Tuesday, 29 April 2008

My 2nd Semester Life in UUM - Part 1

Time is really fast, I entered UUM mid of last year, and now, the second semester is going to end.

Let’s recall back my life of UUM in second semester.

The subjects I was taking in 2nd semester are:

  1. Financial Accounting 1
  2. Managerial Accounting 1
  3. Financial Management 1
  4. Elementary Statistics
  5. Hubungan Etnik (I am not sure what it is called in English)
  6. Business Law
  7. Sport Science (co-curriculum)

My time table are:


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12.30 – 2p.m: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1

8 – 11 p.m.: Financial Management 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Hubungan Etnik

12.30 - 2p.m.: Elementary Statistics

2 – 4p.m.: Financial Accounting 1


8 – 9.30a.m.: Business Law

12 – 2p.m.: Managerial Accounting 1

8.30 – 10.30a.m.: Sport Science

There is Self Development Group on Thursday. However, I went only once this semester.

Unlikely last semester, I have closer friends this semester. They are Chin Wei, Soon Guei, Wei Sein, Chen Lin and Lai Mei. I was really lonely last semester. So, this is really a great thing of me that I found friends that get me out from boredom. We call ourselves as Butterfly Gang.

to be continue...

Friday, 18 April 2008

UUM website

Hi, I am here to write a post again. What you all expect me to write? It’s again my university.

April 18, 2008, this is a date that we, semester 2 students have to register the course we want to take by online. It seems like my university is great, and follow the technology. Besides, we have go-kart and golf in our university; we don’t need to queue at the counter when we want to borrow books from library, there is an auto-machine for book borrowing. My university is really seemed to be a university with the high-technology. Am I great to study in my university?

Well, as a loyal student, I don’t want to talk too much about my university today, I will talk about the online registration only. My friends and I purposely stay in Penang at the 12a.m. of April 18 in order to register for the course. We believe that the line in our home will definitely faster than university’s. However, my university wants us to learn about one thing, “things won’t always go as what you planned”.

I have totally prepared with time table and strategy. If I failed to add any class, I have had backup plan. There is one Chinese proverb, everything is prepared, and it just has to wait for the East Wind. It seemed like the East Wind didn’t blow. My friends and I were waiting the time of 12a.m.

Ting! Tong! It was 12a.m., we started to go to the website to register. Unfortunately, their website is down! It’s hard to enter. We are happy to be informed what my friends have entered the website successfully. She started to register. After she key in everything, the system said “error, failed”. The system itself got problem! Oh my god!

If website such as www.livescore.com or espn.com is down during hot period, it’s reasonable. There is millions of people surf on the website when the football matches is going to end. How about my university’s website? They don’t even have 10,000 people surf on it at the same time.

I know that we can’t expect everything to be good every time. It’s ok that I failed to register that moment, I understand. So, my friend and I decided to take a nap, and online at 6a.m. and register it again.

There are 10 minutes to 6 o’clock. I was trying to get into the website since one hour ago. I was trying for almost one hour! I failed to get in anytime, it’s a perfect ZERO. Maybe the website knows that I love to eat egg and give me a big egg to eat.

Should i thanks to my university of giving me a delicious egg to eat?

Wednesday, 16 April 2008