Monday, 30 May 2011

World Hip-hop Dance Challenge (Malaysia Selection)

Something is happening in Penang's First Avenue yesterday!

What's it?

Yea, as my post title, it's the hip-hop dance competition!
It's the World Hip-hop Dance Challenge.
The winners of today will be represent Malaysia to contest in Las Vegas!
Cool! Isn't it?

I went there after my lunch.
Although I don't know dancing stuffs, I stay there until late night.

When I reached there, it was their lunch break.
I could see the participants were practicing around there.

I walked around, and I capture the photos of the prizes.

Can I take one?

The contest started again at 3 o'clock.

I stood there, watching and kept capturing photos.

It's quite crowded once the contest in on!

Okay, stop saying the non-sense.
Let's see the dancing photos.

Well, all contest needs judges, right?

Here are they.

And this is the MC.

So, who are the winners?

There were 5 categories in total.
I didn't which are the categories, as I didn't know about dancing.
But I know there is a 2 team categories, adult and younger ones.

This is the winner for the adult team, as well as the grand winner for team category.

They are the CARTOON NETWORK team!

They are cool.

By the way, ignore the white shirt people,
he isn't in the team. Haha.

This is another great team.
The winning team for the younger category.

They are just little girls, right?

But I can tell you, they are awesome!

Congratulation to all the winners!

Good luck to you all in Las Vegas!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United (UEFA Champions League)

It was a long time I didn't watch a live football match.
I guess last year's world cup, Korea vs Argentina, is my last match I watched until yesterday.

For football fans, I guess today is a big day.
Barcelona played against Manchester United (MU) early this morning at 2.45a.m. Malaysia time.
It was the final of UEFA Champions League.

My best friend wanted to watch the match and thinking on where to watch it.
After I got home from my friend's home last night,
I asked my best friend to come over my home here and I was going to watch with him.
It was a long time since the last time we watched football match together.
Perhaps, it was 5 years ago?

Initially, we planned to watch at McDonald's.
Unfortunately, it's quite full.
Then I suggest another place, Tunas Mamak.
Again, it was full.
It was full with red jersey as well.

Then, we spotted this one, Restaurant Nasi Kandar Salam.
It's at somewhere around Riffle Range.

This mamak stall isn't really full.
So, there were still some places that we can sit down to enjoy our match.
It was only around 1.15 a.m. when we reached, if I am not mistaken.
It was more than one hour to go, but most of the cafes had already full with people.

Can you feel how excited that match was?

I ordered Maggi Goreng and Teh Tarik.

Finally, it's time!
UEFA Champions League final was starting!

This year, the final was held at Wembley Stadium, London.

It was getting crowded.

I guess a lot of people know more about me about football.
So, I think let's other bloggers to chat about the game.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, the match was interesting.
Barcelona played very well, and they won by 3-1.

It was a long time, I never stayed awake until so late.
In additional, I played badminton on Friday's night.
I slept late but woke up early yesterday.

I felt a little bit sleepy.

Guess what I did while I felt sleepy?

I captured photos.


What's the meaning?

Barcelona = B
MU = M

What's L stand for?

Well, L stands for LuPorTi.
Lame. Haha.

While capturing photos,
I found out one thing.
Coca-cola is now 125 years old!

I reached home at around 5 o'clock this morning.
I woke up before 9 o'clock.

4 hours sleep only. Will I tired later?
Whether will I tired or not, I enjoyed.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

My Experience with SONY Cyber Shot

A lot of people that I love Friday so much! It isn't only because the it's finally weekend, but also I am going to play badminton with my primary schoolmates.

We play, we enjoy, we have fun!

We are getting crazier as we are playing for almost 5 hours!

We are crazy, but yet, we are happy!

It's always the happiest and craziest moment with them!

I always play until I feel completely exhausted! And, I enjoy it so much!
It's the moment I forget all my stress and worries.

Check out our rackets!

There are 3 people in our gang that use the same rackets!

Thanks to my camera! I always capture down the moment with them.

Time passes but memories remain.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Things Received Recently

I received quite a number of things recently.
Beside receiving things from my girl friend (as I posted in my blog),
let's check out what I received.

These are book I ordered last time. Finally It delivered.

PICORP's annual report, I own some of its share.

Another annual report, Aeon Credit.
Aeon Credit is now the forth largest holding in my investment portfolio.