Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Course Registration

we are going to register for next semester timetable.

The starting time changed from 12a.m. to 8a.m.
I thought it will cause bigger problem.

everything runs smoothly.
I think most of my friends register smoothly.

A thumb up to UUM.

This is my timetable I registered.

Sunday & Wednesday
3.30 p.m. Strategy Management

Monday & Thursday
8 a.m. Issues in Management Accounting
10 a.m. Secretarial
12 p.m. Financial Analysis
2 p.m. Basic Entrepreneurship

8 a.m. International Business

Crowded in Bank

I went to library after class.
I met a friend.
He told me that we wouldn't able to register for classes today if we didn't pay the bus fare.

At that moment,
I have some friends waiting at the bank to pay the fare.
there are about 200 more people waiting ahead them!
200 people!
Can you imagine how long is the queue?

I asked our student representative whether was that the truth.
He told me that they were still having discussion with Academic Affair Department.

I went to join the crowd.

When I reached the bank,
the current number is 1500,
while the awaiting customer number is up to 2200.

my friends gave me their number,
My number was 1600+.

I was in the bank for about 2 hours to settle the payment.
I guess that's the longest time ever that I have consumed in a bank in my life.

Monday, 22 March 2010

I Am in Luck

the luck is totally on my side.
My presentation went through.
I also don't know how to explain it here,
it's just,

Of course,
I can't expect to get a high mark.
But at least,
it won't be very terrible.

There are also other things that I really feel I am so lucky.

My presentation last week,
the luck is on my side too.

I am in luck now!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

BKAS Presentation

I might have another presentation today.
I have had 7 presentations this semester.
I never thought I will present so much,
normally I just will have one or two.
I volunteer myself to be the presenter most of the time.

presentation today,
I am not volunteer.


I think my understanding on it is not more than 15%.
Further more,
I don't think I can't have a good last minute performance.

I am really worry.

no matter what,
I still have to face it.

Wish me good luck.

Friday, 19 March 2010

lcorner = Critics Corner?

I made a try to http://lcorner.blogspot.com
And, that link is actually exist!
It's a critics corner.

When I found out the link is exist,
I thought the author is one of the Lcorner forum members,
but it isn't

By the say, 2 more days, Lcorner forum is going to be shut down.

Anger on Myself

I felt angry on myself in past two days.
I disappointed on myself.

For a long time,
I am telling myself not to waste much time.
In fact,
I am still wasting a lot of time.
End up,
I have to rush for a lot of things when the due date for the tasks are coming.

Until today,
there are still a lot of assignments on my hand.
It's already make me very rush of it.

How about my investment?
How about my Y2010 Reading Mission?

It's all "THANKS" to me of wasting to much time in the past!

If this continue,
I think I should stop surfing in Facebook and chatting in MSN.

I have 24 hours from now to settle my things in Penang before I am going back to UUM tomorrow.

I hope I will appreciate the 24 hours time.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We Fail Only when We Give up

I have just finished another presentation of mine.

I actually worried about that presentation.
I didn't prepare well.
I found out something that we have done wrongly.

I met a friend when I was having my lunch.
I told him that I was in trouble.
I was really worrying of the presentation.

Before I left,
I told him that I had to depend on "on-spot-performance" already.

When the lecturer assigned the presentation part to us,
I got even more worry.
I was assigned the part that I had some problems with it!


My group member noticed that I was in nervous.

here come the main thing I want to talk about.
I kept thinking,
reading the question again and again,
trying to search for a better solution.

I always tell my friends,
there is no wrong answer,
it is just the matter how you are going to link your answer to the right position.

my presentation was over.
I quite happy with presentation today.
I enjoyed it.

The outcome of the presentation isn't the thing I want to mention in this post.
My point here is,

Every problem come with the solution.
What we need to do,
is to seek for it.

The moment we say,

"I can't solve the question."
"There isn't possible for me."
"I am not capable to solve it."
"It's beyond my capable."

That's the moment we fail.
Or better to say, we decided to fail.

As long as we don't give up,
nobody will know who is the winner at the end.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Badminton Match

Last night,
Dato Lee Chong Wei was playing in the All England Championship final.
He won at the end.

Last night,
when I went out,
the people who were watching is more than I expected.

I used to be a badminton and football fans.
I seem like don't concern about sport.

when I got a newspaper,
the first section I would look for,
was the sport section.

I rarely read the sport section.

I realized I have changed a lot.

Friday, 12 March 2010

5th Book I Finished

I finished my fifth book of this year.
It's "Bailout: What the Rescue of Bear Stearns and the Credit Crisis Mean for Your Investments".
It is written by John Waggoner.

The first half part of the book is really great.
It provides me a better understanding regarding the sub-prime crisis which I am trying to understand better from time to time.

I finally finished my fifth book.
My forth book was finished on 11 February.
I am taking too much time!
My plan for this year is to finish reading 50 books.
And now, I finished only five!
It's too far from achieving the goal.

holiday is very important.
Whether I am able to achieve it or not,
it depends on my holiday.

By the way,
congratulation to whose obtain a good result in SPM.

Monday, 8 March 2010

I Love Library

I go library almost every night recently. (if I am in UUM)
I love to go there very much.

At night,
the library is so quite.
I feel very calm and peacefully when I am there.

So many things happened recently.
I collapsed.
I failed.
I disappointed.

recent year, I am getting more and more emotional.
I get emotional very easily now.
It was a total different than I was in the past.

I seriously need to getting myself out of that!


When I go there at night,
I feel very calm and peacefully as I said above.
I could put all my worries aside.
I can remain a more rational mind.
I could make my brain continue to function.

When I say that I am going library at night,
people will be thinking that I am going to study.
But library provide me more function than it.
It doesn't only provide me a place to study,
I sometimes go there just to relax.
Or sometimes, it is the place where I am trying to think a solution for my problems.


Wednesday, 3 March 2010

E.M. Exhibition

I was invited in Facebook to visit to E.M. Exhibition.
It was a UUM's recycle project.
I participant in the organizer 2 semesters ago.
I was just a tiny committee members.

due to some problems,
I didn't continue it last semester.
So do this semester.

until now,
look at the facebook,
there are 36 people attending while 64 people not attending.
The not attending people amount is leading to much!
Almost double of the amount!

I am in the 'not attending' list.

I have my own reason................

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Night at the Library

Night at the Museum is one of my favourite movie.

Night at the Library is now one of my favourite as well.

Wondering what movie is that?

it isn't a movie.
I went to library last night.
I went again just now.
The feeling is great!
I love it so much!
I wish the library is near to me,
then I can go to library every night.

It gives me a space of thinking.
My mind is very calm.
It makes me feel very peacefully.

I might go again tomorrow night.

Monday, 1 March 2010

March 1, 2010

It has been 1 week I didn't update my blog.
Here I come again.

I was busy with a lot of things recently.
And something have came to an end.
Although I really feeling bad of the end,
it's still the best choice.
I have to accept it.
I have to admit my mistake.

It was such a bad failure,
but I have learned a lot of things.

Along this journey,
I really wish to thank one friend of mine.
She helps me a lot. Thankyou!

Of course,
I would also like to thank for all other friends who have been supporting me a long the journey.