Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Cheque From Emailcashpro

After I back from work today, I noticed there were 4 envelopes on my table for me.

And I saw this.

I felt happy to saw this. I could guess what's it inside. It should be a cheque.

Yeah! I am right, it's a cheque!

It's a cheque from Emailcashpro!

What's Emailcashpro?

Okay, let me tell you. It's a company of some sort like advertisement. You can sign up as their members, then they will send you some emails. Links will be given to you in the email. If you click on the links which redirect you to their advertisement, you will get paid.

I have joined Emailcashpro for few years, and I have been receiving their cheques from time to time. It's real, not cheating! Interested to try? Click here to sign up.


  1. how much ler.. dun sao sao mai mai ler.. T.T

  2. Mr. Lonely, secret, but little only. Hehe.

    Camy, thanks.

  3. Hehe, yea, really happy when received it, although the amount is just little.

  4. Hi Luporti. can you print screen your statistics in your emailcashpro profile and paste it in your blog.

  5. Is there a black n white stated after u had requested for redemption?

    1. It has just stated online that you have redeemed.

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