Thursday, 8 November 2007

Don't know what title can i put

I would like to share one phase of success in mandarin.


Life, money and love are usually taken as topic to discuss as which is more important. All three are actually important. All three play it own role, we can’t compare it. Such as, can we compare whether Lin Dan is better or David Beckham? Both are in different arena, we can’t compare it, they play their own role in their own arena.

Well, I am not planning to explain the quote, because I can’t be like the quote yet.

I went to Queensbay Mall yesterday. When I am about to leave Borders, I heard two people were talking. They are talking about the share! I hope I can join them. However, as usual, I am weak in stranger approach, it’s totally impossible for me to say, “excuse me, can I join your talk?” I couldn’t make it. Well, I actually hoped to listen to them till they finished. But, I scared my friend waited me too long. Therefore, I decided to leave.

I thought of quite a lot thing recently. It’s hard to say in word.

I am chasing for my success for a period of time. In this journey, I have lost a lot of things. I am trying to save every cent so that I have more money to make my investment. I have made a lot of wrong investment because I want to succeed faster. I am sometimes asking myself, ‘is this the correct decision?’ There are a lot of my friends enjoy their life very much. They spend the money they have with friends. They have an enjoyable teenage moment. I hope my dream can come true.