Thursday, 22 March 2012

Will QPR Stay In EPL Next Season?

What the great day for QPR.

After I checked the football result this morning, something surprised me! QPR defeated Liverpool by 3-2! It's quite an unexpected result by most of people.

With that win, QPR climbed out from relegation zone. QPR is now in 17th. However, QPR is still in the danger zone. It leads only 2 points from Bolton.

17. QPR 25 points
18. Bolton 23 points
19. Wigan 22 points.
20. Wolves 22 points.

It's a critical moment to QPR now.

There are 9 more matches for QPR. Out of those 9 matches, QPR still need to face Man. United, Man. City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham. It's quite a hard thing for QPR.

Let's see who are the opponents for these for team.

- A: Sunderland
- H: Arsenal
- A: Manchester United
- H: Swansea
- A: West Brom
- H: Tottenham
- A: Chelsea
- H: Stoke City
- A: Manchester City

- A: Aston Villa (p)
- H: Blackburn
- A: Wolves
- H: Fulham
- A: Newcastle
- H: Tottenham (p)
- H: Swansea
- A: Sunderland
- H: West Brom
- A: Stoke City

- A: Liverpool
- H: Stoke City
- A: Chelsea
- H: Manchester United
- A: Arsenal
- A: Fulham
- H: Newcastle
- A: Blackburn
- H: Wolves

- A: Norwich
- H: Bolton
- A: Stoke City
- H: Arsenal
- A: Sunderland
- H: Manchester City
- A: Swansea
- H: Everton
- A: Wigan

*H= Home, A= Away, p = postponed

Look at the fixtures, it seems like Bolton has higher chance to stay in EPL right?

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  1. I'm not a football fan so I can't comment much. But hubby & son are always into the gamem so I'm left out at times :<