Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A Small Gift For Myself

Our life if full of decision making process.

It may be big decisions that can determine or change our future.
- which course to take?
- which university/college to enter?
- shall I start working or continue my study?
- shall I start relationship with her/him?
- when is suitable for me to get married?
- which car to buy?
- which house to buy?

It may be small decision as well.
- what to eat tonight?
- should I watch that movie?
- which clothes shall I wear later?
- shall I go shopping later?
- shall I phone my friend at 7pm or 8pm?
- where shall I go for jogging this weekend?

Whether it's big or small decision, we may make right or wrong decision.

I made a lot of wrong decision in my life. Luckily, I made many right decision as well.

In the beginning of 2007, I made an important decision. I started my investment journey that time, and it is named as, one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. Investment isn't sole a tool for me to earn money. But it shapes my life. It lets me know what I want in my life. It lets me know what I am strong in. Without investment, I am not who I am today.

In my 5 years investment journey, I made profit, and I made losses as well. It gives me a great exposure as well as experience. 

I satisfy with what I done in investment in these 5 years time. 2 weeks ago, I decided to reward myself with some small gift.

Let's check out my gift.


Just a black cup as gift for my 5 years investment?!?!

It isn't a simple cup. It's a MAGIC CUP!

When I pour hot water into the cup, it will turn become this....


I capture a video on it as well.

Wanna see?

Anyway, I think my photo and video shooting skills are weak.

Monday, 28 May 2012

2012 Penang Bridge International Marathon, I Am In!

I have been saying that I want to join Penang Bridge International Marathon since 7 years ago. That's long time ago right? But I have to tell you all, although I have been saying for so many times, I haven't joined it.

To make sure I am joining it, I make running Penang Bridge International Marathon as one of my goals for this year.

I made my first step. I started my training few months ago.

Last week, I made a further move. I register for the marathon. After considering since beginning of year, I finally made up my mind to participate in half-marathon category. However, I face some problem in payment. Due to system error (or perhaps other problem too), I unable to make the payment. I looked for help in Penang Bridge International Marathon's Facebook as well as sent them an email.

I am quite satisfied with them. Their response is quite efficient.

After came back home just now, I checked my email and I received their official receipt. Yeah! My registration is complete.

About half year to go...

This year, Penang Bridge International Marathon will be held on 18th November. I am waiting for that.

How about you? Have you joined before? Interested to take a try? It's going to be a wonderful experience!

For your information, if you register now, the registration will be lower.

Early bird
(28/4 to 30/5)
Normal fee
(1/6 to 15/9)
Late registration
(16/9 to 15/10)
Full Marathon
Half Marathon
10K Open
10K Junior
Fun Run

If you are interested, better register NOW! If you register in June, you have to pay RM5 to RM20 higher. Let's be early bird.


Saturday, 19 May 2012

My New Jogging Shoe

After I finished my work today, I went Komtar to meet my friends. I asked them to go with me to buy a running shoe. I am quite a newbie on this, I have no idea how to choose the shoes. Luckily I have them to help me. They brought me to a shop where the boss is so friendly and nice. He gives me some great suggestion.

Finally, I bought my first running shoe. It costs me RM300. This is the most expensive shoe I ever bought in my life. But in term of quality, I think it's worth to buy at RM300.

My shoe is going to have its debut tomorrow! I am going to have my jogging tomorrow! Looking forwards to it!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

EPL 2011/2012 Final Round

Today is an exciting day for football fans! It's the final round for 2011/2012 EPL! 

It's not just the final round that makes people excited. Today's match will be deciding who is the champion of EPL this season. Both Manchester United (MU) and Manchester City (MC) are still having the same point. M.C. is leading with goal difference. So I guess, M.U. fans want to see M.U. wins tonight, and hoping that M.C fail to win the game.

MC's game is my concern, not because to decide who is the champion, but the relegation zone! M.C. is playing against QPR!

Those who follows my blog or Facebook would know, I am supporting QPR. I wish to see QPR in EPL in next season. Hope that it won't be relegated.

I know it's hard to hope for QPR match. Its opponent is too strong. So I hope that Stoke City could defeat Bolton or at least a draw. QPR is now 37 points while Bolton is 2 points behind. If Bolton fails to win the game, it will be relegated. 

Let's hope for the best for tonight!

Tonight's matches:

Chelsea vs Blackburn
Everton vs Newcastle
Norwish vs Aston Villa
Stoke vs Bolton
Sunderland vs MU
Swansea vs Liverpool
Tottenham vs Fulham
West Brom vs Arsenal
Wigan vs Wolves

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Cards That I Like

Today, I tried to tidy up my cupboard. And, suddenly, I saw some envelopes. Those are cards I received from my friend. I opened up it one by one to have a look and to recall my past. 

I feel thankful to those who have given me cards. I appreciate all. I will keep all the cards forever.

After seeing all the cards, some of the card made me recalling a lot of memories. Here are some card that I like it so much!

CARD NO.1: Birthday card for my 22 years old birthday

This is the card I like the most! It's a simple birthday gift, but i really like it too much! What's so special of this card?

See the PDI?

See the sentence 'Dunno what to give you this year, So I decided to buy a PDI shirt, hope to increase your shares.'

It's a very meaningful and special gift. This gift touches my heart!

CARD NO.2: STPM congratulation card

I got 4A for my STPM. It was the best academic result I ever got in my life. I never ever thought before that I can do so well in my academic. 

However, I still remember the moment very well. After getting result, most of my friends were going for celebration. I got a good result, I should be going to celebrate as well, right? I didn't. I went back home. Feeling that I was so lonely. 

But this card tells me that I am not alone.

CARD NO.3: 2009 birthday card

It's a simple card but surprising. I never expect to receive this birthday card. After I came back home from UUM, I saw this card. It surprised me A LOT!

CARD NO.4: Chinese New Year (2012) card from a blogger

Of course, never forget this one. It's a special ones as well. Familiar with this card? I posted it before. The post entitled 'The Year of Dragon'. I received this card from my blogging friend, a friend I never meet and chat before (except chatting through commenting in blogs). 

For cards that I don't post here, I hope the senders will not sad. I really love all the cards. I appreciate all your kindness, truthfully.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Happy Labour Day 2012

Yeah! It's Labour Day! The MayDay! 


I believe a lot of people love this day as we don't need to go for work.

By the way? Do you know how the Labour Day comes? In most of countries, the Labour Day holiday starts with protest. They are fighting for labours' right, and now, we have Labour Day holiday. 

Yesterday, our Prime Minister brought a good news to some labours. Minimum wage policy was announced. Minimum wage in Peninsular Malaysia set to be RM900 per month or RM4.33 per hour. For East Malaysia, minimum wage is set to be RM800 per month or RM3.85 per hour. So, after this, no more wages with RM500, no more wages with RM700. I believe those whose wages are below RM900 will feel happy as their pay is going to be increased soon.

On the other side, perhaps some employers will start to have headache. As they need to pay more for the labours, higher cost incurred. How are them going to cover the cost? Are them going to pass the burden to the customers? Are them going to increase the workload for the labours? Or are them going to cut down the number of employees? And also, if they increase the wages for the labours below the minimum wages to RM900, how about those with wages of RM900? Are the employers going to increase their salaries as well?

Anyway, I am still waiting to see the more detailed announcement as there are still many questions in my mind.

1. Do the minimum wages includes allowances and commission?
2. Does the regulation apply to foreign labours?
3. How about for those students taking internship, does this regulation take place?