Sunday, 5 June 2011

Youth Jam 11 In Penang Times Square

Finally, it's the day for Youth Jam 11!
This year, Youth Jam is held at Times Square again.
I went there with Henry after our lunch.

Wow, there were quite a lot of youths attending it.

Henry and I went to redeem the goodies from the Sony Blog Fest counter,
one of the YouthJam activities we participated.

One question that appear in our mind since we joined.

What will be the goodies we would get?
We know the answer now.

We walked around Times Square.
YouthJam's activities were around a lot of the corners inside Times Square.

There are a lot more.
You may check out more activities from their blog. (click here)

There was also Cosplay competition.

I guess those who love watching anime will like it, right?

Today was unfortunate, it rained for while.
We couldn't manage to go the outdoor activities.
There were food fair there.
Although there were tents, we didn't have umbrella to get there.

YouthJam should be said as a good event for youths.
Youths should give more support to such events.

I wish and look forward to YouthJam next year.


  1. but the goodie bag sucks! I dunno what i can do with it! >.<

  2. Perhaps you can use the Tupperware to buy food in your cafe in your company?