Saturday, 31 March 2012

Earth Hour 2012

There is a big event on today. I believe a lot of people know it. Yea, It's the EARTH HOUR 2012!

It's the 6th Earth Hour this year.

Earth Hour is an annual event organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) on the last Saturday of March. It is originated from Australia where WWF and The Sydney Morning Herald held it for the first time in Sydney in 2007. In that first Earth Hour, 2.2 million residents of Sydney participated to switch off all the light which is not necessary. Last year, approximately 1.8 billion people (around 25% of global population) are participating this event.

It started in city, it's now participated more than hundred countries.

2007: 1 city
2008: 35 countries
2009: 88 countries
2010: 126 countries
2011: 135 countries

So, are you supporting the Earth Hour this year?

Don't forget, we shouldn't just simply support this event. We should know the purpose of this event, to save energy and to protect our earth.

Let us save energy from day to day!

If we save the energy, we can save the world!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Google Maps KL Traffic Info

Anyone of you are a fans of Google Maps.

Well. I am. I love to use Google Maps. It becomes one of my best tool to search for places. Last time when I went KL, it has become a great tool guiding me to the destinations I wanted too. As I tested on Google Maps before, the time consumed to walk from a place to another place is so accurate as my speed.

Today, Google Maps launched in Malaysia the traffic information. We can now check the traffic condition with Google Maps.

Red = heavy traffic
Yellow = slow moving
Green = smooth flowing.

It's a great thing, isn't it? However, it's now only available for KL area. I hope it will offer such information in Penang as well.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Start Learning Origami

Do you hear of the word Origami before?

Any idea what it means?

Well, it's simple, it means 'folding paper'. Ori means folding while gami (kami) means paper.

I have been thinking to learn origami since last year. Now, I finally made my first step.

This afternoon, during lunch break, I went Popular to seek for some suitable papers. I couldn't the papers that I am looking for, but this one is all right I guess.

Okay, let's kick off by folding a famous thing that I have learned before.

I hope I have the determination to continue learning. There are a lot of things that I wish to fold. And yea, I will post things that I fold on my blog.

Anyone wanna learn with me together? Hehe.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Will QPR Stay In EPL Next Season?

What the great day for QPR.

After I checked the football result this morning, something surprised me! QPR defeated Liverpool by 3-2! It's quite an unexpected result by most of people.

With that win, QPR climbed out from relegation zone. QPR is now in 17th. However, QPR is still in the danger zone. It leads only 2 points from Bolton.

17. QPR 25 points
18. Bolton 23 points
19. Wigan 22 points.
20. Wolves 22 points.

It's a critical moment to QPR now.

There are 9 more matches for QPR. Out of those 9 matches, QPR still need to face Man. United, Man. City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham. It's quite a hard thing for QPR.

Let's see who are the opponents for these for team.

- A: Sunderland
- H: Arsenal
- A: Manchester United
- H: Swansea
- A: West Brom
- H: Tottenham
- A: Chelsea
- H: Stoke City
- A: Manchester City

- A: Aston Villa (p)
- H: Blackburn
- A: Wolves
- H: Fulham
- A: Newcastle
- H: Tottenham (p)
- H: Swansea
- A: Sunderland
- H: West Brom
- A: Stoke City

- A: Liverpool
- H: Stoke City
- A: Chelsea
- H: Manchester United
- A: Arsenal
- A: Fulham
- H: Newcastle
- A: Blackburn
- H: Wolves

- A: Norwich
- H: Bolton
- A: Stoke City
- H: Arsenal
- A: Sunderland
- H: Manchester City
- A: Swansea
- H: Everton
- A: Wigan

*H= Home, A= Away, p = postponed

Look at the fixtures, it seems like Bolton has higher chance to stay in EPL right?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

QPR Versus Liverpool

Those who do follow my blog, you may know that I support QPR, the football club owned by Tan Sri Tony Fernandes.

Sadly, QPR performed quite badly. It's in third bottom rank now. I really worry that it may drop to the lower division next season. 10 more matches for QPR, I hope they can give their best shot in these final 10 matches.

The first of these 10 matches will be starting in few more hours. The opponent is Liverpool.

It's going to be a tough match. High possible that QPR may lose, but I am still hoping that they can make it a draw.

The remaining matches for QPR:

- Away: Sunderland
- Home: Arsenal
- Away: Manchester United
- Home: Swansea
- Away: West Brom
- Home: Tottenham
- Away: Chelsea
- Home: Stoke City
- Away: Manchester City

QPR is going to have the tough journey.

Out of the 10 matches, QPR need to face Liverpool, Arsenal, Man. United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Man. City!

Hope QPR can grab all the chances to score and to win!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Running To Ease My Emo

Note: this photo was taken few weeks ago

It's going to be another emotional post.

