Monday, 5 July 2010

All The Best to New IPTA Students

IPTA's new students entered universities for registrations and orientations these 2 days.

my dad fetched us to UUM.
My brother enters UUM.

He is going to live in DPP SME.
Weird of 2 matters.
First, DPP SME was 100% stayed by female students.
Now, guys move in.
Second, DPP SME is under COLGIS,
while my brother is under COB.

I asked UUM student representative before,
he told me they might need to change DPP soon.
If it is,
then my brother is going to have problem of moving all the stuffs from DPP SME to COB's hostel.
It's very far!

he enters UUM finally,
I wish him all the best,
as well as all his friends and all my juniors!

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