Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Tutorial Posts Regarding OSKIC Last Year (2010)

OSKIC trial version will start tomorrow. It gives those who don't really familiar with stock trading a chance to have some practice before the real competition starts.

Similar to last year, a number of friends are asking me on how to trade stock and so on.

I post here few posts that I posted last year on tutorial in trading in OSKIC. However, I am not sure whether is the platform for this year is same or not. But, these posts can still be referred I guess.

1. How To Trade In OSKIC
2. How To Read the Trading Board In OSKIC
3. Buy and Sell in OSKIC
4. How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC
5. How To Calculate Cost In OSKIC (Selling)
6. How To Read The Game Portfolio In OSKIC
7. Adding Stocks Into Favourite List In OSKIC
8. Some Useful Websites To Share With OSKIC Players

Note: for the cost calculation, the transaction cost in OSKIC this year is fixed at 0.6%

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