Friday, 6 August 2010

Can We Live Without Friend?

We often hear people say,
'I don't need friend.'

In this era,
can we live without friend?
It's extremely hard.

As Chinese proverb says,
we depends on family member in home; we depends on friend at the outside.

When we are outside,
who normally stay around us?


They are the first people who can assist us if we fall into any trouble or when we need any help.

Fighting lonely is hardly survive nowadays.
We need friends.

Living without friends is like walking alone on the path.
We will only feel lonely.

We find nobody to share our happiness.
We find nobody to share our burden.
It's very lonely.


  1. wah....Luporti good your blog

  2. i hate friends...

  3. sames me. i don't need friend because i realized they was not only talking to me and i was thinking moment " i don't need friend and they're annoying.... something you don't want them to know your secret.. i have one too.