Monday, 23 June 2008

It comes an end

I started this blog on 22 July 2007. I was hoping that I can express my feeling, my opinion trough my blog. But now, the number of my posts is getting low. It’s not I don’t to post, but because my feeling and mindset are getting more and more complicated. My brain is almost a mess. I really don’t know what am I thinking sometimes.

These two and half years, I have gone trough a lot of things. I have done a lot of things that I never thought I will done in the past. I have made some of greatest things in my life but of course there are decisions that I made which are the worst decisions that I have made. Sometimes, I don’t know what the following steps that I should take are. The worst thing is I spend plenty of time to make a simple decision.

My university life is going to start again. I don’t like my university life very much. I lost every motivation I get in there. But I have done something which I hope it can help me to motivate myself. And if it succeeds, I would happy too, it helps me to prove something too.

This will be my last post or last few posts in my blog. I am going to terminate my blog 2 months later, on 23rd August 2008. Thanks for every one that viewing my blog in these whole year.

Tuesday, 10 June 2008


Yesterday morning, a friend told me this, I feel it’s very meaningful.

Every moment is a choice,

Every choice is my choice,

Life is full of choice.

I went to play badminton again. Previously, I had invited a friend that I wish to play with very much. But, yesterday morning, he phoned me and told me that he failed to make it. I felt a little bit sad of can’t play with him. However, I still enjoy yesterday game. I lost to Soony again yesterday. But I can feel that I have improved my footwork. That’s really a great thing! I have able to reach all corners. What should I improve next? That’s secret.

Monday, 9 June 2008

My result of 2nd Semester

I have got my result for second semester.

Managerial Accounting: A
Financial Accounting: A-
Financial Management: A-
Hubungan Etnik: B+
Elementary Statistic: B

Business Law: F

If i take only the prior five result to value my performance, i would like to say that's already considered as a good result with the effort that i have been putting in.

However, the business law is totally lousy. I thought i have a chance to get D, but I have to face the fact, that's my laziness brought me to the result, nothing to blame.

Rearranging my living room

My living room's furnitures have just been rearranged yesterday. here is some photos of it.

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Badminton and I (3)

Khe Wei/ Hui Lin won the gold medal in Sukma while Julia defeated Lydia in woman single’s final. These are 4 new hopes for Malaysia in Uber Cup 2010. Among all the youngsters, I support Khe Wei the most, I hope he can be world top double player. However, she is more expert in mix double. Khe Wei will be partner with Sook Chin in Singapore and Indonesia’s opened. I hope they can enter quarter final.

In the coming Singapore open, our country’s Lee Chong Wei has a great chance to win the title due to the absence of Lin Dan. Lin Dan’s performance has dropped a little bit, I hope Chong Wei can win in Singapore, Indonesia and of course in Olympic.

Lee Wan Wah and Chong Tan Fook probably will be joining the Olympic for the last time, I wish them all the best, hope that they will win medal in double.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Badminton and I (2)

After I back from UUM, I play badminton always. I really love it very much!

I never played for a period of time, my badminton’s skill dropped a lot. I failed to make any smash now. My movement is getting weaker. It’s lucky that my strength, playing in front of net, isn’t dropping very much.

I was trying to fix my problem in this 2 weeks time, I have successfully fixed some, but there are still plenty of weaknesses for me to fix. However, I have learnt lot of things in these 2 weeks. The next time I am going to play is next Monday. I am resting now due to little injury. But I think I will able to fully recover it by Monday. I can’t wait the time to come. I have 3 more weeks of holiday. I hope I can play more. And I hope I can reach the level I hope to. I am not hoping I would reach a high level that can be any representative; I just hope I can play better than last time.

However, something worries me, could I able to afford the cost of badminton?

Shuttlecock – RM2.50/ piece

Rental of court – RM5/hour (weekday before 5p.m.), RM6 (weekday after 5p.m./Saturday), RM9 (Sunday, public holiday)

For every 2 hours I played, the total expenses are around RM20. That’s lot!

I am currently in cutting my expense, but the badminton is increasing my expense. But, it’s ok, badminton is now my only hobby, it worth. I am sorry to badminton of playing very few in these 2 years. But, I will continue playing more in these following days.

~Happy always with badminton~

Badminton and I (1)

The last week in UUM is the week that the Thomas and Uber cup started. I have forgotten have I post regarding this in my blog before or not. Whether I have or I haven’t, I will write about badminton today.

I found that badminton is really the sport I love. I support Malaysia badminton team. For this year, I support Malaysia Uber team than Thomas team. I watched badminton since I am standard 2 I guess and I started playing it when I was standard 3. Since the first time I support Malaysia Uber team in year 2000, this year, Malaysa Uber team is the best team even for Malaysia. Malaysia is weak in women’s badminton, but they have been improving year by year. Malaysia number 1 woman player, Wong Mew Choo has really brought a hope to all Malaysians. Besides, Malaysia woman team has several players who are still young and has a high potential, such as Julia, Lydia, Khe Wei and Hui Lin.

I failed to watch any matches of Malaysia Uber team. I was trapped in UUM for examination. All the TVs in my hostel were unplugged. I had no chance to watch it. I rush back once I finished my examination. In the journey, I asked my friends to update the score for me. 10 minutes before I reached my home, I was informed that Malaysia second double had lost. Malaysia’s journey in Uber Cup 2008 ended. I was so sad.

