Friday, 30 April 2010

Genting Trip: The Journey

We left UUM at about 11.30 a.m.

Terris and Khai Yuan were driving.
We stopped for few times during the journey.
We bought MAMEE snack to eat in the car.

MAMEE, my favourite.
I bought its share as well.

We made some jokes in the car.
Some are really funny!

It's very lucky that we had some jokes,
or else,
that journey will be bad.


It's too hot!
Really very hot.

In additional,
the air conditional wasn't performing well.
We were really very hot!
The weather is getting hotter nowadays,
I can't imagine how's the weather next year.

Between 3 to 4 o'clock,
we thought we were going to reach.
we lost our ways.
We didn't know which is the way towards Genting.

We asked people.
We used GPS.
We used Google Maps.

we found the way to Genting.

The hill get up to Genting is really steep.
It took a period of time for us to reach the highland.

We reached Genting!
we reached at about 5 o'clock.

Genting Trip: Departure

I went Genting 2 days ago and returned to my home yesterday.
~with Khai Yuan, Tiffany, Terris, Siang Sim and Hsien

It was my second time to go Genting.

I woke up at 4.30a.m.
Then, I took bath and prepared breakfast.

At 6 o'clock,
Terris came.
I asked him to wait me 5 minutes.

After fetching Xian,
we depart to UUM first.
Siang Sim was having examination at 9 a.m.

While waiting Siang Sim to finish her examination,
We were going around UUM.
I put my laptop and handphone in my room for charging.
Then, we went to Sime Darby, Reading Room and Uni Cafe.

It's almost the time!
I took back my handphone and laptop.
I wait Siang Sim outside the Dewan MAS.

We left UUM and heading to Genting at around 11.30a.m.


Friday, 23 April 2010

A Evening on the Hill

I went to the hill behind Balik Pulau with my good friend, Khai Yuan.
Thanks to him for spending the evening with me.
I felt better after having a chit-chat there.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

6 Nice Chinese Quotations

2 days ago, a friend showed me 6 nice sentences.
It's meaningful.

1. 人之所以痛苦,在于追求错误的东西。   
2. 如果你不给自己烦恼,别人也永远不可能给你烦恼。因为你自己的内心,你放不下。   
3. 你永远要感谢给你逆境的众生。   
4. 你永远要宽恕众生,不论他有多坏,甚至他伤害过你,你一定要放下,才能得到真正的快乐。   
5. 当你快乐时,你要想这快乐不是永恒的。当你痛苦时,你要想这痛苦也不是永恒的。   

She wants me to understand the fifth ones.
I understand it.
But sometimes,
understand and implementation don't come together.

There are a lot of things that it's easy to be said,
but it's hard to be applied.

Thanks to my friend.
I will try my best to apply it.
I will try to get out from what I am facing now.

Thanks to all my friends who are supporting me.


In these few weeks,
I am suffering in something,
a things that I don't expect I will fall into. (don't worry, it's not drug, smoke or anything)
I don't have any confidence when could I really get out of it.

But it let me realize a lot of things.

There are really things that fall beyond our control.
I don't expect I will fall into this.
And previously,
I claimed that those who fall into this is because of their low capability.
But now only I realized,
it's really hard to control it.
I am experiencing this,
which people won't understand unless he/she is experiencing it as well.
(of course I hope it won't happen on anyone)

the thing I realized is much more than what I am able to express here.
But what I can say here is,
whatever it is, let it be.
There are a lot of things which are useless for us to care about.
There are also a lot of things that we should let go.

Why don't we choose living happily in stead of sadly,

Since few years ago,
I define LIFE as,
living happily by doing the things we like to achieve our goals.

I was saying that doing the things we like is the most important.
By doing the things we like, we will feel happy.
By doing the things we like, we can achieve our goals better.

read the definition again,
living happily by doing the things we like to achieve our goals.
I realized a thing that I didn't notice before.

There are 3 elements here as I always say.
(i) Living happily
(ii) Doing the things we like
(iii) Achieve our goals

Living happily come first before doing the things we like and achieve our goals.
That should be the sequence!
The first thing we need to do is to live happily!
And then followed by doing the thing we like.
Lastly, it only comes to achieve our goals.

It doesn't matter if we live happily and do the think we like,
even we don't achieve our goals.

And, as long as we live happily,
even we aren't doing the things we like,
I don't think it's a big matter as well.

Doing things we like and achieving goals,
are just like an additional colour to our life.

It's just like a car.

Living happily is just like traveling to a place.
The number one mission of a car is to help you traveling to the place you want.
Others things aren't really important as long as you able to get into the place you want to.

Doing things we like is like having a air-conditional in your car.
It will only make you feel more comfortable.

Achieving our goals are like driving in a great cars like, Mercedes, BMW etc.
It make us feel better internally.

So, what's the most important for a car?
Get yourself to the place you want to!
Others are just the add-on.


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I Can Online Again

After I back from Penang on 17th April,
I failed to online.
I didn't know what happened.
I able to surfed on net when I was on the bus.
So I thought it's just the problems of the area.
The sky was cloudy and it started to rain thereafter.
During the evening,
it rained cats and dogs.
I thought it's because of the weather.

I asked my friend.
The other side hostel area was able to online.
So, I thought it was my area that couldn't online.

I did think that it was because the problem of my broadband or maybe because I hadn't paid they bill it.
But that moment,
I thought it wasn't because I hadn't paid the bill since I still able to online on 17th morning.

On 18th April,
I went to library.
I tried to online there.
I failed too.

Yesterday morning,
I paid my bill.
I found that I was able to online again!

It's really because I hadn't paid the bill.

Thursday, 15 April 2010


I was happy yesterday.


