Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Where the tortoise come from?

That day, after i back to Penang and reached my home, i was asked by a little girl 'have you seen the tortoise?" I wasn't very understand what she meant about.

After i went out to corridor, I saw something, it was the tortoise!!!

My family all don't know where it came from.

Saturday, 27 September 2008

The start of Cactus

Yesterday (26th September 2008), I went to Komtar there to buy my cactus with my friends. We bought 12 cactuses in total, 3 are mine.

I wish I can plant it well. I am worrying that it would die, that’s why I choose to start planting cactus because cactus is one of the plant that most easy to be planted. Everyone, let’s plant together! Planting is nice, our earth has fall sick, let’s save it!


Thereafter, we went to KFC for lunch. We took out our cactuses and took photos of them. And of course, we had made KFC dirty. :P

After lunch, we were studying for a while before we went to Prangin Mall. I initially just wanted to go Popular Bookstore to see whether the book I am looking for has released. But, guess what I saw? I saw a stall selling rubik’s cube. I took it and played for few seconds. I found out that it’s nice so I bought it, cost me about RM13. I thought I could play better with that rubik’s cube, but I regretted when I was playing last night before I sleep.

These are all the plants we bought

This is my cactus, my friends named it as Bulbasaur. Does it look like Bulbasaur?

Actually, is this cactus?

This is my third cactus, or maybe Mickey Mouse?

This is my new Rubik's cube

Friday, 26 September 2008

My 3rd Semester In UUM - Part 2


In the beginning of the semester, I was motivated by my goal. I had done several things in order to motivate myself.

Before the semester start, I started to try gathering some notes that I need in this semester. Luckily, I knew one new senior, and she gave me a lot of notes. Thank to her, I started to study before my friends.

I couldn’t forget how motivated I was during that time. However, if compare to my ‘Golden Period’, it wasn’t motivated enough. Therefore, I tried several ways to motivate myself. I think that the people around me will say I have changed a lot in this semester. Yes, I am. I brought notes to classes and I made revision after classes. I didn’t want to waste any second.

However, I am not so for now, after I have lost my motivation.

At the first day of going back UUM in this semester, I prepared as usual and go by bus as usual. After I reached there, I went to register in my hostel. Previously, our hostel is called as college and now it’s DPP. Well, guess what is the first thing I saw in my room? It was cockroach. It brought my mood down.

It’s something difference in this semester, I had been people’s senior. That’s excited. Is it so? I don’t know.

2 days before the classes started, my friend asked me to help her and her friends. They were new students. What they need my help? Haha, I have become their tourism guide. They showed me their timetable and I told them where the classes are. That’s quite fun actually. Want to be senior? Haha

The schooling day finally started again. The first week is very special, a week that we get to know who are our lecturers. And it was add/drop week. What is add/drop week? It’s a week for us to drop off the subject if we don’t want that and to add subject that we want. My friends and I were planning to do the add/drop because our timetable is very ‘stupid’.

When thinking of add/drop week, the first thing came into my mind is ‘foolish’. I couldn’t forget the moment. A asked us to go B and B ask us to go C. We went here and there for more than 10 times, just to make change of a subject! 10 times! Were us being played?

Among the 6 subjects I am taking in this semester, I think Auditing left me the most memory. The first time the lecturer came into class, he asked us to find a journal do a report and present the journal. He required for top 5 journal. But, he asked us to do 3 journals thereafter. Initially, I didn’t think of it’s hard. When I was working on it, oh my God, that’s a tough job! I didn’t really understand all the journals. Then I just simply did it. When my friends and I presented, we just presented about 2 or 3 minutes, and he said that’s enough. Haha.

I had thought before that I wanted to drop that subject. However, I didn’t suggest my friends to do so because that lecturer had really high knowledge. I wished to get some from him. Nowadays, most lecturer just concern about the syllabus, they don’t care about other things, especially the current issue. And my audit lecturer talked a lot regarding current issue and he really knows much about it. He talked about sub-prime crisis to us at the first class.

His, Rohami Shafie, the highest knowledge lecturer that I ever met in UUM.

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My 3rd Semester In UUM

I am back to here to write my blog again. Thanks for visiting.

I am going to write my life in UUM. I changed a lot in this semester. Anyone who close to me in UUM doesn’t see my changes, I am going to ask him or her, ‘are you blind?’

Let’s start by introducing the subject I am taking in this semester.

Sunday & Tuesday:

8a.m. – 10a.m. : Auditing 1
2p.m. – 4p.m. : Principles of Taxation
5p.m. – 6.30p.m : Financial Management 2

Monday & Wednesday:

8a.m. – 9.30a.m. : Applied Economy
9.30a.m. – 11p.m. : Marketing
12p.m. – 2p.m : Financial Accounting Reporting


8.30a.m. – 10.30a.m. : Sport Science (co-curriculum)

Initially, I planned to make my timetable 5 subject on Sunday and Saturday while 1 subject on Monday and Wednesday morning. Why I want it so? It’s because I want to go back Penang earlier. =) However, that stupid internet server made me failed to add the timetable I want to. Can you see how mess is the timetable now?

I have to depart from my hostel from 8 o’clock in the morning and back room at 6.30 in the evening. And, I study only 3 lessons within the 10 hours and 30 minutes!

I tried to make this semester interesting, and I set a goal. I have set an unbelievable goal. I guess not much people know this. I have set to get 3.94 in this semester (excluded co-curriculum). 3.94 you know, which means 5 As and 1 A-, cool ya?

My aim:

Auditing 1 A
Principles of Taxation A
Financial Management 2 A
Applied Economy A
Marketing A
Financial Accounting Reporting A-

However, I have thrown off my target out from my mind few weeks ago.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

I am going to write again!

From tomorrow onwards, i am going to update my blog again. i am going to write about my 3rd semester life in UUM.