Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Let's Save the Environment

we always see two words on newspaper,

Our earth is sicked.
It's time for us to stand up together,
to save our earth!

About 2 years ago,
I was actively involving in eco-friendly activities.
But due to certain things,
I gave up.

After resting for a period a time,
I am here to continue my mission!
I will blog about things regarding this issue.

I have created also a label on environmental friendly.
Let's stay tune.

Let's be eco-friendly!

If we save the environment,
we can save the world!

Malaysia's National Day

It's 31st August again!
It's National Day of my country!

I love you!


Monday, 30 August 2010

Shop At Our Hostel

This morning,
I felt hungry.
So I walked to the shop to buy some bread.


This is the shop.

What I want you to see?

Let's take a closer look.

Let's get closer a little bit.

Open 24 hours ya.

It's closed.

Warren Buffett Is Now 80

It's 30th August!
It's Warren Buffett's birthday.

Who is Warren Buffett?

He is my number one idol!
He is the greatest investor so far.
He bought his first share at the age of 11.

Click here to know more about him.

My idol, Mr. Warren Buffett,

Sunday, 29 August 2010

1 Month FREE Trial on EquitiesTracker.com

Good news to all OSKIC participants!
We can now enjoy 1 month FREE trial on EquitiesTracker.com!

Just follow the step below.

Step 1: Log on to http://www.equitiestracker.com/
Step 2: Enter username & password (default username: osk1 & password: osk1)
Step 3: Create your own personal account by filling up our online registration form
Step 4: Check your email to receive your own username and password
Step 5: Log on to http://www.equitiestracker.com with your new username and password

I have signed up the free trial.
Thank to OSKIC!

Saturday, 28 August 2010

The First Thing People Do After Wake Up

I was doing survey in Youthsays.
This survey attracted my concern.

What's the first thing people do after wake up?

Checking phone?
Trying to remember the dream last night?
Checking Facebook/Twitter?
Day dreaming?

62% people vote for 'checking your phone'.
Phone seems to be a part of humans life now.

How to Post in Advanced in Blogger?

Hello, bloggers.

Here is something to share.

Do you guys know that we can actually post in advanced in blogger?

Here is the tutorial.

Homemade Chicken Rice by My Grandma

In less than 3 days time,
I will be going back Penang.
I could eat foods which are cooked by my grandmother and my mother.

I miss their foods so much!

Here is the chicken rice cooked by my grandma.

Is it delicious?

Friday, 27 August 2010

OSKIC Campus Ranking for 9th Day

UTAR (KL) remained at the top of the leader board.
My university was still at 7th.

Ais Kacang Jagung

I believe many people know what is 'Ais Kacang'.

I am going to introduce another type of Ais Kacang which I found in my university.
Ais Kacang Jagung.

I have actually forgotten what's the name they state at their stall.
I guess it is ABC Jagung.

let us assume Ais Kacang Jagung.

The ingredient is very simple,
ice and the 'corn'.
thats all.

Picture can describe better I guess,
let's see the picture.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

OSKIC Campus Ranking for 8th Day

Here is the ranking for 8th day of OSKIC.

UTAR (KL) is on top.
Its portfolio has exceed RM2.5 millions!

UUM is still at seventh.
We are behind from UTAR (Perak) by approximately RM15 thousands.
I hope we could catch up.

Go go go!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

UUM Gets Into Top 10

I watched the OSKIC video today.
My university was back to top 10.
We are in number 8!
Keep it on, UUM!

congratulation to UTAR (KL campus),
as well as Lishi.



Hi, OSKIC participants,
do you guys know that there is a daily video on OSKIC?
There are ranking and some recommendation of stocks inside the video.

The video locates at the home page of OSKIC.
Here it is.

Monday, 23 August 2010

My First Presentation of This Semester

I had a presentation today for my Issues in Management Accounting paper today.

Our task is to study on the article given and present it to the class.
Our lecturer requests us to prepare a mind-map for our classmates.

I satisfied with my presentation today.

Here is the mind-map that my group have prepared.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

OSKIC Investment Tips Seminar

OSKIC participants,
here is a great chance for you to enhance your investment knowledge and ability!

OSKIC organize a seminar for we all!

