Thursday, 30 June 2011

Practicum Report Is Completed

Finally, I finished my practicum report.
It's the day that I am waiting for so long!
I am completely free now!

I passed my report to my friend today.
He is going to UUM to pass it up for me on this coming Sunday.
Thanks to him.

Honestly, I don't really put effort in doing this report.
I just want to submit it.
I just wish to pass my practicum.
I don't target for good result for it.
My practicum score won't really affect my final result,
so I don't really care about it.
What I want, is just a PASS.

Good luck to all my coursemates for your practicum reports as well!

Say Good Bye To June 2011

Is time fast?
It's the final day of June.

Half year has passed.
What have you done?
For those who have set goals for year 2011, how far have you reach?

Let's talk about me.

Honestly, I don't feel my first half of year 2011 is an interesting one.
Perhaps you know about me.
I was complaining almost all the time on my practicum.
My first half of year 2011 is full of my practicum.

Well, it's finally over now.
Second half of year 2011 is going going to be a nice one.
I am going to make it interesting.
I am going to make it a meaningful ones.
I am going to make myself a better person.
I am going to say this again, 'LuPorTi is back!'
I am going to make myself to stay in track again!

I didn't set any goals for year 2011 at the beginning of year.
But, I am going to set my goals for second half of 2011.
It's about 5 and half hours to reach second half of 2011.
I will make the last thought on my second half goals.

Good luck to you all in second half of year 2011!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Badminton Again Today

I went Permata to play badminton again today.
Today, I played with Soony, Renee, Yew Lee, James, Renee's friend and two friends of James.

At the beginning, I played quite bad.
I lost in single to James' friend. I managed to get single digit only.
But luckily I manage to find back my form later on.
I play single with Soony as well.
Today, the result is better than last Saturday.
I lost by 18-21 as compare last Saturday I lost by 10-21 and 8-21.

Today, it's first time to partner with Soony to play in double since long time ago.
His method of playing double is much better than last time already.
I wish to train to play double with him together.

Well, Soony is my target! Haha.
I want to be better than him.
I will try hard to train myself.
I learned something from him today, thanks to him.

Okay now, these are things I need to improve:
1. Stamina
2. Smash acduracy
3. Footwork
4. Net play

Okay. LuPorTi, GO GO GO!

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Random Post on 28 June 2011

I didn't update blog for these few days, sorry for my regular visitors ya.
I am busy on my practicum report which I need to pass to my friend in these few days time.
It was tough for me. I will talk about it in my practicum post.

Let's just random post some photo which I took last time.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

What're These? Fruit?

Last week, somebody give us these.
Til now, I still don't know what are these and I haven't tried it.

Anyone knows what are these??

Saturday, 25 June 2011

My Practicum: The Thought of Giving Up

As the beginning was so tough, I did almost give up my practicum.

Third day of my practicum (if I don't remember wrongly),
I told my parents that I wanted to give up.
And we actually had some quarrel.
And since then, our relationship got worse again.
My relationship with my parents had actually recovered last y.ear.
But now, it went back to be like last time.

A lot of people were asking me not to give up.
My parents brought me to meet a person.
She gave me advise and asked me not to give up.
She was also the ones who asked me to continue my study after Form 6.
Is she a person that has helped me? I would like to say NOT.

Well, I didn't give up at the end.
But, is my decision to continue my practicum the right ones?

I guess most of the people would say that it's the right one.

But I would like to say, it perhaps not.

Yea, I didn't give up, and I manage to get my degree.
But in this journey, I lost a lot of things.
Too much things I have lost.

Whether my decision is right or wrong, perhaps we may not know.
It's what life to be. There is no right nor wrong in various types of decision.
To argue on right or wrong, it's an argument that will not end.

So, no argument, let's continue living.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Yeah! My New Books!

Yeah! I bought some books again from 1shopping.
I confirmed the order yesterday, and deposit the money to them yesterday noon.

Surprisingly, the books were delivered to me today!
It's so efficient!
Thanks to Kangaroo Worldwide Express!
I would say that they provide a good services.
I have no complain on them at all for everytime they deliver goods to me.

Let's see what books have I bought.
As always, I bought books regarding investment.

This book is for my friend. I strongly recommend my friends to read this book!

And the last book is THE SNOWBALL,
a great book that talks about Warren Buffett.

Guess how much is the total amount that I need to pay?

It's just RM109.40!

It's cheap, right?

I am not joking!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

My Practicum: The Very Beginning

I remembered that the life was really tough at the beginning of my internship life.
I knew nothing about auditing in practical.
In theory, perhaps I know from book. But in practical, I was new.
I never involved myself in auditing before.

Before I started my internship life, I didn't thought that the life was that tough.
In one exam last semester, I met my friend Edmund in toilet.
He knew I was going to have my internship in Tham & Co.
He told me that I can talk to a person, Mr. Lee, regarding stock market.
So, I was actually a little bit looking forward to it before I entered Tham & Co.

Before I started to work in Tham & Co, I did actually visit there.
Due to the flood, our final exam for last semester was delayed, and our practicum period was postponed as well.
So, I went there to inform them.
That moment, I had already seen that my boss looks unfriendly.
From that onwards, I started to feel worrying.

But what to do, I had to continue this path.

On the first day of my practicum, I felt quite nervous.
I wonder what was going to happen as I had no idea on what actually I need to do.
That day, my lecturer posted something on my wall told me better watch out.
Then I knew working in Tham & Co is tough.
It made me feel even worry.