I watched movie yesterday.
KY treated me that movie, Being Human.

the movie isn't bad.
It's a little bit funny as well.

I am going to watch movie again.
I am going to watch Kaiji later.
I was waiting to watch this for a long time.

After I back from my examination,
There are some movies I want to watch too.

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Chat With Mr. Krishna

I went out with Chris at 8.30 p.m.

After I back,
I planned to online for a while before I prepare to sleep.

I was very lucky!


Because I logged in my Gmail.

Logged into Gmail is considered as lucky?

Yea, it is!

After I logged in,
a chat box popped up.
It was previous English lecturer, Mr. Krishna.

I was very surprised!
I had a nice chat with him.
I learned something from him as well.

Mr. Krishna is the greatest teacher I ever met in my life!

I met him in Cambridge Language Center.
I was my favourite English lecturer at there.

I hate English.
It's really tough for me.
After teaching by him,
I start loving English.
English has become my favourite language.

He makes me love English.
He makes my English improves.
He taught me a lot of things as well.

Thank you, Mr. Krishna!

Sem 6 Recap (4)

Integrated Case Study was introduced in this semester.
I am so lucky to be the first batch of people to take it.

This paper is quite special.
we are having the assessment combination of 50:50 or 60:40.
This paper's assessment combination is 30:70,
in which 70% of coursework and only 30% from the final.

We were required to do 7 case studies.

I have several friends in the class,
Jason, Wen Jian, Ramadhan, etc.

we didn't have the chance to form our group by ourselves.
The lecturers formed for us,
and we were going to stick with the same group for the whole semester.

I hate this paper.
I worried that I would have problems with my group members.
I knew none of them.
I was worrying of that,
especially because I am a person who don't really care about the marks.
But I got no choice.
I can't change it.
So, I accepted it.

After passing all these days,
I felt comfortable with them.
I would like to thank them as well.

The paper was tough.
It made my brain 'exercise' a lot!

But now,
it has finally passed.
This paper gave me a different experience.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

Sem 6 Recap (3)

If I say about the greatest change for this semester,
I would like to say about presentation.

Previous semester,
I will only present for one or two times for each semester.

But this semester,
I decided to make the change.
I made 10 presentations in total.

Integrated Case Study: 4
Accounting System Analysis and Design: 3
Business and Professional Communication: 2
Accounting Theory and Practise: 1

Total: 10

I scared of presentation.

But I shouldn't escape from problems.
I should change myself to overcome my weaknesses.

Although I felt nervous in all the presentation,
I tried to stay calm and gave the best shot in the presentation.

it's a wonderful experience!
Although it made my heart to hit faster,
I enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Sem 6 Recap (2)

I took my first elective paper this semester.
I selected Cosing in Specialized Industry.

I didn't think of taking this paper before.

But I still select it.


Mr. Abdul Halim.

I met him once in his class.
I like his teaching style.
I didn't have the faith to be his student that time.
My lecturer replaced by other lecturer that time.

After 4 semesters,
I wished I would have change to be his student.

The luck is on my side!
He is my lecturer for Costing in Specialized Industry.
I was so happy when I saw him stepping into the class.

I enjoy his classes very much.
I still remembered the first class.
He explained to us what is costing.
The way he teaches is really different then other lecturers in UUM.

He told us the concept of KNOW and UNDERSTAND.
I am impressed.
He is really the lecturer that I am looking for.

I missed some of his classes due to some reasons.
I feel sorry about that.

I registered Issues in Managerial Accounting for next semester.
I wish he could be my lecturer again.

Sem 6 Recap (1)

I came back to Penang yesterday.
My 6th semester is coming to an end.
I am going to write about overall of what have been happening in this semester.

In overall,
I enjoy this semester than previous ones.

I might want to thanks my friends who have been spending time with me in this semester to make my life interesting.

I changed a lot this semester.
There are good changes,
and there are bad changes as well.
But I think the good ones is more than the bads.

In this semester,
I registered for 7 papers initially.
I dropped one paper, Forensic Accounting.

I am having few 'killer lecturers' this semester,
so, I decided to drop Forensic Accounting,
which is taught by 'killer lecturer'.
Besides of the lecturer,
there is a people that I dislike in the class.
I dropped it to prevent myself from disliking that class.

Thus, I end up taking 6 papers in this semester,
which are:
1. Accounting Theory and Practice
2. Costing in Specialized Industry
3. Integrated Case Study
4. Company Law
5. Business and Professional Communication
6. Accounting System Analysis and Design

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Happiness Valued in Quality

Last night,
there was a thing made me very happy.
It's just a simple thing,
but it made me happy very much.

is not valued based on how many things that make you happy,
but how happy are you when it approach you.

when we are upset for a long period,
but we might cheer up just because of a very simply happiness.

~Stay Happy~

Monday, 5 April 2010

BPCOM's task: Executive Meeting (2)

I 'gel' my hair for the meeting.
there are a lot of friends who met me asking me whether was I caught in rain.

Here is some photos of us for the executive meeting:

This is the venue of our meeting.

Sunshine Florist project team

Another photos of Sunshine Florist. I switched place with Mr. Sia.

Casa di Capelli & me

Taking a rest.

Sunshine Florist vs Casa di Capelli

After taking photos, let's take a break.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

BPCOM's task: Executive Meeting

After few months,
we finally came to the final task of our BPCOM (Business & Professional Communication),
which is executive meeting.

I was a little bit nervous in that.
I scare I forgot the script or the flow.

everything went smoothly.
And it's over now.

My friend told me I got 41 marks out of 50.
I am quite satisfy with it.
The confirmation for the marks will released on this coming Thursday.

I will upload some photo we have taken after the executive meeting tomorrow~
Stay Tune~