Saturday, 16 July 2011

YE Sales Fair 2011

It's YE Sales Fair again!
This year, it's again held in Queensbay Mall.
It will last for two days (16 & 17 July 2011).

Last time, I used to support this event.
However, after entering university, I couldn't manage to attend it to support it.

This year, I am back!

Actually, what's YE?

YE is actually stand for Young Enterprise.
This event is kind of a sales fair where it gather students to participate.
The objective is to provide an environment to the student to test their skills in promoting and selling their products.
Thus, in this event, the students need to plan, manufacturing the goods and selling the goods during the sales fair.

In this event (northern region), 18 schools are participating.

1) S.M.K. (P) Methodist
2) S.M.J.K. Phor Tay
3) S.M.K. Convent Butterworth
4) Penang Chinese Girl's High School
5) S.M.K. Kampung Kastam
6) S.M.K. Seri Mutiara
7) S.M.J.K. Union
8) S.M.J.K. Sacred Heart
9) S.M.K. (L) Methodist
10) SMJK Convent Dato Kramat
11) S.M.K. Penang Free
12) S.M.J.K. Chung Ling
13) S.M.K. Convent Pulau Tikus
14) S.M.K. Abdullah Munshi
15) S.M.K. Bukit Jambul
16) S.M.K. Puan Habsah
17) S.M.K. Raja Tun Uda
18) S.M.K. Convent Green Lane

Now, let the pictures talk.


  1. Selangor had their YE sales too! :)and nice song! followed ur blog btw.

  2. Is the sales nice in Selangor?
    I followed your blog too.