to stay, I would definitely scold him and argue with him!

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Where the tortoise come from?

That day, after i back to Penang and reached my home, i was asked by a little girl 'have you seen the tortoise?" I wasn't very understand what she meant about.

After i went out to corridor, I saw something, it was the tortoise!!!

My family all don't know where it came from.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The start of Cactus

Yesterday (26th September 2008), I went to Komtar there to buy my cactus with my friends. We bought 12 cactuses in total, 3 are mine.

I wish I can plant it well. I am worrying that it would die, that’s why I choose to start planting cactus because cactus is one of the plant that most easy to be planted. Everyone, let’s plant together! Planting is nice, our earth has fall sick, let’s save it!


Thereafter, we went to KFC for lunch. We took out our cactuses and took photos of them. And of course, we had made KFC dirty. :P

After lunch, we were studying for a while before we went to Prangin Mall. I initially just wanted to go Popular Bookstore to see whether the book I am looking for has released. But, guess what I saw? I saw a stall selling rubik’s cube. I took it and played for few seconds. I found out that it’s nice so I bought it, cost me about RM13. I thought I could play better with that rubik’s cube, but I regretted when I was playing last night before I sleep.

These are all the plants we bought

This is my cactus, my friends named it as Bulbasaur. Does it look like Bulbasaur?

Actually, is this cactus?

This is my third cactus, or maybe Mickey Mouse?

This is my new Rubik's cube

Friday, 26 September 2008

My 3rd Semester In UUM - Part 2


In the beginning of the semester, I was motivated by my goal. I had done several things in order to motivate myself.

Before the semester start, I started to try gathering some notes that I need in this semester. Luckily, I knew one new senior, and she gave me a lot of notes. Thank to her, I started to study before my friends.

I couldn’t forget how motivated I was during that time. However, if compare to my ‘Golden Period’, it wasn’t motivated enough. Therefore, I tried several ways to motivate myself. I think that the people around me will say I have changed a lot in this semester. Yes, I am. I brought notes to classes and I made revision after classes. I didn’t want to waste any second.

However, I am not so for now, after I have lost my motivation.

At the first day of going back UUM in this semester, I prepared as usual and go by bus as usual. After I reached there, I went to register in my hostel. Previously, our hostel is called as college and now it’s DPP. Well, guess what is the first thing I saw in my room? It was cockroach. It brought my mood down.

It’s something difference in this semester, I had been people’s senior. That’s excited. Is it so? I don’t know.

2 days before the classes started, my friend asked me to help her and her friends. They were new students. What they need my help? Haha, I have become their tourism guide. They showed me their timetable and I told them where the classes are. That’s quite fun actually. Want to be senior? Haha

The schooling day finally started again. The first week is very special, a week that we get to know who are our lecturers. And it was add/drop week. What is add/drop week? It’s a week for us to drop off the subject if we don’t want that and to add subject that we want. My friends and I were planning to do the add/drop because our timetable is very ‘stupid’.

When thinking of add/drop week, the first thing came into my mind is ‘foolish’. I couldn’t forget the moment. A asked us to go B and B ask us to go C. We went here and there for more than 10 times, just to make change of a subject! 10 times! Were us being played?

Among the 6 subjects I am taking in this semester, I think Auditing left me the most memory. The first time the lecturer came into class, he asked us to find a journal do a report and present the journal. He required for top 5 journal. But, he asked us to do 3 journals thereafter. Initially, I didn’t think of it’s hard. When I was working on it, oh my God, that’s a tough job! I didn’t really understand all the journals. Then I just simply did it. When my friends and I presented, we just presented about 2 or 3 minutes, and he said that’s enough. Haha.

I had thought before that I wanted to drop that subject. However, I didn’t suggest my friends to do so because that lecturer had really high knowledge. I wished to get some from him. Nowadays, most lecturer just concern about the syllabus, they don’t care about other things, especially the current issue. And my audit lecturer talked a lot regarding current issue and he really knows much about it. He talked about sub-prime crisis to us at the first class.

His, Rohami Shafie, the highest knowledge lecturer that I ever met in UUM.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My 3rd Semester In UUM

I am back to here to write my blog again. Thanks for visiting.