Again, it's because of my work. I found a lot of obstacles in my word and I am tired dealing with it. Just like I posted in previous post, that I am not belonging to audit, I really wonder how long can I stand in audit.

I started to have the feeling during my internship, the moody feeling that makes me lose a lot of energy.

This morning, after I woke up, I tried to use my time wisely. I started to do some analysis on some companies for my investment straight away after I woke up. But after my lunch, my mood was getting down. Then I didn't continue my investment research. I took out my dairy and read it. I recalled a lot of memories in my past especially those during my Form 6 life. I am now quite different from Form 6, it's really a lot of differences. I really wish that I could be like last time. I wish that the old LuPorTi can come back.

After reading for a time, I decided to go for jogging already. I actually invited a friend to jog at 4pm, but suddenly feel to go it earlier.

I departed at 3 something. I jogged at Ayer Itam Dam. I walked from bottom until the top of the Dam. It has been years that I didn't walked up from bottom. Normally my friends and I will go up by car or motorcycle, then only we jog on the top.

I was waiting my friend for a moment before started my jog. Until I finished my jog and planned to go back, my friend didn't show up. I have just known after dinner that he was sick and fallen asleep.

Actually I wished to meet up and have a talk with him. Nowadays, I really don't know who should I talk to. I wish to express my feeling, but hardly get a suitable person for me to do so. He may be a suitable person. He was my best friend in MBS during my Form 6. We did a lot of things together.

It has been a long time we didn't do a complete jogging on Ayer Itam Dam. the last time was exactly 6 years ago. 18 March 2006, we were on there. Before we jogged, we talked a lot of things. We talked about our future. And thereafter, he decided to quit study. I guess that day was one of the most crucial days in our life. So I decided to invite him for a jog today. But unfortunately, he was sick.

Anyway, I never went to Ayer Itam Dam for exercise for so long like today before. I left home at 3 something. Guess what time I reached home? I reached home at 7 pm.

Anyway, I am really feeling a little bit exhausted. But it's good I guess. I actually try to make myself feeling more exhausted so that I can have a nice sleep tonight. It has been a long time I never has a nice sleep. My sleeping period is getting shorter and I made a lot of dreams during my sleep. And, seriously, I dreamed a lot of my job.

When can I get out from all of this? When?

I have said in my "I Am Not Belonging To Audit" post that I decided to leave the sector of audit, it's just the matter of time now. I guess I may work until this peak period is over. Some of my friends started to ask what job will I go for after this? Well, I can only say, it's going to be a more peaceful work.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Work's Getting Tougher, I Need Alicafe

Last week, I feel so stressful in my work. I even feel that I am not belonging to audit. I actually think of quitting my current job. But, I feel sorry to my boss if I do so. It's going to be peak period. If I quit now, my boss may be lack of human power.

Suddenly I release there is an advantage if I work with bad boss. I will not feel sorry to quit at anytime. My boss isn't a bad ones, in fact, he is a very nice boss. He is one of the nicest employer I ever seen.

After last weekend, talking with some of the great friends. I went back to work with one sentence in my mind 'if we don't walk today, we have to run tomorrow'. It becomes one of my favourite quote now.

I tried to perform, especially today, but yet, I feel disappointed again. I couldn't be an effective and efficient employee. In additional, from time to time, I made careless mistake.

Seriously, I am feeling quite tension in audit. I really wish I could do well in investment, and end my audit life. What to do now? Just continue like that, and working hard!

Oh ya, after working today, I went for shopping. I bought something.

Yea, Alicafe.

I decided to work even harder now! I seriously have to!

So from now onwards (in fact, it has been since few weeks ago), I may be lack of sleep. I want to utilise my time to do more thing in order to improve my knowledge, so that I can perform better in both my investment and work.

To keep me awake, I ask Alicafe joins my force. Let's fight my future together with Alicafe.

Then, I saw this product too.

Oligo, a chocolate drink. I drank the canned ones before, its taste isn't bad, so I bought this to see whether will I like it or now. Hope I will like it.

Remember, if you don't walk to day, you have to run tomorrow!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Trend of Reading In Malaysia

These few days, when I went to bookstores, most the time I will be seeing the counters were having long queues.

Is it something to feel happy about?

The rate of reading in Malaysia has been increased?

If the answer is yes, I believe it's a good news to our nation.

However, I notice that a lot of people were there just because of this.

Yea, the book vouchers given by government under Budget 2012. The vouchers are expired end of this month. That's why a lot of people are rushing to buy something in bookstore as it's going to be expired soon. I wished I could get it, unfortunately, I graduated a little bit earlier.

We can see that the number of teenager buying book has increased. But the question now is on the reading rate. Does this plan help to increase the reading rate? Does this plan help to increase people's interest in reading? Does this plan help to enhance the knowledge of the people?

