Monday, 26 March 2012

Start Learning Origami

Do you hear of the word Origami before?

Any idea what it means?

Well, it's simple, it means 'folding paper'. Ori means folding while gami (kami) means paper.

I have been thinking to learn origami since last year. Now, I finally made my first step.

This afternoon, during lunch break, I went Popular to seek for some suitable papers. I couldn't the papers that I am looking for, but this one is all right I guess.

Okay, let's kick off by folding a famous thing that I have learned before.

I hope I have the determination to continue learning. There are a lot of things that I wish to fold. And yea, I will post things that I fold on my blog.

Anyone wanna learn with me together? Hehe.


  1. Origami~~~
    it's one of the art work that
    I did quite often with my children
    in the class~~

    it's fun to fold~
    you can fold almost everything!
    haha~ enjoy~

    1. Yalo! I wish to learn as many as possible. Hehe.

  2. aww! i miss origami!! one of fav work when I was in my childhood time! =P

    1. Faster get a paper and start the origami. Hehe.

  3. i love making this birdie origami during CNY to decorate my plants :D

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