I am going to write my life in UUM. I changed a lot in this semester. Anyone who close to me in UUM doesn’t see my changes, I am going to ask him or her, ‘are you blind?’

Let’s start by introducing the subject I am taking in this semester.

Sunday & Tuesday:

8a.m. – 10a.m. : Auditing 1
2p.m. – 4p.m. : Principles of Taxation
5p.m. – 6.30p.m : Financial Management 2

Monday & Wednesday:

8a.m. – 9.30a.m. : Applied Economy
9.30a.m. – 11p.m. : Marketing
12p.m. – 2p.m : Financial Accounting Reporting


8.30a.m. – 10.30a.m. : Sport Science (co-curriculum)

Initially, I planned to make my timetable 5 subject on Sunday and Saturday while 1 subject on Monday and Wednesday morning. Why I want it so? It’s because I want to go back Penang earlier. =) However, that stupid internet server made me failed to add the timetable I want to. Can you see how mess is the timetable now?

I have to depart from my hostel from 8 o’clock in the morning and back room at 6.30 in the evening. And, I study only 3 lessons within the 10 hours and 30 minutes!

I tried to make this semester interesting, and I set a goal. I have set an unbelievable goal. I guess not much people know this. I have set to get 3.94 in this semester (excluded co-curriculum). 3.94 you know, which means 5 As and 1 A-, cool ya?

My aim:

Auditing 1 A
Principles of Taxation A
Financial Management 2 A
Applied Economy A
Marketing A
Financial Accounting Reporting A-

However, I have thrown off my target out from my mind few weeks ago.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I am going to write again!

From tomorrow onwards, i am going to update my blog again. i am going to write about my 3rd semester life in UUM.

Monday, 23 June 2008

It comes an end

I started this blog on 22 July 2007. I was hoping that I can express my feeling, my opinion trough my blog. But now, the number of my posts is getting low. It’s not I don’t to post, but because my feeling and mindset are getting more and more complicated. My brain is almost a mess. I really don’t know what am I thinking sometimes.

These two and half years, I have gone trough a lot of things. I have done a lot of things that I never thought I will done in the past. I have made some of greatest things in my life but of course there are decisions that I made which are the worst decisions that I have made. Sometimes, I don’t know what the following steps that I should take are. The worst thing is I spend plenty of time to make a simple decision.

My university life is going to start again. I don’t like my university life very much. I lost every motivation I get in there. But I have done something which I hope it can help me to motivate myself. And if it succeeds, I would happy too, it helps me to prove something too.

This will be my last post or last few posts in my blog. I am going to terminate my blog 2 months later, on 23rd August 2008. Thanks for every one that viewing my blog in these whole year.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Yesterday morning, a friend told me this, I feel it’s very meaningful.

Every moment is a choice,

Every choice is my choice,

Life is full of choice.

I went to play badminton again. Previously, I had invited a friend that I wish to play with very much. But, yesterday morning, he phoned me and told me that he failed to make it. I felt a little bit sad of can’t play with him. However, I still enjoy yesterday game. I lost to Soony again yesterday. But I can feel that I have improved my footwork. That’s really a great thing! I have able to reach all corners. What should I improve next? That’s secret.

Monday, 9 June 2008

My result of 2nd Semester

I have got my result for second semester.

Managerial Accounting: A
Financial Accounting: A-
Financial Management: A-
Hubungan Etnik: B+
Elementary Statistic: B

Business Law: F

If i take only the prior five result to value my performance, i would like to say that's already considered as a good result with the effort that i have been putting in.

However, the business law is totally lousy. I thought i have a chance to get D, but I have to face the fact, that's my laziness brought me to the result, nothing to blame.

Rearranging my living room

My living room's furnitures have just been rearranged yesterday. here is some photos of it.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Badminton and I (3)

Khe Wei/ Hui Lin won the gold medal in Sukma while Julia defeated Lydia in woman single’s final. These are 4 new hopes for Malaysia in Uber Cup 2010. Among all the youngsters, I support Khe Wei the most, I hope he can be world top double player. However, she is more expert in mix double. Khe Wei will be partner with Sook Chin in Singapore and Indonesia’s opened. I hope they can enter quarter final.

