Sunday, 24 June 2012

One-Day Experience With Himalaya Healthcare

It has been a long time that I didn't update my blog. My blog is sleeping ya. So sorry for that. 

Actually I have been busy for the past few weeks. If you are following my Facebook, I believe you know what I am working on. I am highly motivated in developing my future. I really don't want to stuck in this 'rat race'. I have been tired of living in such life. I want to get out to live in the way I like. 

I am getting stable in investment. And I am kicking start my business, the Smiley Gifts. I am trying hard to seek for more opportunities. I couldn't stop myself from meeting people. I really hope I could get out from the 'rat race' soon.

Anyway, let's back to the topic 'One-Day Experience With Himalaya Healtcare'. 

Did you guys hear of this brand before?

I didn't really notice this brand before as I am not concerning much about household products.

Last Thursday, I had a chance to meet Himalaya Healthcare's management team in Malaysia. I was invited by Jazz, from YouthsToday.

Unfortunately, suddenly I noticed that I had a meeting on that day as well. I felt so sorry to Jazz as I said I was going at the beginning. 

Anyway, my friends and I tried to visit the store once we finished our meeting. Luckily, they are still there. 

We have been served well by the management. They introduced us their products. Their products tend to be more natural instead of chemical. As we know, most products in the markets now are having a lot of chemical in their ingredient, which isn't that good, right? So, perhaps Himalaya's products can be a better choice.

Anyway, I bought some products from them. I decided to give it a try and see what's the result. I have started using it. After few weeks, we will be knowing whether do the products work.

Anyway, we always never forget to take photo. Say 'CHEESE'!

The second from right is the CEO while the first from right is Jazz. Oh ya, helping her to promote one of the greatest event for youth. The Youth Jam, Youth Jam is kicking start soon. For Penang it will be held on 7th July. Click here for more detail.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Lack of Time

It's June already. Time's fast, isn't it?
I posted about insufficient time before in the post of 'I Don't Have Enough Time To.....'. In that post, I mentioned that I had only 8 hours a day after deducting time allocated for working and sleeping. 

Few days ago, I recompute again. This time, I compute in weekly basis.

Everyday, I left home at around 7.30 a.m. and reached home at roughly 7.30 p.m., so it's about 12 hours a day spent in working life. So, I will be spending 72 hours a week as I am working 6 days a week now. It is now the largest portion of my time consumption. More than 1/3 of my time is spent for my working life.

Let's see the pie chart.
After deducting work life, sleep time as well as eating and bath, I have only 52.5 hours a week! Don't you think it's too insufficient?

Now, I am going to say the same thing again.

I don't have enough time to read books.
I don't have enough time to do my investment research.
I don't have enough time to on phone with my girl friend.
I don't have enough time to have meals with my friends.
I don't have enough time to try something new.
I don't have enough time to read news.
I don't have enough time to play badminton.
I don't have enough time to online.
I don't have enough time to watch movies.
I don't have enough time to discuss things with others in forum.


I don't have enough time to blog and to read people's blog.

I couldn't have much time. What I can do now is to use my time more efficiently. I should keep trying to avoid from wasting my time!