Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The Year of Dragon!

I didn't write any post in blog since Chinese New Year. And here I am.

Although I have one week holiday, I feel that it doesn't enough as I have a lot of things I plan to do. I have been busy of it this few days.

As our Chinese tradition, we will have reunion dinner a day before Chinese New Year where all the members of a family will gather together to have dinner together. My family had our reunion dinner at home on the night before Chinese New Year, or some people call it 'Chinese New Year Eve'.

We prepared steamboat as our reunion dinner. I think most of the people are having steamboat as reunion dinner nowadays, right?

I am actually quite busy and didn't really plan to update my blog today. But, something motivated me to update.

Know what's that?


I received a CNY (Chinese New Year) card!

It's really rare to see people sending CNY card recent year, right?

Last year I received one and the only one card for last year CNY from my god-sister. This year, I received my only CNY from a blogging friend, EeSoon.

EeSoon, thank you very much ya! I appreciate your card!



  1. Wow!!!! You received it~~~ yeaaa yeaaa~~~
    I was about to send you an email asking about it
    already... hahaha. So happy~~~~me.
    you're welcome, dear. Happy Chinese New Year!!

  2. Yer~ So nice receiving card from blogger, I havent received one yet. Hope to receive one some day. :) HAppy CNYYYY!!!!

    Meitzeu @ Blog

    Meitzeu @ Facebook

    Meitzeu @ Twitter

    1. ya lor.. so good ler got card from blogger.. i envy u la luporti.. btw, happy new year once again~ XD

  3. No. For peninsular only. Most of the Sarawakian prepared very different reunion dinner ^^ I found that

  4. EeSoon, hehe. It was so coincident again, the card reached when you planned to ask ya. Anyway, thank you once again.

    Meitzeu and Mr Lone, yea lo, it's so great to receive card from a blogger. It's so rare to received card from people nowadays.

    Deonne? Oh? how's the reunion dinner in Sarawak?

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  6. Woww first of all, happy chinese new year to you !! =D

    I love steamboat a lot, and I also having less time to do all my plans. Hmm ~ But I just had one day leave for CNY la hehe ~

    p/s: I'm one of the lucky member that received the Chinese New Year card from EeSoon !! Yuhoo !! =P

    1. Why you love steamboat?

      Haha. Yea. EeSoon is a nice friend ya.

    2. Yeah no doubt she is a very nice friend. =)

      I love steamboat because it is very yummy and I can drink the soup while eating the food. And it is fun if eat with lots of peoples. =P

  7. Happy chinese new year. huat ahhh XD