In the coming Singapore open, our country’s Lee Chong Wei has a great chance to win the title due to the absence of Lin Dan. Lin Dan’s performance has dropped a little bit, I hope Chong Wei can win in Singapore, Indonesia and of course in Olympic.

Lee Wan Wah and Chong Tan Fook probably will be joining the Olympic for the last time, I wish them all the best, hope that they will win medal in double.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Badminton and I (2)

After I back from UUM, I play badminton always. I really love it very much!

I never played for a period of time, my badminton’s skill dropped a lot. I failed to make any smash now. My movement is getting weaker. It’s lucky that my strength, playing in front of net, isn’t dropping very much.

I was trying to fix my problem in this 2 weeks time, I have successfully fixed some, but there are still plenty of weaknesses for me to fix. However, I have learnt lot of things in these 2 weeks. The next time I am going to play is next Monday. I am resting now due to little injury. But I think I will able to fully recover it by Monday. I can’t wait the time to come. I have 3 more weeks of holiday. I hope I can play more. And I hope I can reach the level I hope to. I am not hoping I would reach a high level that can be any representative; I just hope I can play better than last time.

However, something worries me, could I able to afford the cost of badminton?

Shuttlecock – RM2.50/ piece

Rental of court – RM5/hour (weekday before 5p.m.), RM6 (weekday after 5p.m./Saturday), RM9 (Sunday, public holiday)

For every 2 hours I played, the total expenses are around RM20. That’s lot!

I am currently in cutting my expense, but the badminton is increasing my expense. But, it’s ok, badminton is now my only hobby, it worth. I am sorry to badminton of playing very few in these 2 years. But, I will continue playing more in these following days.

~Happy always with badminton~

Badminton and I (1)

The last week in UUM is the week that the Thomas and Uber cup started. I have forgotten have I post regarding this in my blog before or not. Whether I have or I haven’t, I will write about badminton today.

I found that badminton is really the sport I love. I support Malaysia badminton team. For this year, I support Malaysia Uber team than Thomas team. I watched badminton since I am standard 2 I guess and I started playing it when I was standard 3. Since the first time I support Malaysia Uber team in year 2000, this year, Malaysa Uber team is the best team even for Malaysia. Malaysia is weak in women’s badminton, but they have been improving year by year. Malaysia number 1 woman player, Wong Mew Choo has really brought a hope to all Malaysians. Besides, Malaysia woman team has several players who are still young and has a high potential, such as Julia, Lydia, Khe Wei and Hui Lin.

I failed to watch any matches of Malaysia Uber team. I was trapped in UUM for examination. All the TVs in my hostel were unplugged. I had no chance to watch it. I rush back once I finished my examination. In the journey, I asked my friends to update the score for me. 10 minutes before I reached my home, I was informed that Malaysia second double had lost. Malaysia’s journey in Uber Cup 2008 ended. I was so sad.

I put a high hope in Thomas and Uber cup 2010. I plan to go support Malaysia. I wish I can make it!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I am getting worse.....

I played badminton yesterday. I played badly; it was totally out of my satisfaction. It’s really obvious that my badminton skill is dropping. Back to 2 years ago, or even 5 years ago. My performance was quite consistent. But my performance now is really inconsistent. I might perform very well in the today and perform terribly in the second day. Or, I might perform very great in beginning but end up with lousy playing or vice versa.

After I woke up this morning, I was thinking for a period of time. Not only my badminton skill is dropping, it seemed to be most of my thing is dropping. I was a person good in controlling emotion in the past, I can stay positive all the time. But now, what has happened to me? I stay negative most of the time. I get angry, disappointed and sad easily. In the past, I always tell my friend to do things rationally. Yes, doing thing rationally, am I doing thing rationally now? I guess most are emotionally.

Talk about my investment, I started my first stock on March last year. Within three months time I had have 20% of return. My portfolio grew in a way better than what I have expected. After I got into UUM, something happened to me, it leaded me to irrationally decision. Ended up, what have happened? I am currently had a loss of RM1600! RM1600! For an adult investor, it will be only a small number, but for me, that’s totally a huge number! I have no idea how to bounce back.

