Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wesak Day 2011

Today is Wesak Day, a big day for Buddhists.
Last time when I was small, I used to follow my parents to temples for some Wesak Day's activities.
Now, after growing up. I never followed them.
And then, I just stayed in home.

Last year, I visited some temples again.

This year, I visited as well.
Thanks to a good friend I have recently.
We went this temple at Green Lane, Penang.
Before we went there, I followed my friend and her mum to supermarket to buy some stuffs to give to the monks in the temple.
I feel that I should do like what her mum did too next time.

Thank to Buddha for teaching me a lot of things.
I learn a lot of Buddhism last year.
I realize of a lot of thing about life now.

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