Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Barcamp Perak Is Coming!

Remember the Barcamp Penang that I went on May this year? It was my first time to join Barcamp, and it impressed me a lot. I enjoyed and learned a lot from Barcamp. It's really a wonderful event to be attended.

Yeah, now, Barcamp is going to Perak!

It going to be held on 25th and 26th February next year, from 8am to 6pm, in UTAR.

So, am I going again?
I am trying to arrange time to go.

Another question. Will I be the speaker again? Haha. I am not sure yet, I am still considering. I still remember I did participate as speaker in Barcamp Penang 2011 with the topic of 'Is Investment Risky'. I am quite happy with that session. It's great to share my knowledge to others. It also gives me a chance to make more friends who have interest in investment.

So, will I be the speaker again? I am not sure yet, considering.

Anyway, for those who don't know what Barcamp is, let me introduce you a little bit on Barcamp.

Quoted from Wikipedia,
"BarCamp is an international network of user-generated conferences (or unconferences). They are open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants."
To simply it, it's some sort like a conference, but there are some difference between Barcamp and the normal conference.

1. There will be a lot of room with different types of topic going on at the same time, you can choose any topic that you are interested to listen to.
2. Anyone are welcome to share your knowledge. What you need to do is just registering yourself with the Barcamp organiser.
3. If will be held in a casual way.

To know more about Barcamp Perak 2012, you may refer to:
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  1. so good lor can join at Penang, if i no exam i also will go dee~ XD

  2. Wow, you are really active in attending seminar. Good for career (:

  3. Mr. Lonely, This time is at Perak, nearer for you. Hehe. Hope to see you.

    Valerie, yea, it's nice to learn things.

  4. i see.. will consider it.. thanks ya.. >.<

  5. Magdalene, thanks, but I am not sure whether going or not. There is a thing important on February, but I don't know the exact date yet. If crash with that, I couldn't go Barcamp.

    Mr. Lonely, hope to see you.

  6. Thanks. But now, I have an obstacle to join it.

  7. hoyehhh, looking forward for this!

  8. actually quite some ppl interested, but non of them give a confirmation to participate