Fast reaction of mind was one of my strength in the past. When I at something, I can think it quickly. Now, is that still strength of mine? I spent 1 week time to decide a small matter! It’s such like spending 1 hour time to think whether to bed on 10p.m. or 10.10p.m.

I have completely sunk! When I started to write blog, I actually hoped to express all my feeling from here. But my mind is completely mess! I sometime don’t know what am I thinking. I sometimes failed to control it.

I am not hoping much now, I just how the previous LuPorTi will be back.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh my god! My former club

I went back my former club’s anniversary last night. It was really lousy. Or I should ask, “is that an activity?” My former club is getting worse year by year. I couldn’t imagine how will it be after 5 years. I might be one the cause of bringing up the wrong people. When I was the leader of servicing department, I organize a plan named ‘new service member plan’ I put in 7 potential new members into the plans. I put in 4 people to guide them. I personally guide 2 people. Out of the 7 people, there is only 1 left when they were form 4. That person is the former chairman and my good friend, Henry. When I leading that plan, Henry was the last choice in the 7 people and he came to be the first choice and the only choice. What made me feel better is he did a great job in the club.

If I list out the people that I brought up, the successful rate is less than 5%. Ends up, AWS (my former club) ended with the failure. I hope to help them, but, I have no way. I had secretly taught few of the members inside the club of what they can do to back to the previous AWS which is a powerful club. But, they are end up of quit AWS or don’t obey me. Plenty of people around me left AWS or choose to be staying passive. Lot my best friends in the pass, Maurice, Jue Hann, or even my brother, all choose not to put effort in AWS, maybe they have known that AWS has no future?

I have witness 3 AWS anniversary. The chairmen for the threes are Zi Hur, Henry and Chin Keong. The previous two isn’t very successful, but, at least there are some outcomes. Zi Hur’s anniversary had a loss, but, the event still running quite well, only it’s not fair for the normal member of AWS. Henry’s anniversary don’t have loss and even able to organize a celebration. But this time, the anniversary is really terrible. If I was the chairman, I might fire myself off.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 2

It took me for a time after I continue writing this. I was moody for a period of time, made me had totally no mood to update my blog. However, I am back now.

Let’s continue about my assignment.

I actually hope to handle the whole assignment by my own because I really love the assignment! It’s about accounting fraud. I believe my passion toward investment will bring me to obtain the fantastic mark in it.

But finally, I failed to do it my own. I had no confident to make the start up for the presentation. Therefore, I asked my friends to start up and present an accounting fraud and I continued the other one.

My friend presented the case of Parmalat while I presented the case of Megan Holding Berhad. I had some great information that nobody in my class would able to get it, such as I said about there is only 1% attendance in the general meeting. I got this information from a people who had attended it, I guess nobody will do this assignment until so detail, right? That’s the advantage of mine due to involvement of investment. I felt great of it.

After I finished presenting, I opened for Q and A section. Haha…. Nobody questioned me, I thought there was a person who would like to question me. Luckily he didn’t, I had made full prepare of this assignment. I dare to any challenge. Moreover, the company that his group presented is Transmile, another Malaysia listed company. I can asked until he failed to answer and catch his wrong points If I would like to. But since he didn’t question me, I didn’t want the war either.

It scared me for a while when my lecturer asked ‘can I ask question?’ ‘Of course,’ I said. Or should I say no? haha… dare not to. I was not afraid of any questions from students, but lecturer, I had a bit. She asked me what actually happened to that case. Oh my god! Was I presenting lousily? I failed to present what had been the company going wrong? My heart was broken! But, it’s good too, I continue saying the points that other people failed to get it. why I didn’t say in the presentation? Good question! I had no much time, 15 minutes for 2 cases, therefore, I tried to make it in Q and A section, luckily my lecture did ask question, otherwise, it wasted.

At the end, my group obtained full mark in this assignment. I felt really great! But there is one more group that got full mark too.

There are some photos of the process.

Preparing the slide show...

My friend is waiting for the slide show... just a minute... i am almost done..

The photo we took after rehearsal... i never made any presentation rehearsal before.. this is my first time...

