Sunday, 17 May 2009

Tittless again

I was arranging my things just now.

I saw a file which keeps the things of my English classes. I read back the essays I wrote. I am feeling missing of the classes. There is one essay I wrote about resolution of year 2006.

I wrote that I want to get bend 6 in my MUET and straight A in STPM. Well, it’s a tough goal, especially for me because I am so lazy in academic. The end, I got bend 4 in MUET and I did extremely well in STPM and got 4 As.

In year 2007, my main goal is to start investing. I thought I would start at the end of year, but I started it in March. My second main goal was to reveal some secret and I made it in April.

How about 2008?

I think I don’t have goal, and I don’t have any great achievement as well.

How about 2009?

I have lost my track now. I don’t know which is my track.

Well, there is another essay made me think a lot. The essay entitled ‘Know Thyself’. I wrote that the main strength I got is my enthusiasm. My enthusiasm made me a person who don’t give up easily. I always know what I was doing. I didn’t bother what people said which made me give up.
Look at me know. A huge different from the past!

Saturday, 16 May 2009


I have 2 more weeks before I back to my university. Time is really fast!

For those who are considering themselves as understand me well, they should know that there are several problems I am facing now. I am totally in dilemma. In this few months, my MSN messenger always display sentences such as, ‘how am I going to place my next move’ or ‘I am in junction now’. I am really worrying that my move will be a wrong move. I have made too much wrong moves.

Again, I actually have a lot of things I want to express, but there are too much and too complicated which made me don’t know how to express it. I would write it again when I know how to.

Monday, 11 May 2009

A Total Mess

I chatted with a good friend of mine 2 days ago. I was planning to sleep at 10.30p.m. but I ended up chatting with him until 1a.m. and another friend till 2 I think. Thereafter, I want to sleep, but a lot of things flight into my brain so sudden and I failed to sleep. I think I slept after 4.

Plenty of things flight into my brain until I was mentally suffered. I was thinking to find somebody to share my feeling, I took out my mobile phone to check who can I share my feeling that time. Don’t know why, I couldn’t find anybody. Not because they were sleeping, but I don’t know who can I share my feeling with. Previously, when I was down, I could easily get someone to chat with. But now, why couldn’t I find? Am I losing all my true friends? I don’t know.

Last time, a good friend of mine asked me to ask him whether he is still in track from time to time. Well, now he out of track. And me, I have lost my track!

Now, I am just fighting blindly for my future. I don’t really know where am I heading of each move I made. And, it seems like every moves of mine are getting me into more dilemmas. I enjoyed blogging last time. I actually wish I can write my blog as I wrote in the past. But, my life now is totally mess up, and don’t know how to express my feeling in words.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Fall Sick

I have fallen sick. Yesterday, after I came back from McDonalds with Eng Jeng, and after dinner, my family member ( I have forgotten who is that) told me that my face has some ‘bintik-bintik merah’. I went to mirror, and I saw it and I saw it happens to my hand as well. And I knew, I really need some rest.

Well, I really worried about health stuff. I am worrying about dengue and I checked some information about it. I hope this will be just a normal fever.

Well, my father did want to fetch me to clinic today, but I refused, because I don’t want to go public clinic. I seriously don’t trust the public clinic. A better way to say, I trust only Dr. Lee, or sometimes Dr. Cheah.

Recently, health issue has really turned into red light. The H1N1 virus is really horrible. I hope it will over soon.

I am not the only person who sick in my family. My brother was sick 3 weeks ago, and my father was sick too last week.

All my friends, hope you all will be strong and don’t get fall into any sick. Take care.

Friday, 1 May 2009


Today is my last injection for Hepatitis B.

I phoned the clinic at the morning, and the staff told me that Dr. Lee didn't on duty today. I felt a little bit disappointed. But nevermind, i went for Dr. Cheah.

I went at about 2p.m.

My dad fetch me there.

After I was injected, my hand kind of very 'sour'. Now, it's still 'sour'. I hope it will be nothing tomorrow.