I put a high hope in Thomas and Uber cup 2010. I plan to go support Malaysia. I wish I can make it!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

I am getting worse.....

I played badminton yesterday. I played badly; it was totally out of my satisfaction. It’s really obvious that my badminton skill is dropping. Back to 2 years ago, or even 5 years ago. My performance was quite consistent. But my performance now is really inconsistent. I might perform very well in the today and perform terribly in the second day. Or, I might perform very great in beginning but end up with lousy playing or vice versa.

After I woke up this morning, I was thinking for a period of time. Not only my badminton skill is dropping, it seemed to be most of my thing is dropping. I was a person good in controlling emotion in the past, I can stay positive all the time. But now, what has happened to me? I stay negative most of the time. I get angry, disappointed and sad easily. In the past, I always tell my friend to do things rationally. Yes, doing thing rationally, am I doing thing rationally now? I guess most are emotionally.

Talk about my investment, I started my first stock on March last year. Within three months time I had have 20% of return. My portfolio grew in a way better than what I have expected. After I got into UUM, something happened to me, it leaded me to irrationally decision. Ended up, what have happened? I am currently had a loss of RM1600! RM1600! For an adult investor, it will be only a small number, but for me, that’s totally a huge number! I have no idea how to bounce back.

Fast reaction of mind was one of my strength in the past. When I at something, I can think it quickly. Now, is that still strength of mine? I spent 1 week time to decide a small matter! It’s such like spending 1 hour time to think whether to bed on 10p.m. or 10.10p.m.

I have completely sunk! When I started to write blog, I actually hoped to express all my feeling from here. But my mind is completely mess! I sometime don’t know what am I thinking. I sometimes failed to control it.

I am not hoping much now, I just how the previous LuPorTi will be back.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Oh my god! My former club

I went back my former club’s anniversary last night. It was really lousy. Or I should ask, “is that an activity?” My former club is getting worse year by year. I couldn’t imagine how will it be after 5 years. I might be one the cause of bringing up the wrong people. When I was the leader of servicing department, I organize a plan named ‘new service member plan’ I put in 7 potential new members into the plans. I put in 4 people to guide them. I personally guide 2 people. Out of the 7 people, there is only 1 left when they were form 4. That person is the former chairman and my good friend, Henry. When I leading that plan, Henry was the last choice in the 7 people and he came to be the first choice and the only choice. What made me feel better is he did a great job in the club.

If I list out the people that I brought up, the successful rate is less than 5%. Ends up, AWS (my former club) ended with the failure. I hope to help them, but, I have no way. I had secretly taught few of the members inside the club of what they can do to back to the previous AWS which is a powerful club. But, they are end up of quit AWS or don’t obey me. Plenty of people around me left AWS or choose to be staying passive. Lot my best friends in the pass, Maurice, Jue Hann, or even my brother, all choose not to put effort in AWS, maybe they have known that AWS has no future?

I have witness 3 AWS anniversary. The chairmen for the threes are Zi Hur, Henry and Chin Keong. The previous two isn’t very successful, but, at least there are some outcomes. Zi Hur’s anniversary had a loss, but, the event still running quite well, only it’s not fair for the normal member of AWS. Henry’s anniversary don’t have loss and even able to organize a celebration. But this time, the anniversary is really terrible. If I was the chairman, I might fire myself off.

Sunday, 1 June 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 2

It took me for a time after I continue writing this. I was moody for a period of time, made me had totally no mood to update my blog. However, I am back now.

Let’s continue about my assignment.

I actually hope to handle the whole assignment by my own because I really love the assignment! It’s about accounting fraud. I believe my passion toward investment will bring me to obtain the fantastic mark in it.

But finally, I failed to do it my own. I had no confident to make the start up for the presentation. Therefore, I asked my friends to start up and present an accounting fraud and I continued the other one.

My friend presented the case of Parmalat while I presented the case of Megan Holding Berhad. I had some great information that nobody in my class would able to get it, such as I said about there is only 1% attendance in the general meeting. I got this information from a people who had attended it, I guess nobody will do this assignment until so detail, right? That’s the advantage of mine due to involvement of investment. I felt great of it.

After I finished presenting, I opened for Q and A section. Haha…. Nobody questioned me, I thought there was a person who would like to question me. Luckily he didn’t, I had made full prepare of this assignment. I dare to any challenge. Moreover, the company that his group presented is Transmile, another Malaysia listed company. I can asked until he failed to answer and catch his wrong points If I would like to. But since he didn’t question me, I didn’t want the war either.

It scared me for a while when my lecturer asked ‘can I ask question?’ ‘Of course,’ I said. Or should I say no? haha… dare not to. I was not afraid of any questions from students, but lecturer, I had a bit. She asked me what actually happened to that case. Oh my god! Was I presenting lousily? I failed to present what had been the company going wrong? My heart was broken! But, it’s good too, I continue saying the points that other people failed to get it. why I didn’t say in the presentation? Good question! I had no much time, 15 minutes for 2 cases, therefore, I tried to make it in Q and A section, luckily my lecture did ask question, otherwise, it wasted.

At the end, my group obtained full mark in this assignment. I felt really great! But there is one more group that got full mark too.

There are some photos of the process.

Preparing the slide show...

My friend is waiting for the slide show... just a minute... i am almost done..

The photo we took after rehearsal... i never made any presentation rehearsal before.. this is my first time...

It's going to start.....

My presentation....