Saturday, 30 January 2010

Thankyou, My Friends!

I woke up,
I switched on my laptop.

And then,
I was thinking,
"what should I update in my blog?"

After I visited Lcorner,
I knew what I should update.

I saw few friends there.
I want to thanks them!
I am really happy to see you all there.
I was fighting for few days,
I really feel a little bit tired.
I received criticism everyday after I took over Lcorner.
I really hope my friends around could fight with me.

And now,
I saw your name there.

Thankyou very much!

Friday, 29 January 2010

Random Post

Simply upload some pictures

This is the badge for SIFE. My roommate got it for me few days ago

My friends and I saw this rainbow when we were going for our dinner

A souvenir from a friend who go Thailand

Thursday, 28 January 2010

I Want To Be Better!

my Company Law and Accounting Theory and Practise class made me feel that I am too far from satisfaction.
I really need to work harder!
I am totally not enough!
I will be more hardworking!

A Tough Journey but I Will Continue

The take over of Lcorner created a lot of problems to me.

I don't have enough sleep.
I didn't do my assignment.
I didn't prepare for classes.
I failed to concentrate in class.
I fall into financial problems.

And worst,
I lost my friends.
My friends disappointed on me.

One question arose in my brain.
Am I making the wrong decision?
Will I regret of this decision.

I came out with my answer.
It's useless for me to regret.
Everything happened had happened.
it's not the matter whether I regret it or not,
we can't change the history.
What's the matter now is that,
how am I going to deal with it.

Yes, many friends disappointed of me.
But many people supports me as well.

Don't look this matter as the worst.
In this case,
it has showed me who are the friends who are really support me.

To those who are supporting me all the time,

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

My Forth Presentation in 6th Semester

when say about presentation,
I will afraid of it.

I present just once each semester.

In this semester,
just one month time passed,
I have presented four times.
Today is the forth.

I started to read what's is it about on this presentation last night.
I really didn't know how to present actually.

my friends were going to present it.
But, at last,
I volunteer to take over the job.

I woke up at 7a.m. because I sleep very late at midnight.
I rush to class to make for my final preparation.
there are something that I still had totally no idea how to present it!
Oh No!
The lecturer entered the class!
I scared I would be the first group to present.
I was the fifth.
During the first four presentation,
I was thinking non-stop of how to present it.
I figured it out!
I wasn't as nervous as previous.

After my presentation,
I saw my lecturer clapped hand!!!!
I saw it!!
And she said great.
After I back to my place,
she told me that the presentation was interesting!
Normally, other people will present in the other way,
but, I am different.
I am so happy!

I had done four presentations so far.
I got compliment from lecturers in 3 of them.
Another one,
very bad.

Practice makes perfect.
It's really true.
I feel that I have improved comparing the past.

Monday, 25 January 2010

I Failed at Last

I thought my plan will succeed.
But it failed.

I have to continue the war.
the problem is,
I am going to lose more things.

Many people there had bad feelings on me.
again I am not going to explain why am I doing this.
No point, since I have been looked as this.

I talked with a person and she told me that I didn't need to care others opinion so much.
I care.

I have been thinking this the whole day,
I couldn't put my mind in class today.

When I was on the bus,
going back my hostel,
I thought of something.

I thought of Lee Wai Yan.
I hated her actually.
after I knew her.
I released that there was some misunderstanding.
I no longer hate her.

Will the fact reveal and clear my 'bad rumour'?
I wish to.
I seriously wish that it will happen in someday in the future.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Another Storm for Me

I spent a lot of time in LCorner these two days.
There are too many things I need to solve.

LCorner starts getting stable.
But one hour ago,
another storm for me,
I would say,
my only friend (excluded friends I made this week) in LCorner,
decided to resign.

Other 13 people resigned,
is still in my expectation.
But Mikael resignation,
really another storm to me.

Every minute for me now,
is all crucial!


What is BUSY?

We are used to hearing people say that 'I'm busy'.

What is BUSY?

I am used to saying it to.
But yesterday,
I realised that I wasn't busy always.

Last night when I was going to sleep,
my friend told me that I seemed to be doing things non-stop until I didn't sleep.
Then only I realised,
that's busy.

I used to say I am busy.
In fact,
I wasn't really busy.

