Thursday, 14 July 2011

Can I Get Through My 'Six Months'?

Last Sunday, I felt moody once I woke up.
I felt like doing nothing on that day.

After I got up, I felt so worry on a lot of things.
All the things were bothering around my mind.
I was wasting the day.

I wished to get somebody to talk with.
But, I didn't know who that can really I can talk too.
Then, I sent a message to Renee, asking her what was she doing in the noon.
She said she had nothing to do.
So I decided to go her house.
I planned to talk about my things to her.
But at the end, I didn't tell her anything.
We just had some chit-chat.

Well, what actually am I worrying?

Since I finished my internship, I decided to give myself six months time.
I plan not to work first for this half year.
I want to give myself more time to focus on investment stuffs.
I wish to do more research and analysis, as well as learning as much things as possible regarding investment.

But now, can I really survive without working in these six months time?

Looking on the money I have. It's reducing.
Seriously, the situation is worse than what I expected previously.

Soon, I think I need to withdraw some money from my investment fund.
It's one thing that I don't wish to do it.

I don't wish to withdraw it, but it seems like I am running out money now.
No choice.
This thing really bothering me.

A lot of friends are asking me to take some part time work.
Perhaps, it's a good option?
But yet, it's still eating up my time.
I want as much time as possible!
You guys don't know how much I enjoy investment life.
But because of it can earn me money, but the process of studying, analyzing and researching.
It's really the life I wish to.

Some also suggest me to get a work in investment section.
Well, at this moment, I have my reason why I don't want to.

These '6 months', can I get over this challenge?
Or should I surrender to this challenge now?


  1. find some part time, got weekends or weekdays only and few hours only also available.

  2. After thinking, I decided giving my best shot for these 6 months first. Then only decide my further plan.

  3. yea. get some part time jobs. jiayou!