Monday, 4 May 2009

Fall Sick

I have fallen sick. Yesterday, after I came back from McDonalds with Eng Jeng, and after dinner, my family member ( I have forgotten who is that) told me that my face has some ‘bintik-bintik merah’. I went to mirror, and I saw it and I saw it happens to my hand as well. And I knew, I really need some rest.

Well, I really worried about health stuff. I am worrying about dengue and I checked some information about it. I hope this will be just a normal fever.

Well, my father did want to fetch me to clinic today, but I refused, because I don’t want to go public clinic. I seriously don’t trust the public clinic. A better way to say, I trust only Dr. Lee, or sometimes Dr. Cheah.

Recently, health issue has really turned into red light. The H1N1 virus is really horrible. I hope it will over soon.

I am not the only person who sick in my family. My brother was sick 3 weeks ago, and my father was sick too last week.

All my friends, hope you all will be strong and don’t get fall into any sick. Take care.

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