To appreciate time,
I need to be busy.
I will work hard from now!

Friday, 22 January 2010

22 January 2010

When I want to write the title of the blog,
I forgot what's today date.
I thought it was 21,
Luckily my friend told me that it is 22.

today is a busy day.
I woke up and settle Lcorner stuff.

I washed my clothes.
When I was writing up to here,
I stopped and went out.

Guess why.

I forgot I washed clothes this morning,
I forgot to keep it.

So, I went to keep my clothes.
Thanks to blog.
After washing my clothes,
I rushed for my bath.

Very rush.

After bathing,
my watch was showing it's 2 minutes to go to reach 9a.m.
I faster rushed to my friend room.
We have group discussion for our assignment.

I didn't brush my tooth today. (dirty?)
I didn't take my breakfast too.

The discussion ended at 3.

After I got back,
I busy on Lcorner again.

What a busy day.
How long am I able to stand?
I still have my assignment waiting me to settle.

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Officially Step Up On Lcorner

I have taken over Lcorner last night.

Today, the former admin officially gave the authority to me.
I am the new admin for the forum now.

Welcome all to join us at

My Paypal No Longer Empty

I participant in an activity called PAYPAL WISHLIST in Facebook last year.
And, I received the payment!
My Paypal had money now,
it's no longer empty.

What a wonderful day!

It is 1.25a.m. now,
I failed to get into sleep yet.
Maybe there are too many things wandering around my mind.

many things happened.
It was an interesting day.

The day started with a moody day.

I skipped my class for the first time in this semester due to my mood.

I had 3 challenges/worries actually.

1. I was going to negotiate with my SDG mentor. I was really worry. I didn't really negotiate this kind of things before. As people know me, I am a person who scare to speak especially in such situation. Well, I might thanks to her. She is he one who makes me have the gut to do so.

2. I had a presentation. I didn't really prepare well. Moreover, the topic to be presented, isn't my expertise field.

3. I had a group discussion. I seriously don't like that paper. And, I didn't get very well with my groupmates yet.

I really worried.

Fortunately, all three went very smoothly.
Or I would say, very greatly.
I am really happy with it.

At night,
one crucial things happened!

The deal was done!
I took over Last Corner Forum.

What an interesting day.
Tomorrow, I think I wouldn't have much energy due to lack of sleep.
Moreover, I didn't prepare for my class yet.
that's not a problem,
it's a challenge!

LuPorTi, Go!

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

A Sudden Fall

I planned to do a lot of things yesterday.
because of something,
I felt down for yesterday.
I ended up almost doing nothing.

I am going to skipped my class for the first time in this semester.
I want to cheer myself up.

I will use the time to prepare for my presentation of this afternoon,
and also group discussion of Integrated Case Study.

Hope I could cheer up ASAP.

LuPorTi, you can make it!
Remember the theme of you in year 2010,

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

R.I.P. to Chung Ling Tragedy Victims

I was viewing people blogs.
There are so many people wrote about Chung Ling tragedy.
It made my mood down a little bit.

Life is really short.
Nobody knows what's going to happen next.
Who is going to leave first among our friends,
it's also a question which we will never know the answer until it happens.

I don't know the victims of the Chung Ling tragedy.
when I read the blogs,
I really feel the sadness.

R.I.P. to all the victims.

Monday, 18 January 2010

The youngs love to work in the farm

Last week,
while talking to a friend,
he said that,
nowadays the youngs love to work in the farm.

The moment he said that,
I was wondering how could he say that?
I don't really think people nowadays even willing to step to farm.

And he explained to me.
Nowadays, the youngs really like to work in the farm,
but it's a different types of farm,
the farm in Facebook.

Yea, pretty true.
Do you agree?

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Chung Ling Tragedy, May Them R.I.P.

Four students missing in boat mishap (Update 2)

GEORGETOWN: The body of one of the five Chung Ling High School students, who went missing after their boat capsized in strong waves off Macallum Street Ghaut here, has been found.

Rescue workers found the body at 2.45pm on Sunday, believed to be that of Jason Ch'ng.

According to George Town acting OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng, Ch’ng’s body was found under a boat not far from the shore.

Earlier, the body of their teacher Chin Aik Siang, 27, who was the school’s dragon boat team advisor, was found at about 11am.

