Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gathering With Investment Friends

I have just back to house about one hour ago. It's kinda late ya, it's not my style, right?

Yea, normally I don't stay out until late night. But today, it's different. It's a great night, a night to meet up a group of friends who love investment. Furthermore, I finally managed to meet Deric today!

I met Deric and his friend at Vistana Hotel in the evening, and Teong Ping fetched us to Gurney Drive for dinner.

Well, we chatted a lot. And Deric shared his knowledge. Well, I enjoy listening his sharing. He is a great person. He is good in stock market. His knowledge is great enough.

Well, he is the short term type ones. For people who know me, I am the long term type ones. Honestly, sometimes, it's hard for me to communicate with those short term ones, as our philosophies are different. But Deric is different, his mindset attracts me. I manage to sit there and listen to him words after words. I learned something from him today. And, he is really friendly as I thought. So, it's really a good gathering today.

We left the hawker stalls at around 10 something. Well, I always never forget to take a group photo.

We went Gurney Plaza's car park. Then, it was so jam. Our car couldn't move for more than 15 minutes I guess. Then we decided to have our second round at McDonald. We were chatting for another one hour.

It's really a great gathering. And, from Deric's sharing, I feel motivated to put even more effort in my investment.

To all people gathered up with me today, nice to gather with you and nice to meet you (for those who I met for the first time). And, Deric, thank you for your sharing today.


  1. u r not the tallest in my heart anymore.....lolx.
    nice gathering, "bro-ta"...

  2. Haha. Yalo. Deric taller than me.

  3. It's good to have a friend with same perception to talk with ~ Hehe =D

  4. Hehe. Really good to talk with people with same interest.

  5. yeah.. but can be anonymous through my "fake" facebook.. XD

  6. Be anonymous through your "FAKE" Facebook account?

  7. Awwwhh~ Gathering~ I got tones of it have to attend before CNY I guess.


  8. gurney hawker got nice food meh?

  9. Meitzeu, oh? Haha, is it a good thing?

    Camy, the freid oyster. Hehe. Others, okok only, but it's a place where gathers various types of penang food.

    Deric, thank you once again and congratulation for being the champion.