Thursday, 15 December 2011

Disappointing Promotion By KFC

I believe this promotion attracts a number of people's eye. And it even becomes one of the topic now, am I right?

I knew this promotion from my colleague yesterday. We planned to go KFC for lunch today. But, later on, I felt disappointed after knowing that the promotion is over.

Yea, right, they offer such a wonderful deal, we should appreciate and thank them.

But, there are things that should be highlighted.


The validity of the coupon should be until 15th January 2012, which means ONE MONTH. What happened? One month turns to become ONE DAY? How ridiculous it is?


Yea, there is no wrong on them by saying that it's out of stock.

But, doesn't it sounds funny? The validity is last for one month, and the stock is running out in just one day time? If it's running out so fast, why don't they set the validity to one week? Preparing one day's stock for one month promotion, doesn't it sound funny?

Okay, human isn't perfect, we can't predict 100% correct. We give our one month promotion, the stocks may run out faster as we predict. But, how come it's such a huge difference? One month with one day! It's too unacceptable!

Why not saying that you are going to give away a coupon to enjoy your free meal for the whole life. And, while people go to redeem, you tell people that the it's already out of stock, in which the 'while stocks last' referring that there is only 1 coupon is giving out for redemption?

That's funny, isn't it?

I believe a lot of people are complaining and start boycott KFC now. KFC, you are now in trouble, you need to find a way to cool down the complaints.


  1. Maybe the marketing manager is fired, this is the last thing he did.

  2. lolz. this is Malaysia... all boleh! :D

  3. This KFC voucher again.. I saw my friend post this up yesterday morning. Then in the evening, those who post it in the morning start to scold KFC.. hmm.. today I read many blog posts about this disappointing deal by KFC. hmm... KFC really in trouble now. haha.

    by the way, thanks LuPorti!!!
    I saw you in my new blog~ hehe.

  4. 名, yalo, this kind of marketing manager, speechless to comment.
    Meitzeu, yalo. And, I think they should learn from McDonald.

  5. EeSoon, oh? Which bloggers are talking about it?

  6. ya woh.. many people saying this.. >.<

  7. Yalo. Many people saying. I saw a lot of complaints in KFC Malaysia's Facebook page.

    she. :)

  9. This combo is not out in Singapore yet.

  10. EeSoon, thanks.

    Valerie, you mean there is also such promotion in Singapore?

  11. This type of promotion will backfire.

  12. Really very disappointed. I also thought can print the e-voucher and go for exchange free burger, the next thing I know, no more liao my friend said.

    It's really ridiculous. McD much more better when giving out e-voucher for free burger

  13. they shouldnt announce any free voucher if they couldnt afford like how MCD did. BIG SIGH.

  14. Yalo. Promotion without a proper planning. What a failing promotion, really need to learn from McD.

  15. thats really bad. no wonder KFC always has lesser business compared to McD


  16. Hmm.. Sg doesn't seem to hv this promo yet! Hope it won't be like this if the promo happens in Sg. =/

    P/S: I like it that your blog has the "Apple of my eyes" song lol! Nice hor.

  17. Yeah !! I faced the same at my area too !!
    I tried two times to go for it at different places also end up told me out of stock, GRRRR !!

  18. Zazabong, hi, nice to see you again. It's quite long time never see your name. Haha. Thanks for the visit. I believe SG's KFC will be better as the management of KFC there is better.

    Lolly, oh? After I knew about it, I didn't went KFC to try asking whether was it really running out of stock.

  19. Haha that time I still don't give up and hope to eat for it. LOL !!

    But now, gave up ~ Poor KFC ~

  20. Haha. You are quite determined ya.

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