A total of 17 students, aged between 16 and 17 years, and their teacher-cum-coach were training for a dragon boat race when the incident occurred at about 9am on Sunday just as the team was doing the final lap before returning to the shore.

The boat capsized when the students were doing a sharp manoeuvre, which hit a tug boat.

It is believed that strong currents had pulled the students into the water.

Twelve other students however managed to swim to the shore.

Some of them swam about 1km while some were rescued by two passing fishing boats.

A search and rescue operation has been mounted by the police, the Fire and Rescue Department and the Civil Defence Department.

The sunken boat has been recovered and towed to the shore.

Meanwhile, parents of the missing students are keeping a vigil near the scene.

Many of them were seen weeping openly and are being consoled by their relatives.

Those missing have been identified as Brandon Yeoh, Jason Ch’ng, Koh Yiz Hiang, Cheah Zi Jun, all 17, and Yong Xiang, 16.

It is learnt that some of the 17 students were not wearing life jackets.

It is learnt that the teacher Chin had only been recently appointed to the post.

He had been teaching science and mathematics for the past two years.

His body was sent to the Penang Hospital for post-mortem.

Meanwhile, Kuah Zi Xun, 17, who swam to the shore, said the strong current pulled down the students.

“Some of the who were wearing life jackets were also pulled down. I hope all my friends are safe,” he said.

Currently, more than 100 personnel from St John Ambulance, Rela, Penang Hospital, volunteer firefighters and divers from the Fire and Rescue Services department are involved in the search operations.

Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Wira Ayub Yaakob told a press conference that the incident occurred about 150m from the shore.

“We are still investigating how many of them were wearing life jackets,” he said.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Time is fast

it was quite a rush day.

I went out with Jeng to assist him to buy a book.
I rushed to meet Beng Hui.

I am going back tomorrow.
Time is really fast.
There are much things that I haven't done.

I am going to have a presentation on Monday,
and I totally have no idea yet.

Friday, 15 January 2010

15 January 2009

I back Penang ago.
It was a memorable trip.
Person who knows what's happening,
should know what I mean.

I had my fair cut just now.
Botak again.

I started to teach my brother about investment.
I wish a very early goodluck to him first.
May him build a future in it.

I have signed up a new account.
I will use it for my MSN.
I will write my email address later in twitter and facebook.
Stay Tune.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Playing Hide and Seek with Cockcroach

What's the time now?

Guess why am I here?

I woke up to see the US stock market?

I woke up to play facebook?
Not really?

I woke up for cockroach!

More than 1 hour ago,
I woke up.
Then, I went toilet.
I planned to sleep again after that.

Who knows,
I saw a cockroach in my room!
I try to get it and destroy it!
After seeking for an hour,
I still couldn't find it!

Did I see wrongly just now?

I think I really hardly sleep,
unless I manage to get it!

Today will be bad,
I got a presentation in class later.
I hope I still able to perform.

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

My Gang

Suddenly think of writing about my friend gangs that I had/have.
I wish to write about my primary school friends,
but sadly,
I don't have the pictures.

F3 of Amateur Wireless Society

[Me & Zi Hur]

[Zi Hur & Jeng]

I knows Jeng during primary school, and I know Zi Hur during form 2 through our society, AWS. He was promoted in the AGM together with me during form 2.

That year, three of us are promoted together.
If that didn't happen,
I think the F3 of AWS won't appear.

Daimond 3 of AWS

[Henry , Me & Soony]

AWS again.
Suddenly realise that AWS brings me a lot of friends.
I was invited to be an advisor after I moved to MBS to study my form 6.
Three of us worked hard for AWS.
We enjoy the moment we work for AWS.

In that 1 to 2 years time,
I experience a lot of things in AWS which I never experienced befor during I am in the commitee board.

After Henry left AWS,
Three of us still be together,
We hang out together,
play together,
and we went Malacca together.

Daimond three,
for me,
is the greatest gang I ever had in my life.

Whooi Meen & friends

[Kah Sing, Hui Xian, Me, Lee Chien, Whooi Meen & Siew Wern]

They are friends that I felt happy as well.
When I had Daimond 3 as my gang,
I had this gang as well.

They brings me joy.
When I was with them,
I could keep laughing.

