Friday, 8 July 2011

Turtles And Tortoises At Segari

After two days trips to Pangkor Island, it's the final day of our trip.
On the morning of 4th July, some of them had taken bus to back home.
We, 6 of us, were the final group that left Ceng Lim's home.
Ceng Lim brought us to see turtles before we left.

(To those who left us earlier, I hope you will jealous on us. Wakakakak)

We were finally there,
Pusat Pungurusan Penyu Panjang Segari!

Let's go see the turtles!

Know what is this place?
This place is the place to protect the turtles' eggs.

Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to get it.
Or else, I could capture some photos of the eggs.

Prik.... Priak....

The little turtles got out from the eggs.

Let's see.

Are them cute?

Hey, look at this! What's happening?

Was it injured? or what?

Let's rescue it!

Ting Tang!


Small turtles become big turtles now.

Let me show you something.


Hey! We found something interesting!

Turtles are actually the living dinosaurs?????

After seeing the turtles, let's visit some other friends, TORTOISES.

I found another interesting stuff here!

You know what's the interesting part?

I moved right and left to capture its photos.
And it kept looking on the camera.

Can I say tortoise actually loves taking photos too?


  1. hahaha :D This is cute!



  2. Yalo. It was my first time to see the real turtles.