Saturday, 28 July 2007

Know Thyself

In this competitive age, humans are trying to know others in order to be better than others. We try to define what’s others’ weaknesses and attack on their weakness. But, many people forget about something, they forget to value one important people, ourselves.

It’s important to know thyself. We should define our strengths and weaknesses. There are 4 types of people:

  1. People who know their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. People who know their strengths but don’t know their weaknesses.
  3. People who don’t know their strengths but know weaknesses.
  4. People who don’t know their strengths and weaknesses.

Of course, the person who has the higher possibility to succeed is the first type and the forth type person will has the lower possibility

It’s important to know what our strengths are so that we are able to fully utilize our strength. If someone who is talented in chemical work as engineer, is that sound his talent has been wasted?

Knowing our own strength isn’t enough. We are necessary to know our weaknesses too. If possible, we should overcome our weaknesses. But, we are humans; no-one is able to be a perfect human. It’s impossible to be a human which has no weakness. Some of our weaknesses are unable to overcome, but we are also need to know it so that we won’t let the weakness to make us in trouble.

Strength can be described as a striker in a football team; it helps us to make attack, to defeat others. Weakness is the defender; it helps to defend the attack made by the opponent. Knowing both strength and weakness is very important. A team without striker won’t win the match and a team without defender will scored a lot by opponent.

So, have you defined your strikers and defenders?

Tuesday, 24 July 2007


Money isn’t everything?

Although money isn’t everything, but everything is money. Without money, you cannot maximize other important values such as family, career, health, spirituality and relationship.

Money will not buy you happiness?

True, however, not having money will make you happier? Isn’t it better to be unhappy with money than unhappy without money?

Money make human become materialistic?

It isn’t money make human become materialistic, human mindset does.

Money couldn’t make you live forever?

True. But, you wish to live comfortably for 50 years or suffering for 100 years?

Money is a unique thing. We always hear people saying that money isn’t important. Money can’t buy a lot of things such as health and your loved ones. If money isn’t important, why does everyone is fighting for it?

Sunday, 22 July 2007


We are used to hearing people say that cry shows the ending. We cry when we have to leave. We cry when we failed. We cry when we are hurt. But, everyone forget one thing. Cry is showing the beginning of life. What’s the first thing we do when the first step to the world? We cried.

What is life actually? Why we live in this world? What’s the purpose? Life means suffer? Is life fun? All the question marks occurred in our mind since we are babies. Some people found the answer at the early stage of life but some couldn’t find it till the end of life.

Some people live happily while some don’t. What’s the secret of living happily? There is only one reason. They have found out what the life is. One we find out, we will surely live in the world by doing meaningful things which give us happiness. People who don’t find out what the life is will be suffering all the time. They will be fighting for nothing.

As we can see, people are fighting to obtain as much money as they can. People say, “money is everything.” Is that correct? Yes, it is. With money, we can do a lot of things. We can go wherever we want, do whatever we like. But, they missed out something. They are doing things they don’t like to gain the money. Such as, people who like to be a police work as a manager cause manager can earn more money. Money is everything, he works as manager to earn money so that he can do whatever he like. Is he correct? Definitely not! Money should be the asset of humans, but he has made the money to become his master.

Doing the things we like; achieving our goal; living happily. These are the human’s goal. Will you feel happy when you do the thing u don’t like? Absolutely not. But then, some say that we will feel happy when we received the salary. Yes, that’s right! We will feel happy when receive the salary. But, do you ever think before? How long is the period of time that you receive the salary? How about the working time? Are you using 90% of your time to gain the 10% happiness? Does it worth?

Sometimes, we do hear people saying that it’s impossible to succeed by doing the thing we like. Such as, can we succeed just by playing game? Let me ask you all back, “why not?” David Beckam earns a lot just by playing football. Tiger Woods has become one of the millionaires just by playing golf. Jay just have to sing everyday to make the money come into his pocket. So do Michael Jackson and Andy Lau. They can make it, why we can’t? Are they humans? How many brain they have? Are they born by their mother? We are same as them!

Let’s go and do the things we like, be a person we want. This is what the life is!