Sunday, 15 January 2012

I Love Vege @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

I bought I Love Vege's coupons from It's expiring on today. Luckily I managed to used it before it expires.

I went there with my colleague after having exercise at Youth Park yesterday. it locates at Queensbay Mall's third floor.

From the name, I believe you can see from the name, they are selling vegetarian food. Besides healthy food, it was good in a healthier way.

This is the food we ate.

How? Quite healthy, right?

The best in the meal is the papaya. It's so sweet and tasty! I personally don't really like papaya. But this papaya, is so tasty!

Well, this meal cost me RM6.80 (purchasing from Everyday). Sounds expensive? But it's healthier. Health worth more than that. Anyway, if not mistaken, the original price should be RM13.90.


  1. but after the promotion period will be expensive lor~

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  3. Mr. Lonely, yalo.

    C'axoera, Why?

  4. the vegetarian bento looks good, and it doesnt seem to be too vege at all :)

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  5. I guess it's nice for a change instead of eating meat everyday. Looks good :)

  6. Ya. It looks quite nice. Just, perhaps it's a little bit expensive.