OSK Investment Tips Seminar
Main Speaker: Chris Eng, Director, OSK Research
Date: 4th September 2010, Saturday
Venue: 11th Floor, Plaza OSK, Jalan Ampang, 50450, Kuala Lumpur.
Tentative Time: 9.30am – 11.30am
(Light refreshments provided)


1) How to pick a good stock?
2) Reading analyst reports are as easy as ABC
3) How to make to most from analyst reports?
4) How to read financial statements?
5) A day in the life of an analyst


- Only 180 seats left. Seats will be made available on a first come first serve basis.
- Only open to students, lecturers, campus reps from Malaysian campuses
- To register, please call our helpline at (603) 2080 8338
- Do provide your IC number, student/ staff ID, Campus details, e-mail & contact number.
- This event is FREE for participants and is meant for educational purposes

Click here for further information.

Source: OSKIC's Facebook account

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Mistakes in Previous Post: How To Read The Trading Board In OSKIC

Dear readers,

I am sorry that I have made a mistake in previous post.

In this post: How To Read The Trading Board In OSKIC.

Before correction:


The quantity for the last trade.

After correction:


The price for the last trade.

The quantity of the last trade.

Thanks to a visitor who has informed me.

Buy and Sell in OSKIC

I have been thinking about how to explain the 'Buy' and the 'Sell' in the best way.
But I still couldn't find the greatest way.

If you fail to understand,
you may drop me a comment here and ask for further explanation.

You would see this at the left bottom side of the trading board.
There are 5 rows for 'Buy' and 'Sell'.
Those are the queues waiting for the trades.
The top is the first queue while the bottom is the 5th queue.

Let's take the first buy queue,
1.04 with the quantities of 14,787,
what does it mean?
It means,
people are waiting to buy 14,787 lots of that stock at the price of 1.04.

At the 'sell' side,
people are waiting to sell 9,472 lots of that stocks at the price of 1.05.

It's the same for the following queues.

So what price should we place?
It depends.

one thing is that,
the lower price you place to buy a stock,
the longer time you need to wait.
First queue will be served before seconds.
You may place your buy order at the selling price,
your transaction will be completed faster.

You will see the 'Buy' and 'Sell' at here too.
Those are first queues.

Friday, 20 August 2010

My Hostel's Water Supply Was Cut Off

I planned to clean my cupboard this afternoon.

When I went to toilet to take water,
the water didn't come out!
The water supply was cut off!

water supply of the block beside mine wasn't cut off.
But later on,
it was cut off too.

Oh no!
Why am I so unlucky recently?

How can I bath later???

I hope the water supply is back later.

Water water,
please comes back.

How To Read The Trading Board In OSKIC

Let's continue our learning.

Now, let us learn how to read the trading board.

We will see there are 18 columns.
It starts with code and ends with TO/CP.

I will brief what are those except N and TO/CP.
(May be I will tell about that next time)
Don't worry, it's not that important at this moment.

For others,
I will only briefly tell the meaning at this moment,
because there are so many items.
If I explain all in details,
it will be very long.

But I will explain in detail next time.
Anything you don't understand,
leave me a comment.

It's the code for the stock, some sort like an ID.
Some, you will see words like CB, CN, WA, PA etc.
Those with C are call warrants, W are warrants while P are preferred stocks.
We can't trade these all in OSKIC.
In other words, we can trade only ordinary stocks.
(those without alphabet)

Cur (Currency)
I guess you guys know. The currency of the stock. All suppose in MYR (Malaysia Ringgit).

Short name of the companies. Quite similar with code.

Ref (Reference)
It's the price of the stocks for a trading day before.
In other words, we may say it's yesterday closing price.
(for Monday, the reference means Friday's closing price)

The price when the stock market opens.

High & Low
It's the highest and the lowest price that the stocks ever achieved on that particular day.

Quantity of buying.

Price that is bid to buy.

Price that is offered for sale.

Quantity of selling.

The price for the last trade.

The quantity of the last trade.

How much is the change of the stock price.
For example,
ABC closed at RM1.00 yesterday (Ref),
now, it's currently traded at RM1.20 (Last).
So, the change is RM0.20.

