Monday, 18 July 2011

Is Time Estimated by Google Maps Accurate?

I walked to Farlim to do some bank transactions.
When I was reaching there, something came up in my mind.
I wonder whether how accurate is the estimated time needed by Google Maps to reach a place from one place.

So, when I was walking back home, I recorded down the time.

Time of departure: 3.21 p.m.
Time of reaching: 3.55 p.m.

So, it's 34 minutes.

After I reached my home, I tried to check it with Google Maps.

It surprised me! It shows 34 minutes!

It's same as the time I have taken!

I had also set some check point and recorded down the time used.

Time used by me

Estimation by Google Maps

Check point 1: Econ Save

9 minutes

10 minutes

Check point 2: Pine Valley Business Centre

6 minutes

7 minutes

Check point 3: Lee Rubber

9 minutes

9 minutes

Check point 4: Destination

10 minutes

8 minutes


34 minutes

34 minutes

It's quite accurate, isn't it?


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  2. yeah, they was so accurate... i remember how i react with my langkawi trip

  3. wow! that's so cool! i thought it was just rough estimations.

  4. Ruiting, it surprises me too. I am going to do more test on it and see whether how is it really accurate.