It's going to start.....

My presentation....

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 1

Time is really fast, I entered UUM mid of last year, and now, the second semester is going to end.

Let’s recall back my life of UUM in second semester.

The subjects I was taking in 2nd semester are:

  1. Financial Accounting 1
  2. Managerial Accounting 1
  3. Financial Management 1
  4. Elementary Statistics
  5. Hubungan Etnik (I am not sure what it is called in English)
  6. Business Law
  7. Sport Science (co-curriculum)

My time table are:


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12.30 – 2p.m: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1

8 – 11 p.m.: Financial Management 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12.30 - 2p.m.: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1

8.30 – 10.30a.m.: Sport Science

There is Self Development Group on Thursday. However, I went only once this semester.

Unlikely last semester, I have closer friends this semester. They are Chin Wei, Soon Guei, Wei Sein, Chen Lin and Lai Mei. I was really lonely last semester. So, this is really a great thing of me that I found friends that get me out from boredom. We call ourselves as Butterfly Gang.

to be continue...

Friday, 18 April 2008

UUM website

Hi, I am here to write a post again. What you all expect me to write? It’s again my university.

April 18, 2008, this is a date that we, semester 2 students have to register the course we want to take by online. It seems like my university is great, and follow the technology. Besides, we have go-kart and golf in our university; we don’t need to queue at the counter when we want to borrow books from library, there is an auto-machine for book borrowing. My university is really seemed to be a university with the high-technology. Am I great to study in my university?

Well, as a loyal student, I don’t want to talk too much about my university today, I will talk about the online registration only. My friends and I purposely stay in Penang at the 12a.m. of April 18 in order to register for the course. We believe that the line in our home will definitely faster than university’s. However, my university wants us to learn about one thing, “things won’t always go as what you planned”.

I have totally prepared with time table and strategy. If I failed to add any class, I have had backup plan. There is one Chinese proverb, everything is prepared, and it just has to wait for the East Wind. It seemed like the East Wind didn’t blow. My friends and I were waiting the time of 12a.m.

Ting! Tong! It was 12a.m., we started to go to the website to register. Unfortunately, their website is down! It’s hard to enter. We are happy to be informed what my friends have entered the website successfully. She started to register. After she key in everything, the system said “error, failed”. The system itself got problem! Oh my god!

If website such as or is down during hot period, it’s reasonable. There is millions of people surf on the website when the football matches is going to end. How about my university’s website? They don’t even have 10,000 people surf on it at the same time.

I know that we can’t expect everything to be good every time. It’s ok that I failed to register that moment, I understand. So, my friend and I decided to take a nap, and online at 6a.m. and register it again.

There are 10 minutes to 6 o’clock. I was trying to get into the website since one hour ago. I was trying for almost one hour! I failed to get in anytime, it’s a perfect ZERO. Maybe the website knows that I love to eat egg and give me a big egg to eat.

Should i thanks to my university of giving me a delicious egg to eat?

Wednesday, 16 April 2008











Monday, 18 February 2008

It's UUM again

Again, I am going to say about UUM. In recent post, I always talk about UUM. I can’t express how much I hate UUM! If you want me to point out a day that I feel happy in UUM, it’s such as asking me to find a vegetarian tiger.

Whenever I want to express my feeling about my life here, I will be having problem what to write because the hatred inside my heart toward it is really much!

Sometime, I am able to be motivated by some songs and movies. After I watched Kung Fu Dunk, I am really motivated. I went back UUM at the evening of the day I watched. The first day I back to UUM, I am really motivated, I tried not to waste any minutes. I was reading my book. But sooner, in just two days time, my motivation is totally gone.

My brother always says, ‘all humans are different because of genetic factor and environmental effect.’

I am actually very agreeing with that.

I got a very good result in my STPM, it’s totally an unexpected. I don’t even think that I could get such result. All the people who are closed to me know that the probability for me is lower than 5%. That result had surprised a lot of people. I always say that it’s not only my own effort, it’s help from the environment. I would say, it is 90% help from the environment. The environment I meant isn’t the plants, the air etc, it’s about things happened around me and people around me. There are few people who have really motivated me a lot. There are too lot motivations that moment! With such situation, I have to say myself is a rubbish if I am failed to get any A.

