Saturday, 31 July 2010

My Blog Viewer

My blog isn't interesting.
I understand that.

I am wondering how many friends of mine view my blog frequently.
I guess the number is small.
I did ask myself before.
Why do I keep blogging in the case where there is low or even no visitor?
Should I keep updating my blog?

Yea, I should.
May be it's meaningless for me to update without visitor.
I can try to improve my English through blogging.
I can use blog as a platform to express my feeling.

to those who visit my blog frequently,
I do really appreciate you all.
Thank you very much!

Friday, 30 July 2010

Rubber Band in My Food

I had my lunch in cafe of DPP Petronas just now.

Guess what I found in the food?


It gave me a bad impression.

Not only bad impression I guess,
it should be VERY TERRIBLE impression.

What's the most important thing in a cafe?

Delicious food?
Friendly service?

It's hygiene!

How can a rubber band appear in food?!

I don't think I will eat at there anymore.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Great Penalty Kick

I saw a sharing of a youtube video from my friend in Facebook.
It is a penalty kick of football.
This kick is very great!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Things I Wish to Buy in These 2 Years

I have been wishing to buy these things since the beginning of year.
I wonder whether can I make it in 2 years or not.

1. Mobile phone with good camera (mission accomplished)
2. External hard disk.
3. Laptop
4. Briefcase
5. Padini's formal wear
6. Yonex racket.
7. Sport shoe for badminton
8. Equipment for binding (I am not sure what actually it is called)

I have completed one out of 8.
12.5% completed.

Can I complete all by the end of next year?
I hope so.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Majlis Anugerah Kecemerlangan Pelajar MBS 2010

I went back to MBS today.
I represented my brother to receive the award of getting 4 A in STPM.

The ceremony started punctually!
That's so great!

I actually had the chance to go on stage 3 years ago.
I was in UUM and I failed to attend.
I feel a little bit regret that I didn't attend that day.

I feel thankful to MBS.

I had a thought this morning during the ceremony.
If I was given a chance to say few words in the ceremony,
this will be my speech.

5 years ago, I got only 2 A in my SPM.
But 3 years ago, I received this award.
I got 4 A for my STPM.
It's all because the my teachers in MBS.
It's also because of the principal, the administrator and everyone in MBS.
It's all because of MBS
And today, it's my brother's turn to receive this award.
Again, thanks to MBS!

I really appreciate what MBS has provided to me.
Thank you!

Friday, 23 July 2010

I Had A Bad Sleep Again

I came back to Penang yesterday.

I thought I could have a nice sleep,
but I failed to.
I sleep after 12a.m. and I woke up at around 5 o'clock.
And I did wake up during midnight too.

I got my new handphone from my friend.
I like it!

I kept trying on my new handphone.
I feel great.

But there are still much things I don't know,
and waiting me to discover.

I surfed on the RSS feed.
I suddenly received a sms saying that my daily usage has exceeded RM2.

Oh no.
Why is it?

Oh. It's due to my internet surfing.
Now I know it.

One more thing.
I don't know how to use my bluetooth in my laptop.
How could I transfer things from my handphone to my laptop?
Using the memory card to plug in my laptop.
It seems not very convenient.
Nevermind, I will try to learn how to use my laptop's bluetooth.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

My Hostel Provides Internet Access

It's a good news!
My hostel is now providing internet access.
Students in my hostel can access to internet for FREE now!
Although it's slow,
it isn't bad already.

After thinking for sometimes,
I decided to terminate my broadband next month.
My monthly expense will be reduced.
It's good.

I am going to use the amount saved for traveling.

I am planning to travel to Singapore (September),
as well as Thailand (date/month is still undecided).
But, everything is still under planning.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Paul The Octopus versus Mani The Parrot

I guess a lot of people know who is Paul, the octopus.
Paul has predicted few matches accurately.

Let's see what Paul predicts for the final of World Cup 2010.

(see the video at below)

Spain is going to be the champion!

Hold on!
Here is another legendary prediction from a parrot, Mani!
Mani have also predicted some matches correctly.
Let's see what Mani says.

(see the video at below)

It's Holland!

Whose prediction is going to be the correct one?
or Mani?

We will see about it in the final!
Goal Goal Goal!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Back to UUM for My New Semester

I have come back to UUM for my new semester.
I believe this semester will be much different than previous semesters.

I departed from my home early in the morning.
I reached UUM before lunch.

I saw the new furniture in my room!
It is great!
Finally I can sleep on the bed in better condition.
I prefer the new table as well as the cupboard!
It's totally nicer than last time!

Monday, 5 July 2010

All The Best to New IPTA Students

IPTA's new students entered universities for registrations and orientations these 2 days.

my dad fetched us to UUM.
My brother enters UUM.

He is going to live in DPP SME.
Weird of 2 matters.
First, DPP SME was 100% stayed by female students.
Now, guys move in.
Second, DPP SME is under COLGIS,
while my brother is under COB.

I asked UUM student representative before,
he told me they might need to change DPP soon.
If it is,
then my brother is going to have problem of moving all the stuffs from DPP SME to COB's hostel.
It's very far!

he enters UUM finally,
I wish him all the best,
as well as all his friends and all my juniors!