% Change
The change is in RM.
The % change is in percentage.
If we take the previous example,
the % change will be 20%,
RM0.20 (change) / RM1.00 (Ref) = 20%

The total quantity traded of the day.

May be you find that the explanations I have given are too little.
I will explain in more detailed next time.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Mouse In My Cupboard!

What a bad day today.
Since morning,
my things didn't go smoothly.

I thought it got better during the evening.
when I was going out for dinner,
I saw a mouse in my cupboard!

It spoilt my lovely dinner mood.
My roommate and I were trying to chase the mouse out from out room.

What an unlucky day!

This is the mouse that spoilt my mood.

Disgusting, isn't it?

Another Investment Event I Fail To Attend

This morning,
my broker asked me whether I am interested to attend a talk on next Tuesday.
I have class on Tuesday morning,
and I have a test on Wednesday.
After considering for a time,
I rejected the offer.

I actually wish to attend,
but I miss the chance once again.

I missed Investor EXPO on 17th and 18th July.
Then, I missed investment event which hosted by I-Capital.
I missed another ones yesterday.

I am going to miss the talk next week.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

When Can I Have A Good Sleep again?

I was busying with OSKIC these two days.
I posted a lot regarding OSKIC.

let's back to my life.

For these few weeks,
I sleep less.
I think I sleep 5-6 hours a day.

We should sleep at least 6 hours a day.
7 hours should be the best.

Yesterday and today,
I am feeling a little bit blur.
I could feel that my brain is tired.
I hope I can settle down my things very soon,
and have a better sleep.

Some Useful Websites To Share With OSKIC Players

Some of the players may ask,
"where can I get news?"
"where to see the graphs?"
and so on.

Let me share some good resources that I always refer to.

1. The Star Online
2. The Edge
3. Sin Chew
4. Business Times
5. China Press

Investment knowledge
1. Investopedia

Chart and share price
1. Chartnexus (software)
2. Bursa Station (Stocks price)
3. StockQ (Indices)

Companies announcement
1. Bursa Malaysia

1. Investalks
2. Cari
3. Lowyat

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Adding Stocks Into Favourite List In OSKIC

Do you know that there is a function in OSKIC trading platform,
where you can form a watch list (or favourite list)?

Let's learn it step by step.

(Note: Click on the pictures in case you can't see the pictures clearly)

Now you can form your watch lists and monitor your favourite stocks easily.

How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC (Selling)

When I referred back to my previous post "How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC",
I realised that I left out the selling part.
When we sell our stock,
there is cost as well.

If I sell 1900 units of XXXXXX at RM2.00.
So, the total selling price will be RM3800 (RM2.00 x 1900). (a)
Then, the commission will be RM15.96 (RM3800 x 0.0042). (b)
(The 0.0042 is the fixed rate of 0.42%)
So, the total amount of money you will receive is RM3784.04 (RM3800 - RM15.96). (a) - (b)

So, if we refer back to the example of purchase I gave in "How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC", the profit that I get will be amount to RM 799.74 (RM3784.04 - RM 1984.30)

How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC

The next question is,
how to calculate the cost.
In OSKIC, it's simpler.
It's just 0.42% for commission,
a fixed rate.

Look at this.

You may reach to this page by clicking on "Trade History".
it shows your transaction.

If I bought 1900 units of XXXXXX at RM1.04.
So, the total purchase price will be RM1976 (RM1.04 x 1900). (a)
Then, the commission will be RM8.30 (RM1976 x 0.0042). (b)
(The 0.0042 is the fixed rate of 0.42%)
So, the total amount of money you need to pay will be RM1984.30 (RM1976 + RM8.30). (a) + (b)

A Talk By Law Chu Hian

I attended to a talk by Law Chu Hian.
The talk is related to appreciation.
I enjoy the talk.
He is humourous.
And I learned a lot today.

I was moody yesterday.
I was moody on something.
After his talk,
I realised something.
And I think I feel better now.

Thank you, Law Chu Hian.
I wish to attend your talk again.

Monday, 16 August 2010

How To Read The Game Portfolio In OSKIC

Game portfolio shows the shares that you are holding currently.

Here is an interpretation of how to see it.

