Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Badminton Again Today

I went Permata to play badminton again today.
Today, I played with Soony, Renee, Yew Lee, James, Renee's friend and two friends of James.

At the beginning, I played quite bad.
I lost in single to James' friend. I managed to get single digit only.
But luckily I manage to find back my form later on.
I play single with Soony as well.
Today, the result is better than last Saturday.
I lost by 18-21 as compare last Saturday I lost by 10-21 and 8-21.

Today, it's first time to partner with Soony to play in double since long time ago.
His method of playing double is much better than last time already.
I wish to train to play double with him together.

Well, Soony is my target! Haha.
I want to be better than him.
I will try hard to train myself.
I learned something from him today, thanks to him.

Okay now, these are things I need to improve:
1. Stamina
2. Smash acduracy
3. Footwork
4. Net play

Okay. LuPorTi, GO GO GO!

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