Monday, 9 May 2011

Say Good Bye To My Colleagues

I have given up posting about my practicum day by day.
I felt tired of it, tired of posting, and tired of working.

There are 30 more working days to go.

You may say, it's very little to go, right?

Unfortunately, I feel that it's still long time to go.

Time's fast when I work.
Now even worse, two of my colleagues have finished their internship training.
Last Thursday is their last day of working in our firm.

Three of us used to have our lunch together.
When we were having lunch, we like to complain this and that.
Now, I have to have my lunch myself.
I turned to be lonely.

In office, one of them sat in front of me while the other sat beside me.
Now, in front of me and also beside me are empty seats.
That really makes me feeling so lonely.
I wish that time can pass faster.

After working last Thursday,
We went to have dinner together as a farewell party to both of them.

Jeff and Chow,
may you both continue doing well in your coming days!

Keep in touch ya!

Wish to see you both again soon!

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