Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Trip To Pangkor Island (Day 1)

Hi, my blogging friends and visitors,
I am back!

I went to Perak last Friday.
At the first night. We stayed in our friend's house.
We departed to the Pangkor Island on Saturday's morning.
We took the ship at 9 o'clock.

This is the house that we were staying on Pangkor Island.

It looks nice, isn't it?
If not mistaken, it costs us RM400 for one night.
Anyway, it's worth.

We really thank Ceng Lim so much!
She arrange the whole trip for us and becoming our tour guide.
She brought us to visit several places.

Ting tong!
It's lunch time!

We went to coffee shop.

Opps! It seems like a lot of people there.
We didn't want to waste our time in waiting for the foods.
So we decide to buy 'pao' as our lunch.

Then, we went to beach to wait for boat that brought us to play in the sea and beaches.

Okay, enough playing with the water.
Let's back.

We went back to the house we rented to take out bath.

Wow, that's not the end yet.
After bath, we went out again before we had our dinner.

Hey, don't catch us ya!
We are not 'mat rempit' or trying to gather for any boycott ya!

Haha. After playing for whole day.
Finally it's time to eat!
Time to enjoy the foods!

We had BBQ for our dinner.

~Special thank to Ceng Lim for arranging the whole trip and become our camera lady~


  1. Hi, do you know how to book the house?

  2. So sorry, I didn't know how to book the house. It was done by other people that time. So, I have no idea of it. So sorry.