Monday, 26 November 2012

Convocation Frame Package Offered by FRAMBIE

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Frambie has given you big offer for your convocation frame package to celebrate your biggest chapter in life. This package is suitable for UUM (Universiti Utara Malaysia) and UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman)’s convocation photos, 3 frames in a package including 11R, 8R and 5R frame for your convocation photos.

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There are four design, with or without mounting. Therefore, you can just choose the frames that match to your interior.

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Friday, 23 November 2012

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) is finally over. I supposed post it 5 days ago right? Haha.

I was waiting to see any of my pictures was uploaded so that I can post it here as well. But couldn't find any until now.

Okay, let's start my story telling.

I was joining for half marathon category, which is going to start at 3am. But, my friend and I departed at around 10 o'clock. We worried that we couldn't find car park. So, we reach there quite early and have to wait for hours.

Perhaps, because of feeling nervous and a little bit of anxiety (as this is my first time joining), I was feeling a little bit not well.

Full marathon started at 2am. I witnessed the kick off of the race. Wow! It's motivating!

While it's near to 3am, I got ready to start my run.

3am.... Finally started..... It's really very crowded.

Ouch!!! Something happened! I wasn't got on bridge yet and my stomach started to feel pain. I guessed I hurt my stomach.

After got on the bridge. I feel even more painful and I started to walk. Negative thought came into my mind. I thought of giving up and seek for St. John's help.

Suddenly, something great happened. Someone beside me talked to me. Asking me whether was I all right. Then, he started to guide me, teaching me what should I do and how should I manage my run.

We talked a lot.

His name, Adrian. He is from Pahang and working in KL. His colleagues and he were coming from KL purposely for the run.

As he was running for full marathon, I had to say good bye to him at 9th km of marathon.

Thanks to him, I got back my confidence. Due to my physical and mental condition that moment, I decided to practice one of his method. After running 570 steps, I will walk for 190 steps. I kept repeating it, and it did work.

I finished 17km, I felt so exhausted. Then, I spent most of my time on walking until I gave my last shot in final km. That final 4km was suffering as I was exhausted. It was 4km, but I felt it like more than 8km.

In the final km, I was trying my best to run faster. With the cheers from the cheering team, I feel motivated and I felt like crying. At the beginning where I hurt my stomach, I felt like giving up. But my determination (with support from Adrian), I manage to make it. I feel so glad and self-fulfilled.

After the run, I rested for 2 hours before I manage to move.

While resting, I asked Leng Chin to checked my Facebook whether the live tracking system worked.

Yeah. The system worked out properly. Quite good ya.

After my rest, Leng Chin, Ray, David and I went for breakfast at Subway and changing clothes before we left at around 9.30am.

It's a meaningful run. I perhaps performed not that well, but it's a good experience for me.

For sure, I am joinning again next year, probably 21km. And, I hope that I could meet Adrian again.

PBIM 2013! We will meet again!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Penang Bridge International Marathon Race Kit

In less than 2 days time, Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) is kicking start. I am feeling excited. It's my first time joining PBIM.

Yesterday, I went Queensbay Mall to collect PBIM race kit.

Here is it.

Check out the running clothes. It's green in colour. It looks quite bright ya. 

Inside the kit, they provide also a runner's guide book.

I was checking out the guide book to look for something.

Yea, this is that I am looking for, the water station.

They states the location of water station where the drinks were provided. 

Event schedule was provided in the guide book as well.

1.15 am - various performance at Full Marathon starting point
2.00 am - start of Full Marathon
3.00 am - start of Half Marathon (Men)
3.15 am - start of Half Marathon (Women)
4.07 am - estimated finishing time of top half marathon runners (1:07 hours)
4.17 am - estimated finishing time of top full marathon runners (2:17 hours)
6.00 am - start of 10km Run (Junior)
6.30 am - start of 10km Run (Open)
6.47 am - estimated finishing time for top 10km Runner (47 minutes)
7.00 am - start of Fun Run
8.00 am - arrival of VIPs
8.20 am - arrival of Penang Chief Minister
8.30 am - arrival of Penang Governor
8.40 am - cultural dance performance / speeches
10.00 am - end

For winner's price collection and presentation, it will be held at:-
6.30 am to 8 am : half marathon 4th to 15th place
7.30 am : full marathon [4th - 15th], half marathon veteran [1st - 3rd], 10km Run (junior) [1st - 3rd]
8 am to 9 am : 10 km Run 4th to 15th place
8.40 am to 10 am: Top 3 for the remaining categories

Some others free gifts / vouchers are also being given in the race kit.

And this is the most important thing.

Yea, the number. D06216, hope this can be my lucky number.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

One More Week: Penang Bridge International Marathon 2012

Opps! Checking back my blog post, the previous post was dated 18 October 2012. It was nearly one month ago. I am so sorry for leaving my blog so lonely for so long.

Check out on calendar. 

Another OPPS!

It's already 10 November! Next week is going to be Penang Bridge International Marathon!

Due to raining season, I have not been doing my training for so long. I couldn't imagine how will my performance be. I hope I could manage to complete it. As this is the first time I join Penang Bridge marathon, I don't expect to have wonderful result. I set my target as 3 hours. Can I make it? Well, I will know it next week.

The goodies redemption started today. The goodies can be collected on 10th, 11st, 14th, 15th and 16th November. On 10th, 11st, 14th and 15th, the counter will be opened from 10am to 9pm. For 16th, the counter will be closed at 6pm.

During redemption, we need to show our I.C or passport. We can assign our friends to collect it as well, but we need to give them copy of official receipt for verification purpose.

I was checking Penang Bridge International Marathon website just now to sign up something interesting.



I have signed up and linked to my Facebook. If not mistaken, the live result will be directly posted in my Facebook. Wow. That seems interesting.