Saturday, 27 September 2008

The start of Cactus

Yesterday (26th September 2008), I went to Komtar there to buy my cactus with my friends. We bought 12 cactuses in total, 3 are mine.

I wish I can plant it well. I am worrying that it would die, that’s why I choose to start planting cactus because cactus is one of the plant that most easy to be planted. Everyone, let’s plant together! Planting is nice, our earth has fall sick, let’s save it!


Thereafter, we went to KFC for lunch. We took out our cactuses and took photos of them. And of course, we had made KFC dirty. :P

After lunch, we were studying for a while before we went to Prangin Mall. I initially just wanted to go Popular Bookstore to see whether the book I am looking for has released. But, guess what I saw? I saw a stall selling rubik’s cube. I took it and played for few seconds. I found out that it’s nice so I bought it, cost me about RM13. I thought I could play better with that rubik’s cube, but I regretted when I was playing last night before I sleep.

These are all the plants we bought

This is my cactus, my friends named it as Bulbasaur. Does it look like Bulbasaur?

Actually, is this cactus?

This is my third cactus, or maybe Mickey Mouse?

This is my new Rubik's cube


  1. haha..
    cannot cannot =P
    you wait until my Mickey Mouse grow bigger 'born baby'..
    then i give you... mau? haha