Thursday, 12 January 2012

First Time On Langkawi Island

Cool, today is my first time going to Langkawi Island! Seriously, I never went Langkawi Island. I went to Payar Island before. Last time, I went there directly from Penang Island to Payar Island instead of taking ferry from Langkawi Island to Payar Island.

Anyway, it wasn't a holiday vacation, but a working trip. I was assigned a task on Langkawi Island. After our task and lunch, I bought some chocolates. Thereafter, we left Langkawi Island. So, I just have photo on jetty and ships. Anyway, let's pictures talk and give me a rest after traveling for long hours on ship.


  1. I did visit Langkawi for 2 times. :) I like that quite place. :)

    p/s: I like your background song, it reminds me the time during my secondary school when my chinese was not that good for singing. :') but anyway, I love that song.

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  2. OOHH!!! Ming tian hui gen hao!!

  3. Meitzeu, yea! I like that song very much too!

    Henry, yea, for audit.

  4. I went to Langkawi for one time and it is long time ago.
    When talked about Langkawi, things came to my mind will be liquor and chocolate =P

  5. Haha. People always think of duty free stuffs over there. Hehe.

  6. Langkawi.... hmm... I miss that place..
    wish to visit there soon... SOON...

  7. EeSoon, how many times you went before?

  8. my 1st visit was in year 1999,
    where I was 12 years old. :D
    2nd visit was in year 2007.
    2 times lo~ :D

  9. First time in 1999 while second time in 2007, 8 years gap. So perhaps your third time will be 2015?

  10. Seeing this post makes me wanna go to Langkawi. I've not been there yet tho'

  11. Haha. Blckswan, perhaps plan for some holiday and go there? Hehe. I went there for work. I hope I have chance to go there for vacation.

  12. Opss, just realized ~
    Actually I went to Langkawi for two times hehe =P