Now in UUM, everything is the opposite, I tried to perform my study method but I failed to. I have tried various kinds of way but I am still failed to do so. There are too much negative here than positive.

Sometimes, I was asking myself, ‘I am so unhappy in UUM, how am I going to pass trough this entire years in UUM?’

Friday, 8 February 2008

The morning of 2nd day of CNY

The year of mouse has reached, my birthday has passed, I am already 20 years old.

What can I accomplished in the age of 20? I am really wishing I could achieve something at the early age. The early age I mean is by the age of 28. It’s really a difficult mission for me but I hope I am really able to achieve it.

I tried not to think about bad things on CNY but I am really failed to do so. I couldn’t stop thinking about my future. How could only I am able to succeed? There are several friends around me have start their journey but I am still at the starting point. I failed to accelerate myself. Sometimes, I think that I am really rubbish.

Today, I decided to buy Rubik cube. It would probably become my ‘wife’ when back to UUM. I want to make what I see in ‘Guess Guess Guess’, they are able to solve it within 20 seconds even their eyes are covered by a cloth. That’s awesome!

Suddenly, I am feeling now that I am also failed to express myself. Blog was a tool for me to express my feeling out. Right now, there are a lot of things flying around inside my brain, but I failed to write it out.

I wish I will have a great year of 20!

Thursday, 7 February 2008



Wednesday, 6 February 2008

My 20th Birthday!

It was 12a.m.! It was my birthday! My friends started to wish me happy birthday. This year, there were quite a lot of people wished me. I was happy about it. Moreover, there were few people that I had never expect that I would receive their wish, especially her. It was really a surprising! I am going to have a great birthday this year!

My brother gave me a RM50 popular coupon as my birthday present. Thanks to him very much!

5th February 2008

What’s today’s plan? I was planning to go to Queensbay Mall.

After I woke up, my parents had gone to fetch my brother from national service, while my grandmother was preparing for the things for praying. After all the praying, I took bath and planned to go Queensbay Mall after watching TV show. When I was about to go, my cousin suddenly feel dizzy and fall down. My grandmother asked for my help. I was feeling worry. Luckily, she felt ok after that.

I started today journey. I went to take bus. Transit Link came, I scared to wait for long, and therefore, I decided not to wait for Rapid. It was really lucky, I was known by the driver when I was taking another bus from Prangin Mall to Queensbay Mall that Rapid was on holiday today.

Once I reached, I went to see my friend but I didn’t see her. I walked around for about half hour and went to see her again. She was there already. Thereafter I read book at Borders. I kept changing the book I read until I found a book about George Soros. It was some sort of comic, it’s very interesting! I finished the whole book about 180 pages there.

I had my dinner at Chopper Board with my friend. Before my friend come, I met Soony. That was my first time to eat at Chopper Board. I planned to go Borders again, but ended up I was just walking around.

I asked Teong Ping to fetch me because I scare I failed to get a bus. It was late and Rapid was in holiday. After he came to fetch me, we went to Saik Huang’s house to get my helmet, and went to have a drink.

It was a great day!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

My laptop is back!

There are about 2 weeks I didn’t update my blog because my laptop had gone into hospital. Now, here am I again.

Well, a lot of things happened these weeks.

There is one thing made me upset. I won a prize! What prize had I won? Something that I want for a long time! A camera! But, why will it made me upset? It supposes to be a happy thing, but, it became a sad thing when the due date is passed. I failed to reply to them because I failed to get into my gmail. Therefore, they distributed the prize to another people. I felt very down of it, I won the prize and I lost it. I felt angry toward UUM! If I was in my home, the prize is definitely mine!

Although Chinese New Year is coming, I don’t feel any feeling of the celebration. My feeling now is just as usual, don’t have any excited.

Monday, 14 January 2008

UUM life is lonely

I am still sick. I am coughing everyday.

Recently, I experience several things and I realized several things as well. My thinking has change one part of it.