What's the difference between the cash at hand and game limit?

I will use a simple example,
you have RM100,000,
and you place order of 60,000.

If the trade isn't completed yet,
then, you will still have RM100,000 in hand.
But, you have only RM40,000 limits for trading.

How To Trade In OSKIC

Many people are asking me about how to trade in OSKIC.
I think it's a good idea to explain it in my blog.

This what you see,

So, click on the stock you would like to buy.
the right bottom "order box" is where you key in your orders.

you will see the share you clicked appear in the box "Stock".

The second box is the quantity.
key in quantity in lot,
not units!
1 lot = 100 units of share.

The third box will be the price.
Price PER UNIT (not lot).

The last one is trading pin.
the trading pin for all people are same,
which is oskic1.

OSK Investment Challenge Starts Today

OSK Investment Challenge (Campus Edition)

It's going to start in less than 2 hours time!

I am ready to it.
The trading system is ready.
I have logged in to have a look on the system.

Have you guys ready for it?

Let's trade.
Good luck!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

A Moody Day

I felt a little bit moody today.

I planned to express my feeling here.
But the end,
I felt like it's hard to express what I really feel.
So, I am not going to write it here.

Here is a picture I would like to post.

Google Search For 'luporti'

Let's do some exercises.

I Google search for 'luporti' and see what can I get.

All is about me.

How about the second page?

It's all mine too!


I found something that's not mine in the third page.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

My Singapore Trip Is Postponed

I went for applying passport yesterday.
I was told that I need to register new I.C. in order to apply for the passport.
I failed to apply for passport.
I initially planned to go Singapore in the beginning of September.
it seems like I have to postpone it.

Sem 7 BBQ Party

I rushed back to my university for the BBQ.

This would be our final BBQ party in UUM.

Cheers for our BBQ party!
Cheers for our friendship!

I was bullied.

~Friendship Forever~

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Meanings Behind "LUPORTI"

Many people curious about what LUPORTI means.
Here are 3 meanings of LUPORTI.

1. Luis Figo and Javier Portillo

Both of them were my football idol when I was football fans during Form 4.
I support them so much.
And my friends start calling me Portillo and Figo.
I wasn't as good as both of them.
I shouldn't be called like that.

So, I try to create a nickname for myself.
I was thinking.
I love Luis Figo and Javier Portillo.
Here come LuPorti.

Know how I created it?
I guess you get it.

2. You, football brother!

Let me separate the LuPorTi.

Lu = You (Hokkien)
Por = Ball (Cantonese)

Ti = Brother (Mandarin)

when people call me, 'hey, LuPorTi!'
He means, 'hey, you, football brother!'


3. The way I study things

I am an anti-exam-oriented person.
I study for knowledge,
not exam.

I keep on telling people we should study for knowledge,
not exam.

And this is the way I study.

L - Learn
U - Understand

P - Practise

O - Organizing discussion

R - Relax

T - Train / Teach

I - Involve

I hope so.

Greed and Overconfidence Lead to My Collapse

Since half year ago,
I have been facing a collapse in building my future.
The trigger of my collapse is a forum called Lcorner.

I took over the forum
and my failure in Lcorner caused me into some cash flow problems.
I was forced to terminate my businesses.
Then it got worse and forced me to dispose my investments.
I named it,
Luporti Crisis”.

Yesterday, my friend asked me about the reasons that cause the so-called ‘Luporti Crisis’.
I told him “GREED” and “OVERCONFIDENCE”.
Yea, these 2 are crucial to my failure.
I was expanding my career greedy and impatiently.
I was too confident that I could make Lcorner alive again.
Now, the truth is that, I failed.

I will remember this lesson FOREVER!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sorry to All My Blogger Friends and My Visitors

A thousand apologizes from me.

I am having problem of connecting to internet.
I don't know what happen to the connection of my hostel.
I am frustrating of it!

I would like to apologize if I take a long time to reply,
or visit back your blog.

I would like to apologize also that I might post less in my blog these few days due to the connection problem.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Almost Don't Have Time to Blog

I almost don't have time to blog today.
I have 15 minutes time before I am going out,
I grab this opportunity to draw a clock,
and update my blog.

Will it be nice if there is additional time?