It was 8.45a.m., the time to start working.
I was given a file on a company to have a look.
I still didn't anything, I felt worry.

After the boss reached office, he called me in, together with another 2 internship trainees.
He gave us lecture.

The first week is really tough.
I kept asking colleagues what should I do.
I have to thank to Miss Tan.
She taught me a lot.
Sometimes, I felt sorry on disturbing her always.
Luckily she is a nice person, or else I think I may get scolded.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

House In Dark

Wonder why, the electricity of my block was cut off for three times today.
Last time, same thing happened.
But last time is worse than this time.
Today, it was only three times.
Last time, it could be cut off up to 10 times.

The bad thing for the cut of is that,
all the three times, my laptop was on.
The sudden cut off of electricity may bring damage to my laptop.
Now, my laptop is already functioning not well.
Not this happened, I guess my laptop is getting weaker.
I think I need to start making preparation to save money for my next new laptop.

My Practicum (1)

Look at the photo.
It is a very messy table, isn't it?

Where is it?

Honestly, it is my seat in the firm I have my practicum in.

Opps, no no.
It should be, 'it WAS my seat in the firm I HAD my practicum in.'

Let's congratulate me for finishing my internship!

Today, I no longer to go work at the messy seat anymore.
Haha. It's really messy ya.
I used to be complained by my colleague, Ong, on my messy table.
His table and mine were really different.
His table is tiny.
Sometimes I asked him, 'how can you keep your table to remain tiny?'
He did asked me back too, 'how can you work in a messy table?'

Perhaps, I need a larger table.

One question, do I miss my practicum life?

Seriously, I do actually feel a little bit missing it, especially some of the moment together with my colleagues.
(I will post more about it, I guess I will post up to 10 posts on 'My Practicum')
My colleagues were actually asking me to stay in the firm longer.
However, they know also that it's impossible.
I had been waiting for so long for today, the day of leaving my firm.
I seriously feel very stressful working over there.
I think I will go crazy if I continue.
Is it so serious? For me, it is.
This job isn't suitable for me.

During my practicum, I couldn't focus on my investment.
I used to be out-dated.
Never mind, it's over now.
Today, LuPorTi is back to stock market again!

I guess I feel so excited of it.
Last night, I couldn't really sleep.
This morning, I woke up very early, and it's hard for me to sleep back again.
I am too excited, ain't I?

Well, stop here first, more update about my practicum next time.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Lion Dance Competition At Han Chiang

I went out with Henry again.
This time we went to a lion dance competition at Han Chiang. (Do I spell the name 'Han Chiang' correctly?)

The crowd is waiting for the competition to begin.

Finally, the judges were walking in.

The judges made the final inspection for the 'stage'.

I wonder what if the measurement of the 'stage' isn't right.
Are they going to delay the competition to fix the 'stage'?

Okay, the competition started.
Let's see the wonderful lions.

The judges were surrounding the 'stage' to make their judges.

Actually, how they make their judges?

It's another knowledge.

I Started Reading Another Book

Yesterday, a friend of mine suggested me to share about what I have read from books.
I have actually created a blog to talk about books,
but I don't really think that I read a lot, so I am not writing the blog yet.

Well, let's talk about book today.
I actually planned to post this last week.
But again, due to my laziness and limited time, I didn't post it until today.

Recently, I start reading another book, Fooled by Randomness.

I was actually reading Black Swan.
Then, I found that there are quite a number of things that I couldn't get what the author mean.
So, I chose to read another book of him first.

Previously, when I wanted to start reading a book, I will just take it out and read it.
Now, I think that I should do some 'homework' before reading it.
I search some comment on Fooled by Randomness from internet.

Then I found that this book was ranked as one of the smartest books by Fortune in year 2005. (click here for the books list)

I glanced through the list.


I found more books that I wish to read!

Money money money!
I want money to buy books!

Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Final 2 Days

Finally, I am so close to the exit.
I have 2 more days to go.
Tuesday will be my final day of my internship.
After that, I am free.
I am going back to my life.

Internship life is kinda torturing me.
I am in stress most the time.
Now, the time has finally reached.

Two more days ya.
I hope that these two days will be very smooth, without any big trouble.

What will I do after my intern?
Of course, I will put more focus on my investment.
Other than that, I am lazy to write about it at this moment.
What a lazy blogger, right?

Wish me good luck ya!

Monday, 13 June 2011

KissA Koyotei Cafe

Henry and I went to a cafe at Jalan Hutton, Penang.

Yeah, we found it!

Let's start our food visit.

Any special of this cafe?

Here is it.

The waitress wear like a maid.
This cafe is also called as 'maid cafe'.

Okay, it's time for food now.

Henry and I ordered one set each.
We ordered the different fish.

I ordered Saba Steak Lunch, and Henry ordered Salmon Steak Lunch.

This is my Saba.

This is Henry's Salmon.

Look nice?

Is it tasty?
Not bad actually. Just, perhaps it's a little bit salty for me.

But, one thing I should say.
Their service is wonderful!
It's one of the cafes with the best service that I have ever gone!
I am not joking.

We finished eating.

Let's pay our bill.

Overall, I feel satisfied.

KissA Koyotei Cafe
Phone: 04-2266272
Address: No148,Grd Flr,Jalan Hutton, 10050 Georgetown Penang Malaysia
Business Hours: Tuesday to Sunday (11:30a.m. - 2:15p.m. and 6:00p.m. - 10:15p.m.)