Sunday, 11 March 2012

Trend of Reading In Malaysia

These few days, when I went to bookstores, most the time I will be seeing the counters were having long queues.

Is it something to feel happy about?

The rate of reading in Malaysia has been increased?

If the answer is yes, I believe it's a good news to our nation.

However, I notice that a lot of people were there just because of this.

Yea, the book vouchers given by government under Budget 2012. The vouchers are expired end of this month. That's why a lot of people are rushing to buy something in bookstore as it's going to be expired soon. I wished I could get it, unfortunately, I graduated a little bit earlier.

We can see that the number of teenager buying book has increased. But the question now is on the reading rate. Does this plan help to increase the reading rate? Does this plan help to increase people's interest in reading? Does this plan help to enhance the knowledge of the people?

It takes a period of time to judge whether is this plan effective. So, let us wait to see it.


  1. haha.. i also just notice will end this month. just left RM50 of the voucher ~

  2. It's good to cultivate reading especially from young. My entire family enjoys reading :)

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    1. So sorry, just noticed this reply. So sorry about it. I have just 'like' it, wonder will it be too late.

  3. hahaha most of them spend it on comics, pc stuffs magazines etc. ahha

    1. Haha. Yalo, and stationery as well.

  4. Its definitely a good start! Perhaps more people will pick up reading as a leisure activity. I love reading too btw! =D

  5. How I wish I can have that too...
    But I graduate years ago!! Haih!
    My degree class start in July...
    Do you think the government will
    still give out such vouchers in July?

    1. I don't think it will give any in July. The vouchers they gave early this year are from the allocation of Budget 2012. So perhaps, wait for October to see whether will they allocate fund for book vouchers again next year.