Saturday, 21 August 2010

Buy and Sell in OSKIC

I have been thinking about how to explain the 'Buy' and the 'Sell' in the best way.
But I still couldn't find the greatest way.

If you fail to understand,
you may drop me a comment here and ask for further explanation.

You would see this at the left bottom side of the trading board.
There are 5 rows for 'Buy' and 'Sell'.
Those are the queues waiting for the trades.
The top is the first queue while the bottom is the 5th queue.

Let's take the first buy queue,
1.04 with the quantities of 14,787,
what does it mean?
It means,
people are waiting to buy 14,787 lots of that stock at the price of 1.04.

At the 'sell' side,
people are waiting to sell 9,472 lots of that stocks at the price of 1.05.

It's the same for the following queues.

So what price should we place?
It depends.

one thing is that,
the lower price you place to buy a stock,
the longer time you need to wait.
First queue will be served before seconds.
You may place your buy order at the selling price,
your transaction will be completed faster.

You will see the 'Buy' and 'Sell' at here too.
Those are first queues.


  1. Is it when i buy stocks, i need refer to the sell column? The quantity of sell and buy follow to the bursa malaysia?

  2. Ya. Buy sell is base on the real market at Bursa Malaysia.
    You can place order with the price at 'buy' column, but you may need to wait for a longer time for the transaction to be completed.

  3. Then how can i know how much quantity i can buy or sell in oskic?

  4. You can place any quantity that you wish to buy, as long as you don't breach the limit. The question is, how much quantity will be completed.
    For example, if you placed a buy order of 100 lots at RM1.00. When there is trade of 50 lots completed in the real market, then 50 lots of yours may completed and remains 50 lots.

    However, if your orders aren't completed although there is transaction in the real market. This perhaps because there are people place order before you. In share market, first come first serve.

  5. how to get exact price to buy. let say current price is 1.00 & i want to buy @ 1.50

    i can't find buy limit/buy stop column.


  6. There is no buy limit and buy stop feature in OSKIC.

  7. if no stop buy or sell limit,how to get profit ?

  8. After you successfully bought the shares, you may put an order with a higher price. If the trade is done, you make profit.

  9. Let say the first column person want to buy 14787lots at 1.040 but now i order 100 lots at 1.050(the price same with the first column seller). So, whose order will be treated first?????

  10. If you place order at 1.05, and there is seller at 1.05, in real practise, you will get the order at once. But in OSKIC, you will also need to wait for the deal matched in the real market (if not mistaken).
    The higher the price you put as, their higher priority that you will be treated.

  11. ERROR - Sell More Than Quantity Held..can you explain this..please

  12. Alan, it appeared when you place your sell order? That means, you are selling more than you hold. For example, you are having 1,000 shares of ABC, then you placed a order to sell 1,100 shares of ABC. You are not allowed to do so. Short selling (sell in quantity more than what you own) is prohibited.

  13. nice , how much did you place on your sell order?