Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas!

The clock has reached 12a.m. The Christmas of year 2008 has reached. Just now, during the Christmas eve, I was waiting the coming of Christmas. I have planed who I want to wish and so on. But, I don’t know why, after the moment reached, I lost all my excitement, my feeling turned another way around.

Actually, I was feeling quite great this few days. I think these few days were my greatest moments I ever had in this holiday. Prior to that, I was really down. I was almost inconsolable. I couldn’t express how down was I. And, in these few days, especially yesterday, I finally cheered myself up, to a very great mood.

Unfortunately, I don’t know why, after I saw the time reached 12 o’clock, I started to feel down again. Not only down, it’s very down.

I am not really sure why is it so. It may be caused of something.

Or, maybe it is because I want to back to my university? I hope it is because of this.

It’s going to be another new year soon, I hope that I would have a new start. I hope the miserable year like this year won’t repeat again.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

The day the earth stood still

LuPorTi back here again.

It’s has been a long time I never update my blog. I have some problems, and have no feeling to update my blog.

Anyway, I am here again.

I went to watch movie with my brother and my neighbour 2 days ago. We were watching The Day The Earth Stood Still. Well, I like that movie. It’s about environment. An alien wants to destroy the human because we destroy the earth.

Humans will change during depression. This is really true.

I am an eco-friendly person I guess. I wish there are more people will think as me. Actually, I am quite sad about why we humans love to destroy the environment just because for our own benefit. I hope this will change, or our earth will terribly destroyed and come to an end.