Sunday, 17 May 2009

Tittless again

I was arranging my things just now.

I saw a file which keeps the things of my English classes. I read back the essays I wrote. I am feeling missing of the classes. There is one essay I wrote about resolution of year 2006.

I wrote that I want to get bend 6 in my MUET and straight A in STPM. Well, it’s a tough goal, especially for me because I am so lazy in academic. The end, I got bend 4 in MUET and I did extremely well in STPM and got 4 As.

In year 2007, my main goal is to start investing. I thought I would start at the end of year, but I started it in March. My second main goal was to reveal some secret and I made it in April.

How about 2008?

I think I don’t have goal, and I don’t have any great achievement as well.

How about 2009?

I have lost my track now. I don’t know which is my track.

Well, there is another essay made me think a lot. The essay entitled ‘Know Thyself’. I wrote that the main strength I got is my enthusiasm. My enthusiasm made me a person who don’t give up easily. I always know what I was doing. I didn’t bother what people said which made me give up.
Look at me know. A huge different from the past!

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