Last week was add/drop week, we are allowed to change your time table. There are 2 subjects I would like to change, financial management and managerial accounting. I finally didn’t change financial management because I believe there is possible for me to handle myself. But for managerial accounting, I didn’t change is because I like the lecturer very much. There are 6 teachers/lecturers that I think is good in my life. And now, I think that lecturer might be able to be the 7th. Unfortunately, thing has changed, our class has been separated back to 2 groups. The previous teacher is teaching the other group. That’s bad. Fire has burnt inside my heart. Among the subjects I take this semester, managerial accounting is the subject I am feeling exciting. But now, the lecturer has been replaced, my excitement has gone.

I am getting hate UUM. If people ask me to rate, I would rate it 0.5/10.

University life isn’t as what I thought last time. I thought I could able to find few great friends over here, but I could say I only found 1. I could able to say, I have only 2 buddy here. The first is known in previous school and one I know here. Compare to Penang, I have my good friends and my god-sisters.

Every times I come back UUM after back to Penang, one feeling will occurred in me. I will feel like I am lonely. Although there are lot people around me, but I feel like there is only me there.

In UUM now, I prefer the schooling day. I hate to be in my room. I am really lonely there. Sending sms is the best way for me to make myself out of lonely. Those 2 buddies and other few friends that I would like to talk to, are live far from my hostel. I find nobody that I really can talk to within my hostel.

Although I do find some people to talk with, but, I am still feeling lonely.

I would say, I no need thousand of friends beside me, I just need one of my buddy beside me, that’s totally more than enough. Even my buddy isn’t talking to me, I will still feel I am not alone.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

A long journey back to Penang

I was back from UUM yesterday. It was a long journey! It took me about 6 hours!

I finished my class at 2. I didn’t go back yet because I want to wait for Boon Yan. I left my room at about 3. I walked toward DKG by the A route. I didn’t want to go by the chancellery because I was wearing casual, I am not sure I can pass trough there or not. On the way, Boon Yan messaged me and told me he was going there. His class ended earlier. Seem he was earlier than what we had planned, I changed my plan to take bus. I took bus at Proton College.

There were a lot people was waiting for the bus too. I was wondering whether we would able to get aboard the bus. Luckily, there was a Unic bus that wanted to fetch us to Sahap. We got aboard it. It was faster than Mara Liner. It took only 1 hour.

At the Sahap bus terminal, I felt hungry. I bought bread and planned to eat after I reached home. I switch off my phone due to low battery.

The bus departed from Sahap. My hometown was getting nearer.

We reached Butterworth at 6.40p.m.

We got aboard the ferry. When it was about to reach, I guess it’s within few hundred meter. The ferry became very slow (or maybe stopped). And, we thought it probably had broken down. We took the ferry at about 6.50p.m. and we reached at 7.30p.m. It was about 40 minutes!

When I reached the bus terminal, I phoned to my dad to ask which bus to take. I had forgotten which bus to take. After I knew, I was looking for the bus.

Finally, I reached home at about 9 o’clock. A 6 hours journey! I think I will remember this journey!

Monday, 7 January 2008

Back to UUM!

Last Friday, my friend and I went back to UUM. The bus departed at about 1.30p.m.

After I reached UUM, I went to check in my room. As I knew earlier, my roommate for this semester is Aaron. He is a good guy. Well, I didn’t clean up my room that day. I didn’t have the mood to clean up. After I put all my things in my room, I went to walk around. I don’t know why, I have a strange feeling. I was feeling lonely, I don’t like here very much. How good it is if I am able to study in private. But now, nothing is going to change, I have to work hard to get my success!

The co-curriculum started at the second day. After an attended it, there is just a word I can say, “Lousy”. I don’t know why UUM want to make co-curriculum as compulsory, others university doesn’t make it as compulsory. I feel that it is totally a waste of time.

Yesterday was my first day to my class. My first class is actually business law, but the lecturer who entered our class is the lecturer of the lecturer of ‘law of tort’. At the beginning, we don’t know that the lecturer entered the wrong class. After half an hour, the lecturer finally knew that her time table was wrong. It was quite funny.

