Wednesday, 22 June 2011

House In Dark

Wonder why, the electricity of my block was cut off for three times today.
Last time, same thing happened.
But last time is worse than this time.
Today, it was only three times.
Last time, it could be cut off up to 10 times.

The bad thing for the cut of is that,
all the three times, my laptop was on.
The sudden cut off of electricity may bring damage to my laptop.
Now, my laptop is already functioning not well.
Not this happened, I guess my laptop is getting weaker.
I think I need to start making preparation to save money for my next new laptop.


  1. I hate the sudden cut off of electricity.. Ishhh... My laptop also die if stay continuously like this situation.. ==""

  2. Yalo! And sometimes, doing things half way and it cut off, really frustrating.

  3. That's why I have a weird habit now, when I do the things half way or a bit and I will press the save button first. Wahaha !! Phobia.. =P

  4. Haha. Yalo yalo. Same here.