Sunday, 15 May 2011

Penang BarCamp 2011, WONDERFUL!

Yesterday was a day that I was waiting for, a day made me felt excited.
It's Penang BarCamp!

I played badminton on Friday's night.
After got home, I prepared my slides for my sharing in BarCamp.
I slept late in the midnight.
I actually scared that I would overslept yesterday.
So I asked my mum to wake me up.

I told my mum I wanted to wake up at 6 something, but when it's 5 something, I had waken up.
I slept for about 3 to 4 hours only I guess, but I didn't feel tired, I felt excited.

It's 8 o'clock, I started to prepare for my departure.

I took Rapid to go there.

See! It's KDU! I reached.
I was getting more excited.
I saw my friends there and I went for my registration.

We are given some goodies.

The rooms for sharing session was on second floor.
I took the lift to get myself there.

Yeah, I reached.

I checked out the schedule again and had final thought of which sharing I would like to attend.
I also checked again my sharing period.

Okay, it's the same.
2 p.m. on 'Is Investment Risky?'.

Finally the time that I was waiting for had reached.
The sharing session started, we entered to the room that we were interested.

These are the topic I chose to listen

- How to organize an event of YouthJam scale (by Jazz Tan, director of Jazzada Solution)
- Are you ready for employment or entrepreneurship (by John Goh, general manager of MyPath Sdn Bhd)
- Supercharge your Wordpress into a full-fledged application with Joget workflow (by Hugo Lim, Open Dynamics Inc)
- How to understand people effectively like a psychologist (by Khor Gui Wei, psychology student from UTAR)
- How I earn a full time income with internet (by Charles Gregory, internet marketer)
- Building large content website with Joomla! (by Ray Beh, director of Sogo Studio)

All are great sharing! I learned a lot and enjoyed very much!

BarCamp provide us a free lunch as well.

"There is no free lunch in the world?"
This is not applicable to Penang BarCamp.

Penang BarCamp is great!
We learned, we shared and we ate.

All are totally FREE.

Really thanks to all the organizer members!

Thanks to Ray who is the one who invited me to BarCamp!

Thanks to JohnShen too, who have been shooting photo for Penang BarCamp.

To check out more photos on Penang BarCamp, visit

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