I remember,
there is one day,
Soony was with me when I was with this gang.
Soony saw a different type of me,
which I was a childish person.

Butterfly Gang

[Back: Lai Mei, Wei Sein, Chin Wei & Chen Lin]
[Front: Me, Soon Guei & Wei Loon]

This is my university gang.
Butterfly gang was formed during semester 2.
We always together that moment.
We did assignment together.

I didn't need to worry about forgetting my assignment.
They always remind me.
And sometimes,
they helped me to do my assignment.

Thanks to them

My Junior Friends

[Me, Li Pei & Fu Yong]

On 3rd July 2009,
I met them with another few people.
I brought them around UUM,
I showed them their classes.

That moment,
we are only senior and junior.

Here comes Accounting Hunt.
I invited Fu Yong and Li Pei to join my team.
And we wont the first place!

Wow! So happy that day!

After the Accounting Hunt,
we get closer.
Thanks to Accounting Hunt.

How far can we go?
May our friendship forever.

Monday, 11 January 2010

'Change' & 'The Rebound of LuPorTi'

My theme for last year is 'Change'.
And this year,
my theme is 'The Rebound of LuPorTi'.

If I comparing last year to this beginning of year.
It obviously seems like this year is better.
I set the theme of 'Change' for last year,
but it seems like happening quite late.
It seems to start happen this year.
I change a lot now.

I spoke nothing in last Accounting Theory and Practice class.
I was worried that I remain silent again today.
I try to prepared myself.
Finally, the outcome satisfy me.

In one question the lecturer asked,
she gave me 4 out of 5 marks,
while gave 1 mark for the other person.

I am quite happy with this.

I hope the CHANGE will continue and make it THE REBOUND OF LUPORTI!

Sunday, 10 January 2010

A New Mobile Phone?

I wish to buy a new mobile phone which has camera.
Then I can use it to take photo to assist me in blogging.
My blog is full of words,
It's kind of boring.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Ladder Board in Tycoon

This is the game I like to play in Facebook, Tycoon.
I am trying hard to get into the ladder board.
And today,
I have got into 2 list.
I am in third for cotton and sixth in bread.
I am going to enter the list of pork and coffee soon.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

A Bad Day?

it started with making a bad dream about my brother.
It was really a bad start.

After I got up,
I found that I started to have sore throat.
This is the second bad thing.

don't know why,
I thought my class was at 9a.m.
So, I took bus at 8a.m. and reach after 15 minutes.
After the bus departed, only I recalled that my class was at 9.30a.m.
What happened to me?

Talk about my Accounting Theory and Practice class.
I liked that classes actually.
As I said in my blog previously,
I was active in classes.
I never such active except for my English lesson with Mr. Krishna.

But, today,
I really disappointed.
I speak nothing.
It's actually in my expectation.
I don't really have a clear mind on today topic.
I really disappointed.

I seriously need to WORK HARDER!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Borrow a book from library

I went to library.

I saw a book and I am interested.
The book entitled 'The Complete Guide to Investing in REITs'.
I decided to borrow it.

I went down to the machine to make the borrow.
The machine seemed to be having some problem.
I felt that something might happened.
I went to the machine which allow us to check our borrowing.
It stated that I had borrowed that book.

I was going out.
The alarm rang,
it means that I wasn't borrowing the book.
The guard asked me to go the the counter.

I went to the counter.
there is some problems there.
the officer had to brought me out.

What did I feel on this?

Angry with the system?


I feel satisfied actually.

How come?
The system is troublesome and I am feeling satisfying?

The service from the officer is nice.
He is very polite and friendly.

Monday, 4 January 2010

A debut for assigment in year 2010

I started to do my first assignment of this year.
It was assignment from my Accounting Theory and Practice.
My lecturer is the so-called 'killer lecturer'.
She gave use one individual assignment and one group assignment.
We got only 2 days to complete 2 assignment,
in which,
the group assignment is a little bit tough.
She really has shown us her 'killing'.
I am able to finish it.

My friends asked me, why don't I dropped that paper and take it next semester so that I wouldn't meet 'killer lecturer'.
The previous me,
I will of course dropped it I think.
But now,
I think I should just learn how to avoid,
I should be a flexible person who can fit into any circumstance.

I actually feel that she be so is just for our own good.
So, I decided to go on.