Last night, I still had class. I was not very sure where my class is. Therefore, I left my room 1 hour earlier. I afraid that I couldn’t find it as what had happened in the morning, I lost! When I reached there, the whole building is totally quite, it’s quite scary. After I was looking for a while, I still couldn’t find it. I found someone to ask and I found it. I was the first person reached there, I was feeling a bit scaring along there. They say that the area is the place that contains the most ‘those thing’.

The class is really boring. After I finished the class, I walked back again. I spend more than 2 hours in walking to class and back from class today.

Last Friday, my friend and I went back to UUM. The bus departed at about 1.30p.m.

After I reached UUM, I went to check in my room. As I knew earlier, my roommate for this semester is Aaron. He is a good guy. Well, I didn’t clean up my room that day. I didn’t have the mood to clean up. After I put all my things in my room, I went to walk around. I don’t know why, I have a strange feeling. I was feeling lonely, I don’t like here very much. How good it is if I am able to study in private. But now, nothing is going to change, I have to work hard to get my success!

The co-curriculum started at the second day. After an attended it, there is just a word I can say, “Lousy”. I don’t know why UUM want to make co-curriculum as compulsory, others university doesn’t make it as compulsory. I feel that it is totally a waste of time.

Yesterday was my first day to my class. My first class is actually business law, but the lecturer who entered our class is the lecturer of the lecturer of ‘law of tort’. At the beginning, we don’t know that the lecturer entered the wrong class. After half an hour, the lecturer finally knew that her time table was wrong. It was quite funny.

Last night, I still had class. I was not very sure where my class is. Therefore, I left my room 1 hour earlier. I afraid that I couldn’t find it as what had happened in the morning, I lost! When I reached there, the whole building is totally quite, it’s quite scary. After I was looking for a while, I still couldn’t find it. I found someone to ask and I found it. I was the first person reached there, I was feeling a bit scaring along there. They say that the area is the place that contains the most ‘those thing’.

The class is really boring. After I finished the class, I walked back again. I spend more than 2 hours in walking to class and back from class today.

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Good bye 2007! Welcome 2008!

Year 2007 is over, it’s 2008 now! A whole new year!

Year 2007 left a lot of memories for me. A lot of important things happened. However, I don’t really happy in year 2007. I struggled a lot, especially in the end of the year. Let’s review a bit of my 2007.

At the first half of the year, it still can be considered as a good year. There were a lot of good things happened. I had 3 main hope for year 2007, and 2 hopes have become true by April fool ended. But, my third goal couldn’t achieve till the end of 2007.

There were a lot big things happened.

On March, I had successfully entered share market. Starting, I partner with a friend and invest. Thereafter, I had my own CDS account. I am a share investor! That’s my dream! I had stepped a step forward toward my dream. I have learnt a lot during my research.

Another big happy thing is, I got 4As (out of 4, 2 are A-) for my STPM result. It was my greatest achievement in my education path. My results seemed not good in the past. I got 3 As for my UPSR, 4As for my PMR and only 2 As for my SPM. I was definitely surprise when I got my result. I couldn’t forget the day I received my result. There are two persons that I really have to thanks to. They have motivated me! Without them, I believe I will only get single A. But, they might don’t realize they have helped me such much. Although I felt great about myself, I felt lonely as well. Why did I say so? Firstly, I had no chance to celebrate with my best friend. Secondly, I was trying to avoid from people. I don’t them to congratulate me. I left my school after finished taking some pictures from reporters and little interviews. I didn’t want to remain there. If I remained there and talking to friends, telling my results to them, it’s such like trying to showing off.

I entered UUM this year, I am now feeling regretting. It’s better for me to take the course available in USM. UUM is such a obstacle for me to succeed in my life.

However, around the time I almost left Penang, there was a group of my friends celebrated a farewell for me. I was late to be there, I shouldn’t be late, they are good to me. After that day, I told myself, “I actually have friends.” In my whole life, I rarely have any celebration of mine with friends. Even I did, it’s just going outside, has some foods. They are really good.

In the second half of year 2007, it’s really a tough year, I was struggling in my financial problems. Up till now, I haven’t really solved it. And it forced me to break a very important promise! I might regret in future of that decision, but I had no choice.

Year 2007 is the year I suffered the most ever and also the year I experienced the most! I hope I will have a better and interesting year in 2008.