Sunday, 25 December 2011

Aunt's Wedding Dinner

I guess some of you know that I had been to Sungai Petani 2 days ago for my aunt's wedding dinner. I took an unpaid leave on Friday. It was my first unpaid leave that I ever took in my life.

It was wedding dinner of my aunt (youngest sister of my mum). The wedding dinner was held at Ri Feng Lou Seafood Restaurant, Sungai Petani.

Some photos on how the restaurant looks like

Attendance of the wedding dinner

Photo taken before the wedding dinner: my grandma, the bride, my mum and my cousin

The main characters, the bride and bridegroom stepping in

The bride and the bridegroom

The bride and bridegroom cutting cake

The bride and bridegroom pouring the Champagne

What this call ya? The bride and bridegroom drinking the Champagne with crossing their hands

Sweet moment, kissing of the bride and bridegroom

Thank from the family members to all the attendance

Thank from the bride's mum (my grandma) and her eldest brother (my uncle)

The bride and his friends singing the song of '朋友' (FRIEND)

My uncle, also the brother of the bride (the right) sang for the wedding ceremony


  1. why so many people marry nowadays? i guess im aging....hahaha

  2. Wanna give birth next year perhaps? The year of dragon.

  3. Haha !! Why don't you Karaoke inside? =P

  4. WAH! No thanks! Haha. Seriously, Redbox is the worst idea for me to go. Haha.