Friday, 31 August 2012

55 Years of Merdeka




It's 31st August 2012! It's the national day of our country. Our country has officially independent for 55 years. 

A small wish here, I hope all the Malaysians will have better days in future.

Also, today is my independent day.

Yesterday was officially my final day in working in my ex-firm. I am no longer the employee there starting today.

I worked in that firm for 10 and a half months. It isn't a long period of time, but I learned a lot. Thanks to my boss. Last year, when I started to look for my job, I actually didn't wish to look for audit job. But end up, I joined an audit firm. You may ask me why, and it's because the boss. He is a great boss. A caring boss, and he is willing to teach us a lot. I have been learning a long during this period. I learned a lot of things that I think I probably will not learn it if I didn't join that firm.

I actually feel sorry to him. My performance should be not meeting his expectation. Really sorry.

Audit is really not suitable for me. I really couldn't perform in it. Anyway, I am out now.

So the next question you may ask now, what's my next move?

Well, I give myself 1 year time. I don't intend to seek for a job for this one year time. I am going to focus on my investment and starting some businesses. It's time to start doing things I want to. Life's short, we are not afford to spend most of the time we have now to do things we don't really like to.

One year time. I hope I can really use it effectively.

All the best to all!


Sunday, 26 August 2012

OSKIC 2012 is coming!

OSKIC is here again!

Maybe some people don't know what's OSKIC. 

OSKIC is actually OSK Investment Challenge, it's a virtual stock market investment competition among students. A lot of people curious about stock market, and want to learn on how to invest in stock market. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't really afford to do so, or worrying about risk of making loss in stock market. 

Thanks to OSK Investment Bank. OSK comes up with a virtual stock market competition 2 years ago. It gives students to learn on trade process in stock market with no risk.

I support OSKIC and I did post about OSKIC in the past. [click here to read my previous OSKIC posts]

I did post also on tutorial on how to trade in OSKIC in year 2010. [click here for the tutorial posts for year 2010

I am not sure whether is there any changes in OSKIC system this year, I hope my tutorials can still be used as reference.

If anyone of you want to play but still have a lot of questions, don't worry, OSKIC is sending their team to guide you all. They are going to visits some colleges and universities. They are going to have some roadshow as well as classroom briefing in the colleges and universities.

Here is their schedule:


Classroom Briefing

It's a good chance to learn about stock market, don't wait it.

For more information, you may visit to their website and Facebook.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

4-Days Break

Finally.... Finally...

Finally I have a longer break. Next Monday and Tuesday, it's going to be Hari Raya holiday. So, I am going to have 4-days break in total.

Wow, it's great! It has been a long time I never have such a long break. The last time I guess should be on Chinese New Year.

Anyway, I have to use these 4 days time wisely!

Okay, let's plan what I am going to do in these 4 days time.

This is always my priority. I am going to do more research on investment.

Oh ya! OSKIC is coming again! It's starting soon! For those students who wish to learn about stock market, it is a good platform for you all. I used to be participants of this challenge when I was studying. I was active in playing that game and I posted quite a numbers of posts on tutorial for OSKIC as well.

Jogging has already become one of my hobby as well as challenge for me. I am participating Penang Bridge Marathon this year, and I hope I could do well in it. Yea, I need training. I am trying to play to jog 2 times in this 4-days break.

I bought a lot of books but most of them remain unread. So, these 4 days, let's read them. 

Anyway, later I am going to book expo again. It's going to be at P.I.S.A, Penang. It was held from 17 to 26 August 2012. Book lovers, this is time for you to get books with discount. However, if not mistaken, only Chinese book is available in this book expo.

Never forget about friends as we. I love to meet great friends as we can share stories, experience and knowledge with each other. I am meeting up my UUM friends, my best friends, my investment friends as well as a Public Mutual agent.

My stuffs are getting more! I am now facing problems in how to store my stuffs. If I could have a new house or room. That would be great. But to have a news house or room, it is still far to go. So, no choice, I need to tidy them up and arrange them in a better way.

These 5 things that I want to do, are already more than enough to make my schedule full. I hope that I really can stay motivated and use this 4-days break wisely.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

EPL 2012/13 Is Kicking Start

I guess a lot of people are in Olympic Games fever now. 3 more days to go, Olympic 2012 is coming to the end. What coming up is the football fever. EPL is kicking start soon. It's going to be on 18th August! Very soon, right?

Let's see what matches are coming up in the first round of EPL 2012/13

Arsenal vs Sunderland 
Fulham vs Norwich 
QPR vs Swansea 
Reading vs Stoke 
West Brom vs Liverpool 
West Ham vs Aston Villa 
Newcastle vs Tottenham 
Wigan vs Chelsea 
Man City vs Southampton 
Everton vs Man Utd

What catch my attention is this:


I am a fans of Tan Sri Tony Fernandes. So, I support his team, which is QPR.

Last season's EPL, I have been updating regarding QPR in my Facebook as well as my blog.

In last season, QPR is nearly dropping out from EPL, luckily, they manage to stay in EPL. 

This season, I believe QPR will do better. I am actually quite surprising that QPR successfully signed Park Ji-Sung. He is a great player, I believe he can help QPR to have better performance in new season.

QPR, let's try your best and show your best performance to the world in EPL 2012/13!

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Dato Lee vs Lin Dan (Olympic 2012 Final)

There is a big match coming up tonight!

Not Real Madrid, not Bacerlona.

Tonight, Dato Lee Chong Wei is going to play against Lin Dan in Olympic men single's final.

WHAT?! DATO LEE versus LIN DAN again?

For the past few years, we have been seeing a lot of matches between them. No doubt, both of them are legend in the world of badminton. They always step into final.

If you remember, 4 years ago in Olympic, Dato Lee was playing against Lin Dan. 

In Olympic that year, both Dato Lee and Lin Dan were performing AWESOME in quarter final and semi final. Before the final, I told my friend, 'you seriously have to watch this game, it's going to be one of the greatest game ever. I never see such wonderful players before, they performed really well before the final.'

However, Dato Lee's performance in final wasn't satisfying. That's not his fault, but ours. Although I was not the one playing on the court, I can feel the pressure we have given to him. He was not only playing for his own, but for the whole Malaysia.

Tonight, same scenario again. Whole Malaysia is watching him, and the opponent is the same as 4 years ago. I hope he won't feel so stressful this time. Hope he can perform well and win the first Olympic gold medal ever for Malaysia. 

A lot of companies or businessmen are supporting Dato Lee in the way of giving out free gifts if he wins the medal. The most famous ones, Baskin Robbins. They are giving out free ice-cream is Dato Lee won.

Something attracts me this morning. I am not sure whether I am right or not, because I don't really remember clearly. This is what I see from newspaper.

Okay, what's the interesting part?


The word "that night", as I remember, that match is at afternoon 4 years ago.

I am not sure I remember correctly or not. Anyone can confirm for me?

Anyway, let us give our best support to Dato Lee Chong Wei tonight!