Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Good bye 2007! Welcome 2008!

Year 2007 is over, it’s 2008 now! A whole new year!

Year 2007 left a lot of memories for me. A lot of important things happened. However, I don’t really happy in year 2007. I struggled a lot, especially in the end of the year. Let’s review a bit of my 2007.

At the first half of the year, it still can be considered as a good year. There were a lot of good things happened. I had 3 main hope for year 2007, and 2 hopes have become true by April fool ended. But, my third goal couldn’t achieve till the end of 2007.

There were a lot big things happened.

On March, I had successfully entered share market. Starting, I partner with a friend and invest. Thereafter, I had my own CDS account. I am a share investor! That’s my dream! I had stepped a step forward toward my dream. I have learnt a lot during my research.

Another big happy thing is, I got 4As (out of 4, 2 are A-) for my STPM result. It was my greatest achievement in my education path. My results seemed not good in the past. I got 3 As for my UPSR, 4As for my PMR and only 2 As for my SPM. I was definitely surprise when I got my result. I couldn’t forget the day I received my result. There are two persons that I really have to thanks to. They have motivated me! Without them, I believe I will only get single A. But, they might don’t realize they have helped me such much. Although I felt great about myself, I felt lonely as well. Why did I say so? Firstly, I had no chance to celebrate with my best friend. Secondly, I was trying to avoid from people. I don’t them to congratulate me. I left my school after finished taking some pictures from reporters and little interviews. I didn’t want to remain there. If I remained there and talking to friends, telling my results to them, it’s such like trying to showing off.

I entered UUM this year, I am now feeling regretting. It’s better for me to take the course available in USM. UUM is such a obstacle for me to succeed in my life.

However, around the time I almost left Penang, there was a group of my friends celebrated a farewell for me. I was late to be there, I shouldn’t be late, they are good to me. After that day, I told myself, “I actually have friends.” In my whole life, I rarely have any celebration of mine with friends. Even I did, it’s just going outside, has some foods. They are really good.

In the second half of year 2007, it’s really a tough year, I was struggling in my financial problems. Up till now, I haven’t really solved it. And it forced me to break a very important promise! I might regret in future of that decision, but I had no choice.

Year 2007 is the year I suffered the most ever and also the year I experienced the most! I hope I will have a better and interesting year in 2008.


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