It takes a period of time to judge whether is this plan effective. So, let us wait to see it.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

COOB Coffee Club At Komtar Walk

There are so many posts that I wish to post up by keep delaying. This is one of it, COOB Coffee Club.

I went COOB Coffee Club weeks ago. It was the time one of my colleague was on leave for ACCA exam. My other colleague recommended this place to me. Well, his recommendation is not disappointing. It is a nice place to have my lunch.

This is what my colleague order. Seriously, its smell is VERY NICE! When the food was served to him, the first thought of mine was 'aikx, I should have order this.'

I guess it tastes nice too, instead of just smells nice. My colleague give a good rating on this food too.

This is mine. I ordered.... er.... I forgot. (bad memory ya)

It should be grilled chicken Plasta. Ya, should be something like that. It didn't smell as nice as what my colleague order, but it taste nice as well. I like it's grilled chicken very much. A nice ones.

It cost us about RM12 to RM16 per person for this mean (if I am not mistaken). And I believe it worth it.

Oh ya, almost forget telling about where is it.

Coob Coffee Club
Lot 4 Komtar Walk,
Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong,
10000 George Town, Penang,
Malaysia. Tel: +6012-5903099

Open: Friday ~ Wednesday
11:00 am ~ 10:00 pm

Thursday closed

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

I Am Not Belonging To Audit

I didn't post about my moody mood recently. I used to post about my feeling in my blog last time, especially when I feel down. Today, here is my moody post again.

I actually don't really wish to post about negative mood in my blog. But, I am feeling quite down and frustrating. I wish to look for a person to talk to, but I couldn't find anyone that can let me to talk to in the way of very comfortable. So, just trying to express myself in my blog.

This week I was assigned for an important job. It is the largest company I ever handle for my audit work. I posted this in my FB yesterday: "Going to start today's audit soon. It's important task for me. It may cause my confidence to raise or collapse. Go go go! Go for the best!"

Well, sadly, it collapsed me today. I thought I could perform better, but I still failed too. I am still weak.

I left office at around 7.45pm tonight. When I was on my way back home, I thought of a person. Always, when I feel so down and frustrating, I hope to chat with that person. But nowadays, the chance to chat with that person is quite low. That person plays an important role in my life before. I was motivated by that person a lot. Motivation that I mean here, a real motivation. Motivation that makes you feel that you have unlimited energy. There is one time 2 years ago, where I faced a very big trouble in which I need to cut down my investment. I chatted with that person and it turned my mood up. That person seems like understanding me a lot. Honestly, I wish that I could chat with that person at this moment.

Now, this is the first time I say publicly, that I am going to quit my current job. I have been thinking for a time. Am I right to choose to work in current boss? The boss is nice. But, the work isn't the thing I like. And now, as the work load is increasing and it started to affect my investment. I will never let anything to bring my investment down, so quitting is nearly confirmed. It's just the matter of time. When am I going to leave? It's going to be peak period for audit firm. If I quit in these few months, it will bring trouble to my boss and colleagues. The boss is nice! I shouldn't act like this. So, perhaps, I will quit after the peak period.

Now, I think I need to start thinking of my quitting plan as well as plan after quitting.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Wonderful Friend of Mine: The Founder of Frambie

Happy weekend to all.

Today, suddenly thought of introducing a friend to you all. He is an outstanding person. He is one of the friends I always proud of.

When he was studying in UUM, he was trying to seek for opportunity for businesses. He wish to be a great entrepreneur who can bring some value-added to the society. A lot of people have great dream, but how many of them are actually putting effort on moving it? Yea, this friend is one of the people who really put a lot of effort on me.

And this friend names....... RAY BEH.

Recently, he has just won a Young Entrepeneur Award from Singapore. (check out some of the news here: Sgentrepreneurs, TODAYonline)

He founded Frambie last year, and he won award with Frambie this year.

Then in June, Frambie is entering Singapore market! When I know this, only one word appear in my mind, 'WOW'.

I can see that he is moving higher and higher. His achievement is getting greater and greater. Who knows, he is going to appear in Forbes and Fortune very soon? This is something which is really possible to Ray Beh. He is really an outstanding ones.

I still remember the moment I first met him. I know him through SIFE UUM. I was on duty for SIFE UUM that day. When Ray came, the chairlady introduced Ray to me, and said, 'don't look this person as a normal one, Ray is not an ordinary person, he is a special ones'. Today, he is starting proving that that statement is right. He is on the track now.

Well, his success gives me some motivation too. I love investment and he love business. I wish that in future, we would able to have some collaboration. He has moved this far, so I guess I need to work harder already! I shouldn't waste much of my time any more! I want to meet Ray on the top. Just like Michael Teoh told me last night, let's all of us succeed together.